Thursday, April 3, 2008

Merry Christmas, Y'alls

I am in the studio today laying down tracks for my Christmas record. Woo hoo!

I'm not ready to tell what songs we are putting on the record...but I will you that this first one is "so delightful." The next one? It goes thumpety thump thump.

And in 11 days, Angela and I leave for London...gulp...with the whole production posse to record the London Symphony at Abbey Road. Ask me if I am a puddle on the floor. Puddle. Words like UNFATHOMLY GRATEFUL and OVERWHELMED and HONORED don't begin to dig into the full emotions I am feeling about this particular adventure.

Not to mention that a certain artist whose name rhymes with Shmaimy Shmant is also record the symphony for her new Christmas tunes.

Please pray that I don't break into "Stay For Awhile" in front of her. I always have that subconsciously sing an artist's songs while with them...without noticing.

Dork much?

Fun times. Happy times.


Dori said...

Are you going to "FALLLLLLL on your kneeeeeeees" on that Christmas album?

...'cause I think ya should!

You're not a dork -- just extremely human. I would start singing "Baby, baby..." because sometimes I'll just randomly start singing that song around the house for no apparent reason. Strange, I know...

Now who's the dork?


Dionna said...

Ohhh Amy! Just remember that she's a normal person just like you and has probably had many of her very own dorky moments.

Melanie said...

WOW! I just saw an ad on tv for the hymn thingy in Nashville (I didn't listen until I heard...)featuring somebody , TRAVIS COTTRELL, and Amy Grant. Yes, it said your name before Amy's. Your names were, like, touching (verbally speaking). See, there are people who are Travis Cottrell dorks, like you are an Amy Grant dork. Does that make me a double dork? Yay!

Brandy said...

First of all, that's so exciting! Congratulations!

And as far as singing an artist's songs in front of them...When I was in college, I used to be a runner whenever we would have artists in for shows. And it always seemed to happen that my CD player in my car would shuffle to their CD. And I would look at them awkwardly. Do I change it? But then they'll think I don't like it. Do I leave it? But then they'll think I'm a weirdo fan.

It was always a conundrum.

faithful chick said...

Oh my man will be in England at the same time on business. I wonder if I can fit in his suitcase?

Can't wait for the album.

connorcolesmom said...

I am cracking up at your "subtlety"
on the songs and the artist in London - LOL!

Enjoy the day!
I will be praying for the London trip!

CrownLaidDown said...

Be sure and also sing, "Fat little baby" for me--it's an old fave of mine.

Praying for that album, for those travels and for your fam...even on a day like today when I'm grumpy.

Do you know? Sometimes God brings Angela to mind during the day and I pray for her as she homeschools and such? I always follow God's promtings to pray.


laughing out loud said...

So I am all about Christmas tunes in June...but you have really got it going on boy. Eight months ahead of us.

As for your star struckness...I imagine your beloved will keep you in line. I always think about people I admire doing normal mundane things that we all do. Like taking out the trash, mowing the grass, and washing the dishes.

But right now, I am going to think about you and your beloved basking in the lights of London, while me and my hubby wallow in the headaches of our kitchen remodel.

So while you are sitting at a corner bistro, and rocking out with Shmaimy Shmant, my family will be eating cereal AGAIN for dinner.



boomama said...

Laying down some HOT TRACKS. On a HOT MIC.

My duet offer still stands.

Suzanne said...

Want to feel less dorky? I translated "Shmaimy Schmant" to be Natalie Grant. I know it's not PC to say I'm retarded, so I won't.


Congrats on London - That ROCKS (That CLASSICALS doesn't have the same ring, does it?)! I'll get to see you in San Diego right before you leave! Yay!

Congrats #2 on being included in the new Baptist Hymnal. That was the second most important book in our church growing up! Wowser!

How weird will it be to have someone come up to you and ask you to sign their hymnal?

..when I do that, don't make fun! ;-P

~ Schmoozanne

Lisa Pierre said...

So very wishing it was Christmas right now looking at that Charlie Brown Snoopy house lit up!

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

How exciting! I know it will be great!

Darlene R. said...

So is Amy Grant going to be ON the same plane as you? What if you're sitting across the aisle from her?

And by the way, I dork it up all the time. Things just wouldn't be right if I didn't!

jar of clay said...


Have fun in London. I was a total dork in Oct. when Amy G. recorded an interview with James and Betty Robison. I took all my LP's from "Father's Eyes" to "Lead Me On". She only had time to sign one, I picked "Age to Age". The guy in front of me asked her to sign his turquoise belt buckle--she did so graciously although I think reluctantly.

My husband surprised me and took me to see her the Sat. before Easter at the Meyerson in Dallas. She is so real and great.

So, what did you think of AI result? I thought it was spot on. We're getting down to the nitty gritty. Every week is going to be painful now.

Have a Most Wonderful Time of the Year in London with your beautiful wife.

Three Fold Cord said...

11 days till Abbey Road!!!! That is awesome so happy for you. I am so glad that Angela gets to go as well.

Michelle Bentham said...

Oh my goodness, Travis - I have heard of Christmas in July, but April? We are just barely over Easter and it's magnanimous meaning but to throw in Christmas at the same time... It might be more than I could take...JK - I think?

I will be praying for your overwhleming honorable trip to London... Bless the Queen for me... My goodness - the Lord takes us places we never imagined we would go don't ya' think?

Cattailmama said...

Christmas music has always been my favorite. You'll probably be sick of it by December!

I'm doing Stepping Up study now and really love hearing your sweet voice every week! What a nice surprise!

Blessing to you and Angela as you travel-

Donna Carolina Gal said...

How exciting!!! I must be the dork because I couldn't figure out who it was you were referring to. Had to read the comments to read it was Ms. Grant. LOL
Take a lot of pictures and enjoy! I am glad Angela is going too. What a awesome time to share.

Grammy and Olivia said...

WOW the London Symphony and Amy Grant and a trip to London no less. Sounds awesome. I can't wait to hear your Christmas CD. I cannot believe however, that I am anxious for Christmas anything right now I am so sick of the snow and icky cold weather here--totally anxious for spring!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

This is very exciting.....

Looking forward to a new Christmas CD this year.

Have a wonderful trip!

Christi said...

Abbey Road! London Symphony Orchestra! Amy Grant! Awesome! I can listen to Christmas music all year long! Just something about it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I cannot wait to hear it!

Fran said...

Never a dork. Never!!

You have taken "cool" to another level friend!! And...break out in song in front of her...she may sing along with ya! ;)

Praying for you always.

Donna said...

I had me a Shmamy Smant encounter at a Tx Rangers baseball game. My dad took me for my birthday... teenager - don't remember which b-day... but anyways, she was in concert after the game. At one point, she was sitting right down the row from us. I have always been so concious to not put celeb-types on the spot, so I didn't say a thing. I now wish I had.

Hey, I was just listening to a song that I think you did at the Baltimore LPL in 2004 (I think)... "When I Think About the Lord"... It makes me want to SHOUT! When is that going to be on an album?????

Have a "Tender Tennessee Christmas"!! :)

Sue Smith said...

Anything about Judy Garland and Fred Astaire on that Christmas thingy? ;-)

Patty said...

I am so excited about your Christmas cd and may I say you get points for the Snoopy picture. So, Shmaimy will be in London? I saw her on Paula Deen's show a few months ago. You are not a dork. Sing away. I wonder what you would do if we broke out with one of your songs in front of you? hehe.. Actually, I know what you would do if I sang in front of you, you would run, fast!!

Heather said...

I loved this entry! You are so funny! ...and surly you realize some of us, if we let ourselves, could feel like dorks around you! Think about when you see Shmaimy Shmant, ah yes, some think the same of you! Your voice is amazing and your love for God and family simply ROCK. Have fun in London and we can't wait to hear about it. My 18 year old daughter just asked me where your CD is... SEE... you are Shmaimy to some!