Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Hey, friends. Hope your week is off to a good start. We are well at the Cottrell household...minus a small allergic reaction Levi is going through. Ang and the kids went to Nona and Pop's farm over the weekend, while I was in Boise. They had an off-the-chart great time riding horses and 4-wheelers and canoes.

They took pictures ON the horses and 4-wheelers and canoes...but I don't have those on my computer just yet.

The team and I had a great time at LPL Boise. The event was such a blessing...and the teaching on 2 Timothy was killer. I am still sorting out how to be a Timothy and how to be a Paul...and do I have a Timothy in my life...and do I have a Paul. Good stuff.

By the way, some of you have been emailing about the song playing on the video recap. It is called "We Long For You," and is from the cd "Found." This past weekend was the first time we have ever played that song live.

When the event was over, we had a special treat. We were unable to get a flight back home on Saturday, so we stayed there until Sunday. Ever the sanguine, Beth was not about to let us stay over and have lots of fun without her. So she stayed over, too. We all had a great time. We went to a cool pizza place in downtown Boise. Then we came back to a conference room at the hotel and played games for hours. We played Fishbowl (always a favorite). And we played Pit. have you all ever played Pit? It is COMPLETELY ADDICTING AND TOO MUCH FUN.

I know we don't look completely riveted in these pics, but trust me. We were. Intense. And riveted.

Because it doesn't matter, I won't tell you who won.

We also did a few rousing rounds of the Cha Cha Slide. Now THAT was entertainment. I wish I had a picture of that.

It's another Christmas-laden week for me. I have 4 more songs left to sing. I hope to get 2 of them done this week...1 tonight and 1 Thursday night.

You know it is a new chapter in life when I go through most of the day before I even realize the last night of Idol is tonight. All day...and I haven't even thought about it. If my buddy had not reminded me, I would have forgotten. Either I'm getting old or IT'S getting old. I feel SURE that it's getting old. Yeah, for sure. It's getting totally old.

I won't be live-blogging tonight since I'll be in the studio...but we'll chat tomorrow. Have a great day...



Anonymous said...

Travis - ya'll had an absolute blast, I can tell. I just love to have deep times with the Lord, and that so includes having a blast.

"We long for You" totally sends me so please, Please, PLEASE sing it in Las Vegas in September. That song reminds me of the verse that says the Holy Spirit prays for us when we don't know what to say. That song captures what I feel and couldn't convey.

I cannot wait until your Christmas project comes out. I was just telling my sis last Christmas "I wish Travis would do a Christmas CD" and here you are.

Have a terrific week and fab Memorial Weekend. We're going camping - hurray!

E in AZ

Cindy said...

Will you please sing 'We Long for You' on Sunday? It is absolutely beautiful!

Cindy in Weaverville

CrownLaidDown said...

I laughed out loud at the score sheet. Oh, you'd love to be among our crew for games. MY Chris and I are intense players, as well. I am not a sore loser at all (Chris IS!). But, I am however a very bad winner (complete with smirky smiles and a few taunts). Hee hee!

And as for Idol? Ehh.

Praying for Christmas music!! May it be anointed to reach many Timothy's and Paul's. (I hope there will be CD's from Boise!)
Praying for your fabulous fam!

Daniel Semsen said...

That scorecard is a fake!

You totally made that up...

connorcolesmom said...

I love Lily Kate's new haircut
It makes her look older and more mature :)
Oh they grow up TOO FAST!!

Ok, I think maybe Daniel's comment is saying that you cheated and that you did not win after all. I sense a rematch - LOL

So what is the PIT game and how can we get it for the Siestas in SA?

Also I am with you on AI I am watching it tonight because I am one of these people that HAS to know the end of something even if it might be OLD and boring already!

Enjoy the week in the studio
Praying for you

dCF said...

it is getting old....my poor mother still hasnt met mrs. Moore yet haha

im over this season....i dont care who wins....although i KNOW david is gonna win

Dionna said...

Oh man! I surely would have joined you all at the pizza place! What one did you go to? And how do you play fishbowl? I've never played - teach me!
I am so "wowed" that we were the first group for you to sing that song to. It struck a chord with so many women to be sure. I am definitely going to be seeing if ITunes has it (just as soon as I get some extra $ to SPEND on Itunes!) HA HA
Glad you all got some down time. You deserved it - I know you "spend" yourselves on feeding us with the Word. And we are so thankful.

redheadcsm said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Fishbowl!! Such a fun game with a group like that! And you can do it anywhere! Our Small Group plays it all the time and we get pretty cutthroat... you'd never guess we're a group of committed Christians fellowshipping together! That didn't come out right...but you know what I mean! Glad y'all had such a great time!

Kristen said...

You crack me up! I totally would have loved to be there to participate in all the fun! Speaking of...congrats on taking the win! :)
Best of luck wrapping up the album!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!

The video, as usual, is so moving. I'm always so overwhelmed by the way the music and photography work together.

Praying for a productive week in the studio!


Bev Brandon said...

Knockout! says Simon. First time I watched it this season. David A. is "it"---whatever "it" is. But the winner is...
TC singing "We Long For You"...
I just went to I-tunes and downloaded it! You so bring my beautiful God to me through your music. It's been a rough 24 hours over here. When I heard it, I literally fell in a heap and worshipped and longed for HIM even in this most difficult moment. Come Jesus!
from Bev---one who is doing what I was created to do because of you...
can you sing this at Siesta Fiesta? who do we ask? kim and patty? boomama? bigmama? seriously, can we make requests?

Fran said...

What a great weekend y'all had in Noisy Boise huh?! I love hearing the details and the scoop. :)

Coming to Franklin this weekend so my boys can play in a baseball tourney...staying in Brentwood...maybe I'll call you up and say hi and see how things are going! :)

Just kidding...happy long weekend ahead. Do something fun and funny!

Todd Benkert said...

Can't wait to hear the final results. . . of your recording sessions that is. I'm quite sure that Archuleta wins tomorrow as Cook was not at all competitive tonight.

violin3679 said...

Just so you know, We Long For You TOTALLY fights with Forevermore as my favorite favorite favorite song on Found. I got my degree in violin performance (hence the fiddlesticks) and I am just all about any violin solo in my Jesus praisin' music. Love it!

Darlene R. said...

I LOVE Pit! Love, Love, Love it! Our pastor and his wife taught us how to play. I don't know how you all play, but when they started yelling out, "one, one, one" and "Two, two, two", I thought I was stuck in the middle of Finding Nemo! It sounded just like the seagulls that kept saying, "mine, mine, mine!"
They didn't know we'd never played before. It's crazy fun!!

Glad you all were able to get together and enjoy one anothers company.

Michelle Bentham said...

Travis... Looks like who had the best weekend in the Cottrell household might be a toss up... I'm guessing the kids just love the farm! I am definitely going to have to check out PIT because, well, It looks like my kind of game. I like Fish Bowl, learned it during the whole Loving Well Retreat in a box experience. Though my favorite game by far is the pantyhose with a ball beat yourself silly game! HA!

As for "We Long For You" I reconginzed it right away! I love the cd, but last December in our move - somehow my CDs did not make it into the house and I don't know where they are - I think I have "Found" on the computer though. Thank goodness for Media Player where I can listen to my hearts content. But no copyright infringing... wouldn't dream of it. You know, speaking of songs... My favorite is from Patriarchs... "You Changed My Name" becaue He so did. From sinner to Daughter in one fell swoop! I love it! Love It! Plus that song really ministered to me during the season of my life when my 17 year old son was prodigaling his way through the desert and I was on my knees for him quite regularly. He was called home to Heaven in August 2005. God bless you for being faithful. Last year when I went to the Bossier City LPL all by my lonesome (cause God kind of arranged it that way... my hubby went to LA with me but he dropped me at the door when he saw all those women waiting to see Beth. I did tell him you were there, but he said he would rather catch a game at the hotel. Boy he didn't know what he missed, for sure! At least one explanation about tanning that just had to be heard! HA!... I am on a rabbit trail) Anyway.

Travis, my being in a lead position in ministry at my previous church had me very conscious of how I expressed my grief. But there, alone, with such worship going on I broke... for many reasons... from joy and from pain... from gratitude and deep love... from every imaginable possible emotion one could be feeling all at one time I completely allowed it all to come out with God and a dear, sweet woman who prayed over me and wiped my snotty face with a tisse and allowed me to just bawl all over her. It was a divine appointment and a necessary one. I cannot wait to get to San Antonio... And if you would play "You Changed My Name" that weekend, well OH MY! I might just have another moment with the Siestas... You are awesome and I have totally become a BLAWG HAWG! Sorry!

Jon Tyner said...

You're old.

3girlsmom said...

I don't know the game of Pit. I will make it a mission to find out soon, though. I love card games.

Poor Rich looks like he got smoked!

Also, how old is that card deck? Looks a little 70's to me. I'm seeing a group of bell-bottomed, polyester wearing hippies gathered around a table playing with it.

Good times, I tell ya. Glad y'all had fun.

April said...

I can't stand that game. LOL! But Hubby loves it.

Spoons, on the other hand - LOVE that one.

Kris - said...

Travis- now I'm so sad that I didn't do the Boise trip. First always for missing Beth's awesome teachings but now, missing PIT and you know I would beat your score if I were there! kris

KMac said...

I can't resist...almost every Sunday we play "We Long For You" at our "church". I doubt our crowd notices the repeats, but they sure like YOU! I wish i could sing along, but i'm too busy crying. For the love.

Shelly said...

What I would've given to be at the cha-cha lessons (grin).

and I'm pretty sure maracas would have been needed....

which are kinda like egg-shakers


SnappyCasualGifts said...

I have never heard of PIT? What do the spoons have to do with the game??

Cinde said...

These LPL video clips are great "promos" for your new CD. After hearing a couple I promptly downloaded the whole CD on my ipod and then ordered a copy for my mom as her Mother's Day gift.
Loving it all - I have a new favorite everyday! And having grown up in the John Denver era (that dates me!) I appreciate your version of Annie's Song. Truly a love song to the Lord.

Living Beyond said...

People would say I seem so quiet but when Pit is on the table I'm a wild woman and have been known to fall of my chair with excitement lol

I've never seen it played with spoons though - I'll have to try that.

Too much fun

Janna said...

Well I may have to bookmark your blog now that I know you are a gamer! We play Pit often, but never with spoons. Does Beth know you put the scores up for all the world to see? Fishbowl is a very good game to play fast.