Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Delayed American Idol Recap

Hey, everybody. I hope you are having a good week. I only have a second...I am in the studio, and I need to stop blogging in a minute so I will have plenty of time to TOTALLY OBSESS over what key to sing "O Holy Night" in.

I wanted to check in with everyone before Idol tonight. I never did a recap of my own. So here is my two cents worth about last week's show.

There is a huge momentum shift happening in David Cook's favor right now. At first it was all David Archuleta. Now it's Mr. Cook. He really has been amazing for a few weeks in a row now. I still am not convinced he can win...but he sure is doing some amazing singing.

I am still on the Brooke train...once again cheesy me downloaded her song. I thought it was great.

What's the deal with the judges giving bad marks for the arrangements? Is this Producer Idol or American idol? I say, judge their voice and performance. Not their arrangement.

OK...off the soap box.

Syesha had another great week. I hope she lasts this week...and I hope she has picked a killer Dolly song.

Michael Johns and Carly Smithson were both great. I thought they were too hard on Carly...I love that song (Total Eclipse Of The Heart) and I thought she sounded amazing.

Of course, David Archuleta was good again. I still think in my American Idol gut check that he is the one to beat.

That's all I got for now.

I have another funny Levi story. Last night, Angela made something that she hadn't made in a while. She sauteed Tempeh with oil, garlic and soy sauce. Yum. It was delicious.

Obviously Levi was not a fan. He took one bite and went running to the trash can. After spitting it out, he said, "Yuck. I hate it. It's so awkward."

He has been intrigued with that word - awkward - for a while now. He still can't get it in a sentence just right. But he certainly did a good job selling it in that sentence last night.

Have a good day. We'll chat after idol.

Turn around bright eyes.


Cindy said...

Sorry to say I haven't been keeping up with Idol this season. Guess I will try and tune in to see what's going on.

I am so excited about your Christmas CD! I was actually thinking about that last night. Singing Christmas carols in April...what fun!

My daughters and I went to the final night of an Easter play last night, 'The Passion.' It knocked our socks off! We were totally blowed away. I almost didn't go, I was about to let 'stuff' get in the way of receiving a really great Blessing! I'm so glad that we didn't miss it. Anyway, the final song of the play was Alive Forever, Amen! It was the most perfect way to end this play.

Hope you have a good day recording!

Dionna said...

Brooke is still my #1 fave too. Did you see the story on the news this morning about David Archuletta's "stage dad?" Not good review on his dad.
And what is tempeh?

Kelly S. said...

(Yes) every now and then I fall apart!! Brooke is my favorite.

Levi sounds hilarious. My kids suddenly find everything "annoying". That is their new word....and they use it 100 times a day!

OK, I just googled tempeh. I'm going to agree with Levi.

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

I'm still pulling for Brooke, but David C. was my favorite last week. We pressed rewind and watched it twice!

Have fun in the studio....

KMac said...

Like Kelly S., neither I nor my co-worker know what Tempeh is!? on my way to Google now. now THAT's awkward.

CrownLaidDown said...

OK now I have that song in my head singing a duet :) Thankyouverymuch!

Praying you sing "O Holy Night" in just the right key.

Do you have your oxygen ready for Colorado Springs? Praying for that, too! Bring Angela!! I'd love to meet her.

Charity said...

Once again...you totally crack me up! I am super jazzed to watch Idol tonight! I too love me some Brooke. I agree...I don't know if Mr. Cook has all that it takes.

What about Paula's gloves????? What was she thinking???

Levi is so funny! I love how kids say the funniest things! When we took my 2 1/2 year old son Landon's crib apart a few weeks ago, he looked at it and said, "oh it's so beautiful!" I could not stop laughing!!

boomama said...

Sing it in B flat.

Just for kicks and giggles.


dCF said...

agreed and may i say AGAIN...that your kids rock and make me laugh often!!

ohh, and i have a blog now


twinkle said...

Travis, sing it in ANY key, just do it! I am praying for you and getting goosebumps about this album! I can hear your powerful voice singing "O Holy Night" with a symphony accompanying you...but I can also hear this version in my heart with just your voice...no instruments...singing almost in a holy whisper.

I read that you cleared the stage in Jacksonville and allowed God to be praised. Awesome. You are "spot on" as Beth would say~~~

Father, as You work around this great universe throwing stars into the heaven and allowing creation to sing of Your Glory, I ask You to look upon Travis. Let Your Beautiful Eyes just look at his attempt to worship You through his music. Apply Your Holy Spirit to this music. I praise You right now for the lives it will touch and for the blessing it will be. Thank You for music and for the gift it is to all of us. Bless Travis and his family and team as he worships You, The One and Only. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Tammie said...

I tagged you!!! Go to my blog to see what's up!