Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Idol Live Blogging! Woo Hoo!

OK...here we go!

Jason Castro - Forever In Blue Jeans - This guy is just a natural artist. Nothing huge...no massive "money notes"...but he sounded good.

David Cook - I'm Alive - He sounds good (as usual)...but it almost sounds like he's doing a Neil Diamond imitation. It was a'ight. Not his best...but it doesn't matter...he's coasting through to next week.

Brooke White - I'm A Believer - I didn't know Neil Diamond wrote this song. uh oh. She looks nervous...like she's grasping for words either off a teleprompter or in her head. She is throwing out the occasional smile...but she is NERVOUS. She sounds OK...but she should have done this song about 4 steps higher. It would have given her tone more shine. I am scared for her this week.

David Archuleta - Sweet Caroline - I'm glad to hear him NOT sing a ballad. He has a great, soulful approach to his singing. And his voice has this cool texture that is really rare in someone so young. Having said that...this performance seemed a little disjunct...like he is trying to hard, rather than just letting the song sing itself. But is he great...and I am so positive that he is going to sail into the finals.

Syesha - Hello Again - she was OK. I'm not a huge fan...but aside from a few pitchy moments, it was pretty good. I love this song...and I have ever since we sang it in 8th grade chorus. I was singing my baritone part along with her. I'll say it was a good moment for her.

O MY GOODNESS. Paula just messed up in the hugest way. She just commented on a Jason Castro song that HE HADN'T EVEN SUNG YET. THAT WaS ONE OF THE MOST AWKWARD MOMENTS ON TV I HAVE EVER SEEN. Talk about sucking the air out of the room...

Lay off the sauce, Paula!

Well, I know from Mandisa that the judges watch the dress rehearsal and often form their opinions and get their judgments from that performance. So, she got caught. Ouch. That was painful.

Jason - September Morn - uh...not great. I really like him...but at this late date in the show, he should be fighting to KILL IT, and he wasn't.

David C - All I Really Need Is You - What a great voice. I don't know this song. Good use of his falsetto. I want to like him. I really do. I'm trying.

I have to go back in the studio and sing...gotta press pause on blogging for now. I'll be back later tonight. Enjoy the rest of the show...and GO SPURS!


Anonymous said...

Syesha was beautiful and her voice rocked! Karen

BethAnne said...

Paula needs to admit her crack addiction and spend her hiatus in rehab!!!

Elasha said...

First time on your blog. I was looking for someone who was writing about what Paula did!!! It was so awkward for me that I had to hit the fast forward button on my TiVo!!!! I was embarrased for her!!!

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

That Paula goof was the strangest thing ever...

My goodness.....tonight, I was almost bored..could be because most of these songs I remember humming along to while I sat in the orthodontist chair....what a memory.

have fun in the studio!

jar of clay said...

I thought Jason was O.K. He seems a bit checked-out mentally on this gig.

David Cook-the American Idol

Brooke-better second song

David A.-so done with him. He sounds the same to me every song. Yes, beautiful voice, but sounds the same.

Syesha-loved the 2nd song. That is her zone. Simon was unfair to her.

CrownLaidDown said...

So far, I have just seen the first half. I enjoyed Syesha the most. However, the commercials were more interesting (Prince Caspian! Woohoo!). Ahem.

I felt like what Paula did was worse than Brooke restarting last week. And after Paula gave her such a hard time, I think she needs a little humble pie with Brooke...

How can you sing in the studio at night? Is that when your voice is the freshest? Just curious!

Anonymous said...

Travis what does falcetto mean?

I laughed my head off at,

"Paula lay of the sauce"

ha ha ha....what is up with her?

I'm not a Syesha fan....

Bored tonight with Idol.


Melinda said...

May we please all pause for a moment of silent prayer for Paula? Seriously.

CrownLaidDown said...

OH! And Speed Racer and Indiana Jones! Really enjoyed the movie commercials tonight!!

'Wish they had picked someone like Billy Joel to sing. I like Neil Diamond, I do! But I own nary an album.

girlmomx3 said...

Hi Travis~
I'll ditto my comment from Boo's site. Paula's prom dress was too tight, she lacked oxygen, or maybe it was the sauce!?!

Rockwall, Texas loves Jason Castro no matter what. What you see is what you get Hollywood, College Station, or on stage at Lake Pointe Church. We will throw that boy a parade when he comes home--even if it is Thursday, although I don't think it will be! =)

Can't wait for the Christmas album!


Melodi said...

I need to remember not to read tis until after it airs on the West Coast...but I do love your comments!

Musicmom said...

Hi Travis,

I need to remember not to read your blog until after Idol airs here on the West Coast...but I do love your comments.

Tammy said...

Hopped over from BooMama.

Yea, poor, poor Paula. Not sure where you are located but in the South this is where we'd insert "bless her heart" :-)

I'm in the David Cook as the winner camp!

Darlene R. said...

I always miss the ones with the bloggable moments! I guess it will be on Youtube tomorrow.

Christy Semsen said...

I'm feeling rather bonded with you, because I sang "Hello Again" in 8th grade as a special soloist with the Jazz Band. Ah, 8th grade. I hated 8th grade...

We are soo excited to come out next week!

Kim V said...

Paula, Paula, Paula...did anyone catch the other goof she did? After Syesha's second song, she called her Brooke. I had to rewind it to make sure but it was there. Anyway...I am a little frustrated at Idol this year. I can't figure out why they trying to find the next AI by making them sing Andrew Lloyd Webber and Neil Diamond songs. Not to mention the 2 times they had to sing Beetles songs. I am not knocking this great artists but just a little confused as to why they aren't singing more current stuff.

I am over Brooke...sorry. David A. will be famous but not sure this is his time. Jason C....I'm done with him too. He does the smae thing every week. Syesha appears to be heading to Broadway!!! David C...he is my pick...love him!!!!

Johna said...

First off - I love your blog (found it via Boo Mama).

Second, I had to comment on what you said about Paula: Thanks to tonight on A.I., I have come to the conclusion that REALITY TV ROCKS!!!

Oh my gosh, have you ever???? I mean, c'mon... I wanted to look away, I really did, but I just couldn't.

Looking forward to seeing you in Louisville, Ky this summer!!

Anonymous said...

My husband was telling me that Idols ratings were dropping. Um, could that be the same thing every week coming from the judges and the fact that Paula is a complete lunatic? MOST ACKWARD MOMENT IN LIVE TV: Paula Abdul trying to judge a song that hadn't even happened yet!
I agree with Stephanie (ocean mommy) about the boredom factor. I think Idol has run its course for this family. David Archie is too young to win this. He just seems so shy when trying to hold a conversation. David Cook all the way. I know, don't be hating me for sayin' it!
Amy in OK

Ivy Six-Pack said...

live blogging, in the studio and keeping track of the game...your SO talented!!! Yeah Spurs!

ed said...