Monday, May 19, 2008

Living Proof Live Boise


Lindsee said...

I love that song!

It looked like a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing!


fuzzytop said...

I love love love this song!!!!! Actually, I love the entire CD, but this song especially. It gives me Holy Spirit goosebumps... everytime.

Cindy said...

Beth Moore...Beautiful as always!
Song sung by Travis Cottrell...Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!
Seeing all those women come together to Praise & Worship God...Absolutely P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S!

Can't wait to see ya Sunday! Yea!!! I just love driving down Merrimon Avenue and seeing your name up on that sign!

Cindy in Weaverville

Patty said...

I need to chime in and say I love this song to! I love seeing all the siestas faces at the conferences. There is nothing more beautiful than to see them praising God and praying! Powerful. Rich always does a great job.
I have something to ask you, Kim, ConnorColesMom and myself are coordinators on : The Siesta Fiesta Blog and yesterday I posted Sister Sledge, We are Family, we think that would be a fun song for you to lead us in in San Antonio.:o) The video is old school. You should pop over and check it out. Everyone is cracking up and I am thinking the siestas need some big hair and the gold boots that the Sisters wore in their video. The Siestas are practicing their dance moves as I write this. heehee
Have a great day our resident Miesta!!

RR Mama said...

Everytime I watch a Living Proof Live video I get chills. I loved this song. Thank you for blessing me today.

In His name


Dionna said...

That was the perfect song to be picked for that video for that is truly how I felt. I came to the conference hungry for God - wanting Him to speak personally to ME. I long for Him - every breath I breathe, every morning I awake - I long for more of my God. And the conference only reminded me what it feels like to be full of Him, and to want more of Him.
Is that song on Itunes???

Kelly S. said...

Love that song!!!!
Praise God, It looked like a wonderful time.

I am so excited...If the Lord wills it, I'll be at Merrimon Ave. this Sunday, and I get to bring my daughters! I am so grateful for them to get to worship with you. Its an answered prayer for me...Praise God, He is so good.

April said...

Travis - totally blessed by the weekend and even now, again.... PRAISE THE NAME OF JESUS for how He miraculously works in even the smallest, mysterious ways - and works everything together so beautifully for His glory. WOW!

twinkle said...

Godstop moment!
This is my birthday/wedding anniversary week, Travis, and I am counting this clip of the Boise event as my Godstop. When you asked for suggestions for new songs to sing back on your January 11th post, I requested you to sing "We Long For You." The timing was perfect to see this as a Godstop! I am so glad it touched the heart of so many at the event. It touches mine every time. Many blesses to you!

Craig, Candace & Bachelor said...

I was at LPL Boise as well as LPL Utah a couple of years ago and incredibly blessed by your "In Christ Alone" song. Please read my story here...

Thank you for the work you do.
In Christ,
Candace - Boise, ID