Tuesday, April 1, 2008

American Idol - Live Blogging!

OK...I'm going for it. A.I. live blogging....here we go...

I love Dolly. Please God, let me sing with her sometime this side of glory. So gracious and perfectly down home.

Brooke White - my favorite contestant singing my favorite Dolly song. "Jolene" is one of the best marriages of melody and lyric of any song I've ever heard. The thing about Brooke is - you can critique her pitch here and there. But you can't attack what is her greatest strength - her approachability, likability, and overall artistic vibe. She just IS. And she is awesome. Let me take a number...I'll stand in line for that record.

David Cook - no doubt - he is amazing. I might even like him more than Chris Daughtry. That was a great performance. He has great control of his falsetto, like Randy said. Can I have some of that, please?

He is a contender - for sure.

Ramiele - who would have thought that Ramiele would have her strongest performance on country night? It wasn't great...but pretty good. I was crazy about her after her first audition...but she has not kept up her end of the bargain. She is not as strong as I thought she would be. But she is still cute and a pretty good singer. She needs some hyped up pop production - a la Mariah, Beyonce, and JLo...and she would be great.

Dolly rocks. These kids have NO IDEA what a privilege they have received.

Jason Castro - He is sounding great. his voice has bends and twists (and, yes Paula, COLORS) that are very cool. He does stuff that I couldn't navigate my voice through. Wow - Jason - bring on the Jesus song! I loved it.

Are these judges saying the SAME THING every week of every year. I am finding myself tuning out all three of them. Paula has 11 sentences from which she draws.

And Simon is not usually wrong. But he is WRONG about Jason. I think Simon automatically tunes any song out that talks about Jesus.

Carly - Smart, Carly. Very smart treatment of this song. Way to go. But the thing about her is she needs to dress a moment like this up a little bit. She looks like pop star diva moment from the neck up, and sound check from the neck down. I think she's cute...but she could have diva'd up this night. The high note - KILLER. Hey, Simon agrees with me on the wardrobe. But I think she sounded better than what he is giving her recognition for.

David Archuleta - THIS KID. He was made to sing. Chills on the first line. O MY GOSH. His licks are perfect. Every note in tune. Wow. He is going to be a MONSTER singer. I need a moment.

Kristy Lee Cook - Lucky her to have country week now. Hey, it's not so bad. She is doing great tonight. Her best so far.

Once again - brilliant and original lines from Paula.

Uh oh...don't ever talk back to the judges. And don't EVER blow them kisses.

Syesha - Dolly is funny - "She's not SHY-esha, that's for sure." Haha. I am nervous for her choosing "I Will Always Love You." In tune so far. I like this - I think it's compelling. Wow. I'm shocked. Shocked. I LOVED it. They'd better not throw the Whitney thing at her. I think she changed it up enough to avoid that. She sounded great. OK...Paula is right - she is growing. Did I really say that - Paula is right? Wow.

Rats. They threw the Whitney thing at her. They are right I guess - it's tough to avoid comparisons when you choose one of the best and most recognizable pop female performances in history. I still think she was great, and deserves to stay.

Download blah blah blah iTunes blah blah blah...

Michael Johns - Smart choice. Wow. Brave with the scarf. Could you see me sporting that at a Living Proof. Haha. He sounds AWESOME. I think he is having his moment. Chills. ON COUNTRY WEEK? Wow. Dolly is one heck of a songwriter. That was his best performance yet.

OK...here are tonight's top 3 for me:

1. David Archuleta
2. Michael Johns
3. David Cook

But let me say that I think everyone did well tonight. Thanks to the great songs of Dolly.

Get ready for the 9 to 5 group number tomorrow night. Not even a horrid group number can keep me from loving that song.

Good night!


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

The man and I said the same thing about Simon's comments after Jason sang.

Wouldn't you just love 10 minutes with Dolly? Despite my TN roots, I am not a country music fan, but Dolly. Dolly is different.....

Dionna said...

You gave me a preview since I'm in the Northwest! But I've watched it now - my top 3 for the night

1. David Cook
2. Brooke White
3. David Johns

Brooke is still my favorite though!

Sue Smith said...

Oh Travis, PLEASE do this every week. That was so fun to read. Pretty much agreed with you... especially about Simon not liking any song that mentions Jesus. And let's face it, Simon doesn't get the whole idea of country music... not the melodies so much as just the "story" of growing up in the south or a small town. They should just have him stay home on country week. My favorites this week: Michael Johns, Carly, and David A.

You gotta LOVE Dolly! I'm going out tomorrow to buy her cd.

jar of clay said...

I was surprised by Jason's critique, too. I though he was in "the zone". You're right, Simon doesn't like songs with Jesus in it.

My choir singing "Jesus Saves" tomorrow at practice. Great song, Travis.


JenB said...

Ok now your play by play totally rocks mine. Which is why I'm glad I gave up on mine, ha! Totally agree about the talking back to the judges---I hate that! Brooke's still my fave.

Side note--really loving that you are singing on Psalms videos. Love that they added some praise and worship for us too!

Suzie said...

They are doing 9 to 5? I sang that in my 4th grade talent show. Did you know Dolly has written the score for the Broadway version of 9 to 5?

Scott said...

Thanks for letting us feel like we were right there in your living room watching with you. (Unless you fancy Frydaddies watch these shows at some glitzy club with your peeps.)
I'm thinking:
1. Michael
2. David C.
3. David A.
But if the ascot doesn't catch on quick, Michael could fall from glory.

Tamara said...

So glad you're doing the AI live blogging thing! I think you're dead on. I totally agree with what you said about Simon's comments on Jason. (Lots of preposisitions in that sentence!) And Dolly? Dolly is fabulous. LOVE her. I'll be looking for that ascot at SA LPL!

CrownLaidDown said...

I told our Kylie the same thing after Jason sang--that we need to pray for Simon's heart to soften towards Jesus. Then he liked David A's song about Jesus and I thought...well maybe God is already answering that prayer. Go ahead and try the scarf in CS--it will work for you here...it's been COLD!!! :)

My faves tonight: David A. and Michael Johns--David C is good, but I really didn't feel the song tonight.

Anonymous said...

My first time to comment but I just HAD to "AMEN!" what you said about Simon and his contempt for things of God. You could see it on his face as soon as the camera cut to the judges. I immediately thought of when Mandisa sang "Shackles" and if you remember he said much of the same thing....he just "didn't get it." What is that verse about the things of God being "foolishness" to the world?!?!?! He doesn't get it....but I pray he does someday. I LOVED Jason Castro and David Archuleta tonight! Brooke and David Cook, too! Thanks for the blog, Travis, you rock!
:) Heather

girlmomx3 said...

Bring it Jason! That's all I have to say about that! OK I can't stand it. . .Can you believe that song-I heard Jesus, God and redemption! He nailed it and his friends got to sit by Vanna White. Dolly and Vanna. He looked so much more relaxed and no silly faces.
I loved Michael Johns and David Cook too. I agree with Paula (scary moment) David's new hairdo is much better!

CrownLaidDown said...

I just read your comment on BooMama's site...and I thought, "Oh, now he wants us to pay him to wear a scarf, huh?" Well, we will pay Angela to wear THE jeans to SA--we girls have got to stick together. :) Ha ha! Hee hee!

Turn around bright eyes is still playing in my head--torturous song.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

Double dog dare you to wear the ascot at the next Live event.

The Kaylor Kastle said...

I think someone already made mention to this, but just to add...I will never forget when Mandisa sang Shackles and Simon thought she was "indulgent". I've had to come to a place of muting the judges critiques cuz much of it is so mean and that's the last thing my kids need to be hearing before bed..."you look beautiful, but you sound horrible"!

crittyjoy said...

I am in total agreement with you and the Jason Castro thing...He was amazing tonight...

I like your top 3!

Elaine said...

I liked your eval. Travis...I felt the same way about pretty much everything.

My top three tonight, in order:

Michael Johns (killer tonight...flat out cool)
Carly (awesome control which I always appreciate)
Syesha (tough song but she worked it)

My personal all-around fave is Brooke but I'm getting a little worried. She (I hate to say it) is getting a little too...uh, stale. It's scaring me.

Donna Carolina Gal said...

You are so funny but I agree with you 100%! They should also have you as a mentor or a judge on that show. This was a lot of fun. Would you do this again next week! I think a male will win this year although I really like Brooke.

eva said...

You nailed it, Travis...excellent!!! And DO give us your humble opinion each week!!!

Cindy Beall said...

I agree with you on Syesha. She did great. Couldn't they just let the girl have some props? Nobody's Whitney.

Best of the night, Michael Johns. But, I'm a major David Cook fan. Not a Carly fan, BUT I WAS TONIGHT, FO SHO.

The Bargain Shopper Lady said...

I don't know you but I am sure I have heard you sing at HFBC. Your blog cracks me up because (since I don't know you) I read some things are a cross (to me) from reading Beth's blog and Sophie's blog. Some things deep and some things funny... I also have a Landon who is 4 so I relate to the Levi stories.
p.s. I am still a Brook fan! She's so real, we love her heart and voice!

The Van Fam said...

Never posted but love your blog! I believe I met you ages ago, my mom knows you - Kim Gannon (Bankard)! Anywho...loved the live blogging. I haven't watched it yet because my 3 year old was hogging the tv! I am looking so forward to it now after reading the great reviews!

Oh, and yes...I heart Dolly too! She rocks and is so timeless!!


After a cup of coffee said...

You know, I personally think Jason, David C or even Brooke have a better chance of winning than David A! He might be better on pure voice alone, but I think the other three have more...artistic vibe, I guess! Same with Carly. I love her voice, but there's just a little something missing.

Sara said...

I'm with you on Brooke, she's just someone I know I could be best friends with. LOVE her.

Come Check Out Mine Please

Anonymous said...

I am i-tuning some Dolly songs! Great music. Great lyrics. And I want to be wherever you are if you sing together.


Anonymous said...

Hi FryDaddy,

Ok, I'm not a singer and don't know a thing...but I don't get why Carly doesn't get praises...I thought she sounded AMAZING...it sounded so perfect to my ear, and they were saying, "It was good, it was okay".....Simon hated it. WHAT????? I don't get it at all.

I thought Jason Castro did AMAZING, I love his voice, because it is DIFFERENT.

Little wee one, David A. is PERFECTION...again, to my ear, he is flawless.

Wish you would JUST ONCE wear a scarf around your neck....to be cool.

Kelly s.

KMac said...

my man wants to know what number do we dial to have YOU on the judges panel? :)

Dana said...

Right on Travis! I agree, except put Carly in the top 3.

Christi said...

Dolly is my American Idol:) - I just love her!

Totally agree with you on the comments. After Jason sang, I said to my husband "that was his best week" and would you believe it - Paula said the same thing! What is up with that? Loved David A - for such a little guy - his voice is so huge! Loved Michael Johns, Carly and David Cook too.

Kelly S. said...

From one ETN girl to another.....


Abby said...

very nice...way to stay positive travis :)

you have me curious now...just got in from the road with hutch...we watched lots of old/bad idol auditions on the bus--if you haven't watched "i shot the sheriff" from previous audition weeks please do--it will bless you so :)
now lots of new performances to catch up on...
i hate i missed dolly!

theTRu said...

Nice rundown of the show, Travis. I do this pretty much every week too, so it's always good to hear what others thought as well...

Who are your bottom three and who do you think will go?

peace... love... bdg...

ps. i have a similar picture of my family in front of the epcot ball

Alana said...

SO agree about Jason Castro. I usually agree with Simon in some way shape or form, but he was off the mark with Castro this week.

Also, David A's voice? He just makes me shake my head in disbelief each week...A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Lastly I'm going to have to agree with BooMama on this last one, Michael Johns stole the show this week!

Darlene R. said...

I loved your live post! You did a great job with it!

I love Dolly, too.

P.S. Does Angela give out the strawberry cake recipe? Do you already have it on here somewhere? I didn't know if it was some ancient family secret or something that she found.

I'm not beneath begging. :)

conwaymom said...

I really like Michael Johns. He has a quality on stage that the others DO NOT HAVE. Travis, I do have to say you could pull off the ascot! Thanks for your fun insight!
1) Micheal Johns
2) Carly
3) Syesha

Gotta love Dolly! IT takes a lot of money to look this cheap! (her words!)

Anonymous said...

Wished I'd read you last night! I groused the whole time becuase I don't like Dolly or any of her music (perhaps i should re-think that opinion since a majority of the opinions here are positive toward her--maybe I can't get past all the FAKE stuff for the substance?) Anyway, I hate it when they pick such a limiting theme then criticize the singers for song choice. Regardless... I loved David A, David C, and Jason. Brooke is still my favorite female- so real, so beautiful. I thought Carly did a good job too and agree with all on her choice of attire (how much of her tats do I need to see each week?) Okay, i'm done...gonna go download some Dolly because i'm open to growth experiences.

Susan B. said...

Loved your assessment of last night's show. I, too, feel like Simon will criticize any song that has Jesus' name in it. But he liked David A's number. Go figure! It's an interesting year.

Amy T said...

I like David Cook and I think he'll make the top 3, but David A. is STILL my favorite. Has been since Hollywood week. Maybe even before. He is just so adorable and that voice! Even when he doesn't have his best performances, his voice just mesmerizes me! And I heart Brooke too. So natural. And Michael Johns is one of my favorites mainly because of that accent (and he's got a voice when he picks the right song). Ok, that's enough. Oh, and of course I like Jason mainly because he sings Christian songs at times and he's an Aggie. :) Ok, now I'm done. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Simon wants the singers to "stop confronting him with the Holy One of Israel." (Isa 30:11) Well, we really need to pray for him because it is obvious he is under a little conviction. He never "gets it" but with our prayers, maybe he will get Him. I was cheering like crazy for Jason last night for boasting in Jesus through Dolly's great song, Travelin' Thru. My top three, the Davids and Jason. Brook is 4th for me tonight. Jesus is the party!!! Dana

Chris said...

Plenty of other commenters have called the fabric around Michael Johns neck by it's correct name, but I'm still astounded that you called his ascot a "scarf."

Travis said...

It was a SCARF tied like an ASCOT.

Thank you very much, CHRIS STAPPER of Athens. Texas.

dCF said...

*clears throat*

*breaths in*

OKAY, completely agree...dolly parton is the best songwriter in the country music genre....and trust me id know lol...yes indeed with the jason thing....simon hates country music and has a supreme disliking for jesus infused songs....its funny that you mention ramiele doing good on country week...although i think its her time to go, she was actually the best she has been....brooke was incredible....it did annoy me that they said she wasnt original enough...but i dont think jolene is a song you change...david cook is the new front runner and he deserves it...that song was incredible....david archuletta can sing, and that was almost better than imagine....but not better...syesha...i closed my eyes and pictured whitneys face...and it worked...wish manidsa had done that one ;-)....kristie was really good...liked the barefoot country thing....and i liked that she was kinda "plafully disrespectful" with simon....he was in a mood last night, and thanks to ryan eased up a bit, but, i would be tired after his constant criticism too, so rock on for standing up for yourself....carly carly CARLY...loved her from the beginning, and that was brilliant...incredible, as a country music fan / singer i loved not recognizing the song, yet recognizing the song ya know (?)...another thing about simon and jesus, he praised david for his song, which had more about Christ than jasons song...so i think he either couldnt hear david mention christ over the roar of 13 and 14 yr old girls...or he just doesnt like jason anymore...who knows...now for my three...actually the whole list:

1- Carly Smithson
2- David Cook
3- Daivd Archuletta
4- Brooke White
5- Jason Castro
6- Syesha
7- Kristie
8- Micheal Johns (he just sounds like a queen tribute band to me)
9- sweet little cute ramielle



Heather said...

Loved reading the LIVE Blog comments but you was hoping you'd post live tonight! DOLLY ROCKS!!! I hope to hear you sing with her too... let's book it :-)

I was just LOVING Dolly's Boldness to sing JESUS & GRAVITY... and then to finish it with a "Hallelujah" Hoot and calling out Simon. Oh yea, he didn't have quite the same indigent tone he had with Mandisa when she waws bold enough to speak of freedom from the shackles!

Ok, well, until I can hear you with Dolly.... let me hear you again soon at TSC! Blessings!

valerie said...

Brooke has been my favorite from the beginning.
Wasn't Dolly amazing last night? Singing about her Jesus for millions all over the world!
She's awesome. I hope you get to sing with her one day too. She'd love it too, I'm sure.

Tim Wheeler said...

Dolly is a legend. I think you may be onto something with the Simon-Jesus thing... LOL.


The Kaylor Kastle said...

Could not have been more pleased to hear the name of my precious Jesus over and over again on American Idol. This country needs a revival and wouldn't it be awesome if it STARTED in Hollywood??? or Dollywood???

Anonymous said...

Fashion tips from Michael Johns:
#1. I will give you $1 if you wear an ascot (scarf) at LPL. It's been 10 years. Go for it.

#2. After last night's show, I think everyone needs to get a t-shirt with Dolly's face.

Anonymous said...

As soon as they said Syesha was going to do 'I will always love you', my first thought was 'oh no, they'll compare her to Whitney. I still like Brooke, but LOVE David Cook!

Sheila, TN

Anonymous said...

This week was the first chance I have had to watch Idol. After listening to David Archuleta I only have one thing to say.... David Archuleta = Travis Cottrell Early Years (ASU)

Love ya Trav! You're family is precious.


Anonymous said...

If Youtube is any gauge, David Archuleta performance hits make him the shoe in to win.
Also, they seem to change the "type" each season. We've had a Brooke (Carrie Underwood), a Carly (Kelly Clarkson)...you get the idea. We haven't had a David Achuleta type yet. The judges already know who is "marketable" and their comments will continue to push that contestant.
Oh, my. I hope my opinions about the presidential candidates are this well thought out!

Anonymous said...

How fun it was reading your comments. I agree with most of them. Jason is my favorite, however, even though he probably won't be THE American Idol. I love his voice. It is very soothing. I could listen to him sing all day and never tire of it. My nephew knows him from A&M, and his comment about Jason was, "He's very humble." I can see that. Maybe, that's part of the reason I like him so much. It is exciting that Jesus' name has been sung about so much this season! And to hear "Shout to the Lord" two nights in a row! PTL!!

ed said...