Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Idol Not-So-Live Blogging (Wrapping it Up) I need to finish going through my thoughts about the rest of the show. But I can't. I just can't. I have found myself swimming in new idol waters: I am having trouble caring. The show (just like last week's show) was boring, boring, boring. Well, with the exception of Paula sucking all the air out of the room. That was fun . And awkward. And awful. And delicious. And one of the most unbelievable TV moments I have ever seen. So much to say about it, but I know Paula's probably reading this, so I won't. haha

My favorite performance was Brooke's 2nd number. I still maintain that she is my favorite of the bunch. There is a character about her voice, and something interesting about her disposition that is interesting to me. Both she and Jason have the most unique presence about them. I really like them both.

David Archuleta is still...dare I say it...the one to beat. I know, I know. All you David Cook fans are going to come after me. But here is what I know: America has NEVER voted for a winner who is not totally likable. Every year, of the top 2 contestants, the one that everybody likes, and the one who seems genuinely humble and blessed to be there wins. I absolutely would not put David Cook in that category. Having said that, he may very well pull off a win...he has had so much momentum in the top 10, and has worked hard with undeniably the best performances of the season. But can he fend off the David A-train, seal the deal, and be the first slightly smug American Idol winner? We'll see.

I hate to say it...but I think Brooke might be going home tonight. Somehow, Miss 9-Lives Syesha has snuck into the upper ranks of the week. I don't know how she has made it here, but she has.

Anyway...these poor kids had to learn all these old songs that they had never heard...pick keys and decide on arrangements...then get up and try to sing them in front of millions of people, as if the songs fit them like a glove, and like they have known them forever. That's a hard thing to do, and I congratulate them all for even somewhat pulling it off. They are certainly showing more talent and ability than the judges, who seem to get away with saying EXACTLY THE SAME THING week after week for 7 years, dawg. And NOW, they can't even read their judging notes off a piece of paper.

Oops...this post has turned slightly jaded. Sorry.

On to happy news: THE SPURS WON THEIR FIRST SERIES. And it was a great game 5. Suns are out (sorry Arizona and Suns people...I like you,'s just that the Spurs are my peeps). On to play the Hornets. GO SPURS.


beckyjomama said...

Travis ... Frydaddy ... Mr. Miesta .......

You had me.
I was right there with ya on all points of your AI notes.
Love Brooke - check
Paula ... HUH? - check
Syesha ... whatever - check
and so on.

I was feelin' ya.
And then you brought up the game.

and you lost me

my Suns ... oh my poor, poor Suns.

(not that I didn't see it coming when I heard they were up against the Spurs, but c'mon ... did ya have to rub it in?!?)

You hurt me man.
You hurt me real deep.

Good thing I love ya

Patty said...

I wish you could have heard the laughter over here at your Paula comment!! Paula, lay off the sauce! I was thinking the same thing. A very weird moment in the show. The judges looked totally confused.
I think after what Simon said about Brooke she will go home. I like Brooke but it wasn't the best.
I have said all along it will be the two David's in the final. I like both David's and I really think Cook could win. On the other hand David A. has a lot of fans! He is really, really good!! My brother doesn't like David A. and we argue about it every week. hehe
I am older and I am right. :>)
Great live blogging Trav!!
Have a great day and I think it might warm up in Nashville today! Thank you Jesus!!

Dionna said...

I agree with you - the show was boring. I realize these are legends we are talking about but some just aren't going to transfer over well with these "young-uns." They don't know how to fix up a song they probably wouldn't listen to normally.
I'd love a new judge next year - maybe to replace Paula??
Getting excited to see you in a few weeks at LPL in Boise!!

Kelly S. said...

boring was right
(I think they need Dolly back, maybe as a that would be fun) It feels now that they are just totally exploiting Paula and are going to let her completely self destruct on air.

Interesting insight from Mandisa on last post on how they form thier opinions. I get to see her this weekend. YEAH!!

Susan B. said...

Thanks for the update. I totally missed it last night. My son had a baseball game. So, I'll be playing catch-up tonight. I agree with you about this season. I'm not sure that this year's artist coaches have the easiest songs to sing. It's not that I don't like them, it just seems like none of them are contemporary or of the rock genre. Paula is so totally out there I'm not sure she knows the way back! :)

Daniel Semsen said...

I can't believe you think Brooke and Jason are the best.
OH. My. Gosh.
They are the WORST. Blech...

I don't think I'm going to be able to get past this one...

yep...I can't do it...that's it. We can't be friends.

BethAnne said...

I was so bored and yet strangely captivated by the fact that Paula is still apparently on drugs. I was so freaked out by her that I had to write a letter to her on my blog....hope she reads it. hahahaha

barbkb said...

I am not a huge Idol fan, I watch it some.........but I absolutely LOVE your blogging. So glad I found ya. First encounter was at a Beth Moore shindig. Loved you ever since. I really get a kick out of your observations. I check on you and Beth every couple of days to see what cha bloggin about.
Thanks for the giggles.

Alicia said...

I'm bored, too. And my post was really negative about everyone because of it. And I LOVE A.I., and the talent is fantastic this year. It's weird. Paula is a puzzle, for sure.

Fran said...

I'm sorry...I'm just not a huge Neil Diamond fan...Back in the day, his hair kinda creeped me out...I don't know...maybe he needed some conditioner or something.

I have no idea anymore of who stays and who goes. I'm getting into the "don't care" mode as well.

Spice it up people!

Honea Household said...

I love Brooke! I hope she stays. I'm watching it on TIVO right now, so we will see in just a minute!

conwaymom said...

I don't get the "Diamond Dave' thing. He doesnt' do anything for me and I just can't see him winning.

Unfortunately my one last remaining favorite has gone home tonight. She was genuine and winsome and sincere, it came across in every song.

At this point - i don't really care anymore. But I'm sure I'll be turning in anyway to watch Paula's next senior moment.

Ok, I'm glad your Suns won. But I still like Shaq and would love to have seen him pull off a win.

I'm still reeling from the University of Memphis loss. Ouch. That one HURT!

So glad you're back in the blogging world - you're funny.

Kristen said...

I'm completely agreeing with you about how boring AI has been lately..I only half paid attention to the show both nights.
It also didn't help that Neal Diamond tickets are going on sale here in OK. on Monday, so Neil was on every single commercial break!
You are so funny...loved the Paula comment!
Congrats on your Spurs!

Lisa Pierre said...

so so glad that Brooke is gone! Not sorry.
Let the boys stay and fight it out, but Syesha is an old-enough threat to work with, whether she's well-liked or not. Gotta agree with you on David Cook, although he really should win it all!

Honea Household said...

Aah! You were right, Travis. My girl is gone. :( I am so sad. She was really upset, poor thing. But she is such a family girl, I think she will be glad to be back with her family. And she will probably get some music deal somewhere. Maybe you could help her out! :)

Lisa Pierre said...

But I'd prefer my cutie-pick-for-a-husband-to-my-daughter-David Archuleta or Jason Cook, second. I wanna set him up with a single praise team member, Julie!

Wendy from Jax, FL said...

OK I'm with ya on the whole idol thing. Do finish out strong for us on the live blogging though-- just a few more weeks. It's quite entertaining. :)
Blessings to you. Hope your family is well!

JulieMom101 said...

I have a really awful confession to make - I haven't watched a single episode of AI all the way through this season. At all. Not one time.
Actually, I thought the Next Great American Band was better because the judges seemed to really have constructive comments that helped the bands (except for the goober who criticized Denver!). I will say that I find your blogs on AI MUCH more entertaining - esepcially live. You really captured the moment in writing as it happened with Paula. My jaw hit the floor, then I laughed til the tears came. Thanks so much!
Julie in SC

CrownLaidDown said...

Pack your winter clothes for Friday and warmer weather clothes for Saturday.

I'm looking at snow right now.

Praying for safe journey and blessings beside.

Anonymous said...

Ok How excited am I that you are a Spurs fan??? We watch every second of every game. And we adore David Robinson. Who I know is retired, but worth mentioning whenever possible!


MC said...

Trav, you know that it was you and Miss Mandisa that got Jim and I hooked on watching AI. I told Jim last night that it would be Brooke going home. She was one of my favorites. Where the show will go, who knows. It does give some people a kick to a career. We loved our Navy Phil last year and loved seeing him with our girl at the Doves. We watched the audience shots for you and your pretty wife. Thought I saw Chance. Could that have been. Well, we love you guys. Looking forward to the next schedule. Mary
PS It's snowing on MAY 1

Lisa Pierre said...

oops I wrote Jason Cook. Meant Jason Castro

Julie Marler said...

I am a Jason Castro die-hard! I love his style, love his voice, and if I were about 30 yrs younger - I may even wish he was my boyfriend!!! I am so thankful he survived another week! Poor Brookie! She was my 2nd fave! I'm not a David/David fan at all. I can't listen to David A. sing or talk anymore since TMZ said he sounded just like Napoleon Dynamite and showed a clip of Napoleon saying,"man, my lips are really chapped". Sounds JUST like David A. Now I'm ruined!! I did like his voice - now I can't even listen!! David Cook - just not my type at all - but I do think he wants this really, really bad! Syesha -not sure why she's still there but she does have a beautiful smile. But I am afraid I'm not going to be able to watch the Final - cause Jason will probably not be there :(

2trueboys said...

Travis, you make me want to watch American Idol. I haven't yet, but after reading your responses, I'm thinkin' about it. Why does Simon have to be so sour? Just to sell advertising? (I have heard sound bites)

So stoked to find out ya'll homeschool. Right on!! We are in our 3rd year and totally loving it. Well, at least I am. The kids ask every weekday, "are we doing school today?"

I know it has been weeks since your 80's post, but no U2? No General Public, or Madness? What is up with that?

Have a great weekend :)

Michelle Bentham said...


I must say that as an AI newbie I watched the whole show Tuesday for the first time.

I really like Jason as well. Everyone does seem shocked that he survives week to week. Since I am a D/FW local and native, I know there are about oh... the entire city of Rockwall, TX - The Mayor of Rockwall hosts an AI watching party every week! Not to mention Lake Point Church in Rockwall that gather for each episode and hastily attempt to vote him into the next level of competition NO MATTER WHAT!

Okay, I kind of picked up on him that part of his problem is he basically just decided one day to try singing (one day in the not so far away past I might add) and found himself good at it. Which maybe why he is not good at the arrangement stuff... For me, though, I know dread locks (guessing I'm totally misspelling that) and the untucked shirt every week is just not feeling AI to me. However, I could be wrong about that - I like anybody who seems to love the Lord, and we actually discussed this over a Passover meal a couple of weeks back at my church - and Jason seems to be one of those people.

As for David Cook - He was a "rock star" before he got to AI - He just has a public platform for it now. And David A... He was totally groomed for this life.

Don't really like Syesha, but Brooke - she is precious. My fave left before I started watching if that is possible - Kristy Leigh Cook (See I may not even know how to spell her name) She is so bent for Country Music whoa!

If I had to choose one to win, I am rooting for the underdog - It is about time "David," or in this case Jason, slew "Goliath", The Davids, anyway and knocked Simon Cowell right out of his chair. Is it just me or did Simon seem to have a heart the other night! Too Funny! He is the main reason I never would watch. I don't typically like crass people, but now I am thinking airheads are worse!

Okay, So I totally dished on everyone and you don't even know me. Oh, And Go Spurs! (My husband makes me watch!)

Jackie W said...

Travis,Maybe the boring Idol is a sign that you just need to switch over to Dancing with the Stars.  The only time I watched Idol was when Mandisa was on.

bayoubabe said...

Travis, where can I find your cd for the music you did on THe Beth Moore Study of the Psalms.? I just love your music you did , and would like to purchase the cd. Please let me know how and where. Blessings :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear someone else say they are having trouble caring about IDOL this year. My husband and I feel the same way. I think part of it has to do with the last two years we weren't excited about the final two (Big Melinda fans last year). and also, dare I say it, that we are getting older and the contestants younger :)

CrownLaidDown said...

Isn't God good to provide a sunny day?

Praying for you tonight, as you sing, that the Lord will give you His oxygen.

Praying for the whole team and Beth, too! So very exciting!!

I will be the one with the barking cough, popping cough drops :) My heart will worship, even if my mouth cannot sing.

Scott said...

I very curious who(m) you would pick to be a great "mentor" some time on Idol?
I'm thinking it would be fun to try the Wiggles and see what kind of edgy spin they could put on silly kids' songs.
In fact, I'd love to hear what kind of spin YOU'D put on "Dorothy the Dinosaur."

LindaSueBuhl said...

Hey FryDaddy - I am not a regular AI watcher (this season - had watched the previous eternity or was that merely 6 years). What I've seen - BLEAH! Neither David - just not seeing it at all. Syesha -nope, and like lots of other people - liked very much Brooke. Jason Castro is a favorite for several reasons - one is he is from DFW and since we don't have a basketball coach right now (God bless you Avery Johnson but the Mavs need something else) I'd like for us to get AI attention.
BTW - not sure why everyone thinks Paula is drunk or on drugs - she could just be that weird. Some people can manufacture the weird without outside stimulation!Paula if you are reading this - weird ain't all bad - from one who knows.