Saturday, May 3, 2008

LPL Colorado Springs


whittakerwoman said...

I have heard so much about you from Sophie, and today brian linked to you and I am excited to be able to follow you. Take care H

Longmeadow Mama said...

Just visited your new website...LOVE IT!!
I did literally get motion sickness watching your welcome message though! Swinging does that to me...go figure!
Prayers to all,

Marcello said...

Do they ever do LPL in small venues? :-)

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...


Just wondering....does it still take your breath away when you step onto the platform and see all those women?

God allowed me to lead worship at a women's conference this weekend probably about 200 women, anyway...

My heart skipped a beat each time I stepped up to see those women open up and engage in worship was incredible...I could do this every day of my life.

I can't imagine what you and the praise team feel when you look into those faces...

Didn't mean to write a book here! Yikes....!


CrownLaidDown said...

God sure did bring a mighty breath through you here in CS! Yay!

Missed seeing Angela, though! And I walked right past you, but then was afraid to say, Hi. I prayed for you and the team, though :)

Our group was so blessed! We just got back from lunch together and enjoyed sharing.
Have a blessed week! Get some Rest!

Cinde said...

Oh, thank you for posting that picture. I am so bummed that ya'll are in Colorado and I could not be there! Have been talking to friends about this LPL event since forever ago and then when it finally gets here I am unable to attend. I did remember to pray this morning and asked for God to pour out His annointing on Beth and that every woman would walk away from this weekend changed! I'm sure ya'll are having a great time at the feet of our beautiful Rocky Mountains!

Kelly S. said...

Love the new website!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Travis-
Thanks for being a good sport and taking a picture with our group at the hotel ... I am sure you were pretty tired. Hope we didn't annoy you too much. It was a great weekend - you and the praise team did a fantastic job at leading us in worship and boy, did Beth bring it or what?!

Fran said...

I hope y'all never get tired of doing this thing bc I can't describe how these conferences have grown this poor girls love for Jesus....Press on team, press on!!

Much love and appreciation~

Kate said...

Ohhhh Travis the worship was divine this weekend...wasn't expecting that. It's been a while since I've worshiped liked long that I've stopped wearing waterproof mascara...I know that's not a guy thing, but women know how great worship is by the black streaks down their face. Well, it was beyond awesome...I'm talking coon-eyes here.
Seriously though, thank you so much for all you give...may the fire of God flow through you as you continue on.
Many blessings,
Kathryn Stoker

MomGoesInCircles said...

I was there at Colorado Springs. Saturday was my 40th birthday...and also, and more importantly is a milestone for me. I know that God did a mighty MIGHTY thing in my heart this weekend. I also know that you're willingness to be sold out to Him...was a part of that for me. God bless you and all you do. Trust me every breath you could not take "way up in the mountains" was worth the sacrifice for His kingdom.

I laid down so many things at the altar..things not meant for a public blog. However, one statement you made early in, brought me to instant tears...'rug of suffering'...well that has been my path for the past year...and I'm so ready for God to move me on to something new.

God bless you and your family for all the days you are away from them.


April said...

Travis... I just went to your website expecting the old one... when did you change and why?

Waiting to see you and Beth in Boise! :)

Lanisa said...

I was in Colorado this weekend, too, and I was truly blessed! Thank you for being available to be used by the Lord. However, I NEED the name of a song. We sang it both days, and before we sang it on Saturday, I think you (or Beth) talked about it laying out the gospel. What is the name of the song, please?