Tuesday, May 13, 2008

American Idol - Down to 3

OK...hey, friends. Here we go...

Paula looks pseudo-normal tonight.

David A - And So It Goes - I was initially disappointed with them choosing this song, because I thought it was boring. But he was PERFECT on it. It was a stunning vocal, I thought. He made the melody stand out - what a great, timeless melody. I'm telling you...he is ONE GREAT SINGER.

Syesha - If I Ain't Got You - She sounded great...possibly a tad on the boring side...until the end, when she did that KILLER run. The last run was awesome. I think she did a good job making it her own. Although I'm not a fan of her making it this far, I think she did a great job.

David C - The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - This is a great song. He didn't kill me. His falsetto was a little pitchy in the front part. The last note was INCREDIBLE, though. Overall, he is better than that usually.

My round 1 ranking is:
3. David C
2. Syesha
1. David A

Lily Kate is bringing me snacks to fuel my live-blogging. Pineapple, anyone?

David A - With You - He sounds good. I think I'm a little biased. I just like his voice. His lower register could use a little more focus. But he still sounded great through the whole song. Ladies and gentlemen...get ready to hear him sound just like that on the radio in about a year. He will be all over the place.

It was a little weird hearing him sing to his boo, yo.

Syesha - Fever - I love this song...especially the Michael Buble version. I think this was a smart song choice. It doesn't require her to sing too heavy - that's usually when she gets in over her head. But she is doing great tonight. And another great ending by Syesha! I totally disagree with the judges. I think it was a song that highlighted the positive side of her voice.

David C - Dare You To Move - OK...he gets the award for best song choice. I love this song. It's staying low a little too long...but the chorus is a great payoff. Oops...he's a little pitchy again. But still gritty and vibey and good. I agree with all the judges pretty much this time around.

I can't rank round 2. I just can't bring myself to do it.

David A - Longer - He is NOT singing Longer. I love this song so much. I am such a dork. But I am afraid they are going to give him a hard time for singing this song. Not that he had a choice. Weird key change. But once again...his vocals were AMAZING.

I am just realizing that I haven't blogged in a week. Rats. I promise I am going to try to do better this week.

Syesha - Hit Me Up - Why is Syehsa trying to get me to like her at this late date in the game? She is rocking it. Is this a Beyonce song or something? Oh...Rhianna? Sounds like it. She was good tonight...all 3 times. The judges are painfully avoiding complimenting her in their efforts to set up the David / David finale.

This is a whole NOTHER post...but my patience with the producer / judge pimping of certain contestants has run its course. I'm over it. They are killing their own show. More on that later. Back to the show...

David C - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing - They have totally set him up to win the night with this choice and positioning. Haven't we heard this from him like 12 times before?

Simon gives David C the night. But I give it to David A. More tomorrow. Blessings!


Kim V said...

OHHHHH...I can't read this yet. The fam and I are getting ready to watch it in like 15 minutes...

Sherry said...

Okay... just heard David Cook and uh.... not too great. :-( and shocker I agree with Simon.... the middle round was just OK.

Susan B. said...

I totally agree that the producers are setting up the winners. I really liked Syesha tonight, though. She seemed to have found her confidence. However, you could tell they're getting ready for the David vs. David show next week. This year has just been so-so for me. Maybe it's because I've missed some shows with our baseball nights, maybe it's the songs categories, I don't know. Will next week be the popularity contest?

Melinda said...

I agree with you that David A. has one incredible, amazingly consistent voice, but I have to admit that he BORES ME TO TEARS! I know he'll be all over the place before we know it, but my votes went to David C.

And, honestly, where has Syesha been hiding all season? She was terrific tonight and didn't get the kudos she deserved. "Fever" was fab!

What will you do with yourself on Tuesday nights when this is all over?! :o)

Big Mama said...

Oh you did not disappoint me with your confession of love for "Longer". I am such a fan of the overly sentimental love song.

Janelle & Ella said...

Hi Travis! This is my first time to comment. But I enjoy reading your blog. Amanda and I are besties and so are our Tods, Jackson and Ella. We were in the hospital together right down the hall with our newborn babes. That family has a special place in my heart forever, as I know they do with you also.
I'm a huge AI fan so I thought it was about time I chimed in. I totally agree with your theory on the judges setting up who they want to be in the finals. BUT I have to say that David C. has been my favorite from the beginning, only because I think he's the most entertaining. The other two kind of bore me. BUT I love David A! You are totally right, he's amazing. I would be very satisfied with a finale of the Davids.
Okay, so I'm glad I got my first comment on your blog over with. :-)

Patrick and Martha Jane said...

Great post...I thought David A. did a great job tonight...vocally Syesha is wonderful...I just can't get past her dancing/acting...it is really distracting for me!

Fran said...

DERN! I missed it tonight. We were on the ballfield. I'll definately be tuning it Wed. night.
Thanks for the recap. :)

Anonymous said...

Travis, it's Holly Knight (Bradley's wife). Being an unabashed AI fan, I have read your blog several times and found it to be spot on. For some reason, I feel strangely compelled to respond to your synopsis this week. Here are a few of my deep reflections:

-If Randy uses the phrase "You could sing the phone book" one more time, I'm going to get a butter knife from my kitchen and attempt to draw my own blood.
-Why was Justin Guarini in the audience? His jig is up. By the way, Napolean Dynamite called. He wants his hair back.
-I'm over Simon grabbing his "man breasts". Over. It.

As for your feelings on the final 3...I wish I actually cared. I LOVED Carly Smithson. I thought the tone of her voice was rich and her pitch was (mostly) spot on. She had the runs, she had the belty notes, she had the pure falsetto, she had amazing stage presence, she had a cool accent, she had a tatooed husband...she had it all.

I feel like I've seen the Final 3 before...none of them are original. David A has the best voice, but he has absolutely NO personality whatsoever. I realize he is young, but so was Jordin Sparks. Youth is no excuse for a lack of conversational skills. I don't care for his stage mannerisms and HE NEEDS TO OPEN HIS BLASTED EYES. His voice is butter, his pitch perfect, his runs amazing. But he is NOT a star. He's a dorky high-schooler with a great voice. David Cook is a newer version of Chris Daughtry. Unfortunately, Chris has already found success in his niche...which makes me think that people won't be as receptive of David C...been there, done that. Syesha is too generic. Not memorable. What's her name again?

Alright...I've held nothing back. I feel much better. On another note - Will you be at Bradley's session on Thursday? Have fun! Wish I could be there. Angela emailed me a few days ago and said y'all were putting BGV's on your Christmas album. Can't wait to hear it. How was Fellowship of the Rockies? Isn't my Uncle Steve AWESOME?!!!

Take care.


Todd Benkert said...

This is turning out to be just like season two where everybody knew it would come down to Ruben and Clay. Then, we called it the battle of the Barrys (Manilow vs. White).

As for me, I hope David wins.

Shelley B. said...

I'm a Cook fan Travis :)
- what is it with you that not liking him?

Sarah said...

Okay...love American Idol (I like David Cook) but my comment is about something else... The SBC convention is coming to Indy and I get the chance to lead the children's choir that will be singing behind a certain artist whose name rhymes with Smavis Smottrell...Oh yeah I'm excited!

Profbaugh said...

Thanks for the blogging. I only saw part of it tonight. I had to leave after Shyesa sang "Fever." We went to my son's choir concert. Thank goodness the "judges" weren't there (tee hee). Oh my, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really would have rather been watching AI!!

Anyway, I'm still a David C. fan. Although I know David A. has a fantastic voice, there's just something that bugs me about him. Honestly, I don't think I'd buy a CD by him, whereas I would buy one by David C. And Shyesa. . .well, I think she belongs on Broadway where she can really "perform."

Okay, enough for tonight. My ears are still ringing from the choir/band concert in the high school gym.

Can't wait until tomorrow to see who get's booted. I'm thinking it'll be Shyesa, since the judges have led us to believe that. Do they really think we can't see what they're doing? Personally, I'm with you, Trevor on this one. I'm so tired of the judges manipulating their comments instead of providing objective feedback that I could spit. But, I guess that's why they get paid the big bucks, eh? Ratings over ethics. Argh!


jenmom said...

Hey Travis! I have followed AI since season one and I totally agree with you on the judges/producers "pimping" their contestant. It has dulled the AI experience for me as well over the last seven years.
However, I must disagree with you on the Davids. D. Cook totally has it won for me! D. Archuletta really bores me to tears. I really feel like he is so young and wonder how he would really stand up under such a rigorous career right now. He just look like he doesn't have a clue sometimes. The momma in me worries about him.

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

"Producer/Judge Pimping"...perfect description. I wish they would remove a certain female next season and let a fan take her place. Maybe a fan who can complete a sentence in less than oh...3 minutes. Bless her heart, she just needs Jesus.

I feel like David Cook is the clear winner..but it isn't because he's my favorite or my choice!

David A. just looked down all night and despite his incredible voice, I was a little bored. I'm with BooMama..I just want to hug that child.

Have a great week!

HisTreasuredPossession said...

Even harder to care now than earlier in the season. You're right on...now I guess we'll just wait to see what "they" will have "them" sing in the finale...the suspense is killing me...

bahead said...

David A. is cute as a bug but he cannot speak in public. He is way too shy and way too young. David C. is the best entertainer. I think there are thousands of good singers in the US but only some can entertain. This season is very boring.

CrownLaidDown said...

Totally missed it last night! But instead I had a great Divine appointment with some Sisters in Christ at an italian restaurant. Good and blessed time!

I will see if I can watch AI via the internet this afternoon.

And yes, pineapple sounds very good, thank you Lily Kate! Mmmm, so sweet!

Did Angela have a wonderful birthday/ Mother's Day? Hope so!
Praying for you and your fam,

Christi said...

Totally agree with all of your comments. I was thinking about the positioning of the singers too. I wonder how they decide that - I definitely think that is fixed. David C was "pitchy" in a few places (the last couple of notes on Don't Wanna Miss A Thing felt like nails on a chalkboard to me), but I do think that he is the most talented of the three. The finale will be (or should be) between the David's!

dCF said...

umm duh...the producer are completely making it a dd finale....errr.....we see the diva this weekend...YAY!!!!

Daniel Semsen said...

Oh my gosh. Holly Knight...you are HILARIOUS. Napoleon Dynamite called and wants his hair back...HAHAHAHAHAHA...

>>>>but my patience with the producer / judge pimping of certain contestants has run its course.

Oh dude. SOOOO with you on this one. I REALLY REALLY REALLY noticed it last year with Jordin Sparks, etc...and was just SO turned off. But yes...a blog entry for another time. SOON!

Darlene R. said...

I agree that David A. has an amazing voice, but I like David C. so much better. The younger David always seems so scared.
He's SOOOOOO young!
I also agree with the pimping of the outcome. It is so frustrating!

Finally, I can't believe you went a whole week without blogging. You act like you might be a busy guy or something! ;)

Thanks for the re-cap!

Darlene R. said...

And pass the pineapple, please!

Honea Household said...

It's going to be tough tonight. I hope it's David A. but we shall see. I have a feeling it might be Syesha. But I agree with you, why is she trying to get me to like her this late in the show? What on earth?!

RR said...

Yo dawg. MmmI don't know man. I've got to disagree with you. Cook takes the cake for his singing AND for having stage presence. David A. is a good singer, I'll give you that. But man! I am bored to tears watching this guy. I am just wishing for this season to be over with so David A. can get to Broadway where he belongs. No entertainment value whatsoever for me. But what do I know.

Dawn Ward said...

Gotta' go with the majority on this one. To give David A. his due, he does have an amazing voice, but to quote some of the others here...he bores me to tears! I'm sorry. He just does. He really can sing..."the phone book" even and he would still be "in the zone, dawg!" but he is not an entertainer.

David C. on the other hand...well now, he's my guy. I would buy his album in a heartbeat. I don't know if he will win or not, but he will for sure get a record deal, and I think it will outsell David A. But, hey, I'm not a record producer. I don't even play one on TV!

Syesha is talented...no question, but I don't think she has the makings of a pop star, and I definitely think she is the one going home tonight. I do hope she has a future on Broadway, though.

And, yes, I realize I'm posting after the results show, but I gave the remote to my hubby, and he hasn't given it back. Thank goodness for TiVo! It's the only way I can stand to watch the results show anyway. I usually get it down to about 10 minutes tops!

Ok..off to wrestle dh for the remote!

Sue said...

From now on, I'm not listening to the judges' critiques. Instead I'm sending my phone number to Holly Knight and asking her to call me with her comments. Seriously.

Travis, I just don't care anymore. I do want to hear you discuss the way the judges are actually working on behalf of certain contestants. They are ruining the show.

Patty said...

Did you see the show tonight? I have said all along it was going to be David A. vs. David C. This is going to be a great finale!!!

I cannot wait until next.

Have a great rest of the week. :o)

Anonymous said...

OK: the saddest moment to me was when Simon made fun of the lyrics to "Longer". All I could think was that Dan Fogelberg's recent widow was watching the show. What a blow that would have been to her to hear her late husband's legacy spoken of in such a negative and dismissive way. Usually, I'm with Simon. Not that time. BUT: I AM with David A!