Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Abbey Road Pt. 2

We have had an awesome day. We are rounding third with this puppy. One more song...then we are off to dinner.

Angela is asleep here beside my on the couch in the control room. Our body clocks are MESSED UP worse than my final 4 bracket. We hardly know which way is up. But we are HAPPY.

My son just signed onto iChat, and I was able to visit with him for a while. How happy did that make us? I love technology.

But not as much as you, you see
But still I love technology
Always and Forever
Our love is like a flock of doves
Flying off to heaven above
Always and Forever
Always and Forever


Napoleon goes everywhere with me.

OK. Sorry. I have occasional 13 year-old sensibilities. No more Napoleon references. Gosh.

Seriously...my heart was full of joy as I saw my firstborn pop up there, online...across the world.

More pics. Thank you AGAIN for your prayers and sweet comments. See you soon...

Carl, the arranger and conductor...

The players...

Bart, Brown and me

Abbey Road! I wonder why The Beatles didn't go with cheesy grins looking at the camera...

Getting ready to board the subway...

Did The Beatles blog in this very spot??


Deidre said...

How exciting, Travis. Not just 'where' you are, but that you were able to chat with your son. Technology is amazing!

Amanda said...

Man, that is just awesome. I wish you'd had some documentary cameras following you so we could watch. Also, I'm thankful that there are still people in the world besides my family making Napoleon jokes.

Dori said...

Okay, first of all -- the Napoleon song -- LOVE IT!

Second of all, I was just thinking of you and Angela last night because Sir Paul was on CNN showing photos that his late wife, Linda, had taken over the years.

He said some of his favorites were the ones she had taken at Abbey Road. One was of him and John sitting in what very well could be your "blog spot" writing lyrics to one of their masterpieces -- he didn't say which one.

But how cool is that?

You must be completely in a fog!

Tell Angela she looks so pretty in the pictures!

Have a great time, friends!

Daniel Semsen said...

The Beatles totally blogged.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you so much for sharing the fun!

Big Mama said...

You should have gone with the top seeds for your Final Four. Everyone knows that. GOSH.

Anonymous said...

So blessed by your pictures and stories!
My husband left for mission trip today to Romania
and I can't imagine letting him go for 2 weeks without ichat! Many blessings and can't wait for the CD in my car! Karen

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

I'm living a dream through you two!!!

I'm with Amanda...you need some documentary cameras!!!!

Praying for you all!


Beth said...

So happy ya'll are having a great time!

One question. Is Shmince Shmill there with Shmaimy Shmant?

P.S. The worship in Jax was awesome!

Beth in Jax

Anonymous said...

Travis! Thanks for sharing about your trip! Angela's new haircut is gorgeous! Many continuesd blessings!!

Oliver said...

Travis, "Nerd much" and "Dork much" have become part of my daily lexicon! What an awesome trip. My mouth is still open thinking about the incredible music that has been recorded RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE! John Williams did Star Wars right there...Sigh...I can hear the Indiana Jones theme in my head right now too.

My wife and I would have had to do the walk across the road too. She LOVES the Beatles...Look at that orchestra. Can I live vicariously through you? What an awesome thing God is doing and so many hearts and lives will be touched by your music.

But seriously...Star Wars...right there...Get out! Have a great time and take it all in.

Lindsee said...

I'd be lying if I didn't say I was the least bit jealous. :-)

Looks like y'all are having a WONDERFUL time. ENJOY!

P.S. I am LOVING the Napoleon jokes. I just had a cup of 1% milk. ;)

The Kaylor Kastle said...

Do they watch American Idol in London?? Decided this past week to homeschool our kids next year and your beautiful wife encourages me that I can do this...even if my hubby does travel quite a bit...I can do this!

KMac said...

this makes me so happy to see your dreams come true! so happy you and ang could share it together. gosh. sigh.

Nancy said...

I'm just so excited for you! You look so comfortable and at home there doing what you're doing. Have you started speaking with a funny accent yet?

Tara said...

We our Napoleon Dynamite fans too! My husband often quotes that same verse when using our laptop, cell phones, IPod, blackberry, etc. How we do love technology!

Thanks for the pictures and updates- So glad that you are having a good time! Have you seen Shmaimy? Pictures please!!! She is one of my all-time favorite singers... I used to wish my name was Amy and I would walk around with a wooden spoon singing her songs when I was little! Seriously:)

Dionna said...

Is this the trip with "Schmaimy?" Be in your element - you deserve it. :)

Jeff Bumgardner said...

Thanks for the insight into the studio. Cool stuff. Jody and I are praying for 'ya! Get it right.

puzzlepiecesista said...

Hi Travis and Angela,

Thanks for letting us in and
sharing a part of your exciting world with us! What a dream come true, God is so GOOD!! You know they say "once a nerd ALWAYS a nerd" so carry on proudly in your nerdiness!! I'm so glad you got to chat with your son. That's the part of technology that I love too!
"Always and Forever, Always and Forever"!!!

Much Love,
Angela in Redmond, WA

Marc and Charity said...

We live in Wales- so just sending a big "Hi Y'all" and a wave! Hope you enjoy London. Gosh.

HisTreasuredPossession said...

Oh, ya'll look like you're having the best time! May HE continue to shower you with the power of HIS presence!

connorcolesmom said...

I am so glad you and Angela made it.
Enjoy this special time together
Praying for God's abundant blessings to be with you both!

Heidi said...

If you like iChat, you need to get Leopard for your Mac. One of the many cool features it has is different backgrounds for iChat, so you can make it look like you are underwater, or on a roller coaster, or tons of other cool things. Kids dig it. And... let's be honest, so do I. And I'm 26. Yeah. Um... yeah.

Dana said...

Ya'll are too cute! I went to London in 03 with my Mother in law and I would love to go with my hubby next time...Enjoy!

Three Fold Cord said...

What in the world it must have felt like to see the orchestra there for you and to accompany you. So glad you were able to experience this humongous blessing.