Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dove Awards

Hey, friends. Long time no blog. I apologize for my inconsistent blogging ways. This has literally been the craziest and busiest stretch of my life. I have been waiting for tomorrow to be here for a long first day off in forever. You know we left for London last Monday. Came home on Wednesday. Left for Missouri on Thursday (Women of Joy conference - great fun). Came home on Saturday. 6:30am sound check on Sunday morning with Beth at the GMA (Gospel Music Association) chapel. Amazing, albeit early time there. Then lots of this and that during GMA week this week. And then the Dove Awards were tonight.

Angela and I had a great time at the awards. I was up for 3 awards. I didn't win any this year, but we had a great time anyway. We sat with David and Susan Moffitt and Sue Smith and her daughter Holly Zabka. We laughed and sang and worshipped. And texted a lot. David and Sue and I were nominated for a musical we wrote together (we won together last year in the same category).

Seriously. I did a month's worth of texting during the show. And much of it was to people who were sitting on my same row. We had church friends behind us...and lifetime friends all around us, it seemed. Three of my praise team members sang background vocals for Natalie Grant and Wynonna - Seth and Nirva Ready and Lici Brown. There were most awesome.

I had lots of favorite moments. Of course hearing my girl Mandisa sing was sheer joy. Hearing Ricky Skaggs and The Whites was awesome. Casting Crowns brought it with "East to West." Phil Wickham sang some song and I almost rededicated my life, it was so good. I am going to buy his cd tomorrow. Cindy Morgan won Songwriter of the Year. I was so happy for her. She is my all-time favorite. What an amazing writer. I have had the awesome privilege of writing some songs for my next record with her. I was so nervous and was the biggest geek ever. But that is a story for another day.

Phil Stacey sang at the Doves tonight, too. Remember him from American Idol last year? That dude can SING.

And of course, Shmaimy was there. Rocking our world. Angela and I swayed to "Thy Word." Could've listened for hours.

TobyMac won Artist of the Year. I was shocked and ecstatic. I thought it might be Casting Crowns' year. I love them, too. But I just think TobyMac is the bomb (that phrase is so 7 years ago...but still he is). He is completely genuine...and his heart for kids and for sharing the gospel is just awesome. Congrats, Toby. Anytime you need a middle-aged singer-man with a vibrato the size of Middle Tennessee, I'm your man.

I missed blogging about Idol. Rats. But truthfully, I was completely bored this week. Which is strange for me...I love Broadway music. And I love Andrew Lloyd Webber's works. But the deal is NOBODY BROUGHT IT. I mean, come on. Somebody throw yourself on the floor and emote a good dramatic song, for crying out loud.

I totally called it tonight. You can ask the people on my row...I knew it would be Carly to go home this week. It's my sixth sense...I can't help's just a gift. : >)

I am sad to see a good singer go so early. But she will be fine. Good things will happen for her.

Did you see the girl from the UK - Leona Lewis sing? Angela and I about fell in the floor. I impulsively began clapping when she was done...without realizing I was in my living room, and not actually in the audience. It was THAT GOOD. She is an amazing singer...and the song - Bleeding Love - is great.

We are heading to Boone for my sister Kathy's wedding! Yea for Kathy and Jon. That, too, is a story for another day.

See you later, alligators. But not too soon...I'm going to Boone.

See, I'm a songwriter. I make stuff up for a living.


Darlene R. said...

Hahaha! So funny with the see ya later alligator thing! :)

At some point in my life I would love to see the Dove awards, live and in person.

Hope you have a safe trip to Boone.

Susanne said...

I wish I could have seen the Doves!! (only basic cable here...we're church planters on a budget! hehe) Sorry you didn't win...but glad you had a good night! ;-)

Just wanted to let you know that I had a similar reaction to Leona Lewis' song on Idol last night. She was fabulous, and totally captivating!

I also discovered (probably a little late on this, I know) Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown's duet "No Air", yesterday... WOW!

I guess you could say, it was a day of great music for me!

HisTreasuredPossession said...

Bummer on the Dove awards but I'm glad you got to catch up with friends. I'm sure they loved to hear from you just like we do. I was ready for Carly to go. Just coudln't get over the fact she already had done the music thing years ago. She's set now though. Anyway, have a great time at the wedding!

CrownLaidDown said...

That is a fun picture if everyone texing in the Dove award high school notes, only fancier :)

Enjoy your time in Boone, may it seem like da moon :)

So sorry, I stink at that. But I do hope you and Angela have a marvelous weekend! Hope you bring her with you next weekend to CS!

PS Chris and I watchd the Doves and cried like babies to "East to West. Man, what a good song!

Leslie said...

You are too funny. I really enjoy your music, but it's fun to read your blog and see your personality. So glad to hear that TobyMac got an award. They make me want to dance...and I'm Baptist. Ha!

bahead(Mimi24) said...

My daughter called it too. She said Carly would go home and mainly for the same reason Michael Johns went home early--it is therefore called "AMERICAN IDOL". Those two are not from America. Personally I like David Cook because he is an entertainer and very versatile. The other David (can't spell his last name) is an amazing vocalist. But hey, the public is fickle so who can say who will win.

Karen said...

I was in the car and listened to part of the Dove awards on XM last night. Loved getting to hear the Idols sing MWS' stuff.

My daughter was raving over Leona last night. I just can't get into that style of music for some reason. I am such an old stick in the mud I guess. I won't deny that her voice is nice, but I didn't like the whining. Maybe if I heard her sing something else I'd like her better.

So who will the top 3 be? We know it will come down to the Davids; will it be Syesha or Brooke in the semifinal? (I just can't imagine Jason... and I'm hoping he doesn't have a big enough fan base to keep him in past Brooke.)

Christi said...

TobyMac is da bomb! I still get out those old tapes (I know - the stone age) and play Heavenbound, Jesus is Just Alright and Nu Thang:) It's great to see that he is still kickin' it with Jesus! That was bad, wasn't it?

Idol was disappointing this week - and that mosh pit is driving me batty!!

Congrats on the nominations! Is it true what they say "It is an honor just to be nominated?"

girlmomx3 said...

You have such a glam life Travis--JK! I love that whole Casting Crowns CD-It's best LOUD with the windows down!!!!

AI-The remaining 6 will all be fine. Thoughts on Neil Diamond week? Rockwall, Texas loves Jason Castro--please pick a good song this week, and rent some musicals from Blockbuster!

BTW-My biggest girl is in college in Hickory, NC and her boyfriend is from Boone. I love to hear you talk about it! Miss that chick!!!


Dionna said...

Travis, you are such a kick.
Do you know if the Dove awards will be televised? Or did I miss it? Would love to see it.

Christy said...

hm...Leona Lewis? She kiiiiiiinda sounded like a Mariah rip-off...although Mariah kinda sounded weird last week. Weeeeeeird.

[going to listen to "east to west"]

Daniel Semsen said...

whoops...that was Daniel, not Christy

Nathan, Stephanie, Trevor & Cody said...

Ok....I'm not an avid AI watcher. I know. Really, we've just been so busy this season I've missed it. I did catch it on "broadway" night. I was excited b/c I love ALW's music. I was very disappointed as well. My absolute least favorite was Memory. How sad--such a beautiful song and it just got butchered. I did kind of like the Think of Me from David A. It was an interesting rendition. Still, I agree with you--belt it out people. It's broadway--bring it!

Sister said...

Ditto on this crazy time - the past few weeks have been wild!
Doves were great - many congrats on your nominations.
You're the bomb.

Anonymous said...

Who needs Idol? We had you to "bring it" when we were worshiping at Women of Joy. Thank you, Travis, for fulfilling your call to minister through music. What a gift He has given you. I was a tad offended when the ladies on the bus ride home said I sounded like Julia Roberts in the bathtub in Pretty Woman when I sang parts of In The Sanctuary, in particularly 'We lift our hands in the sanctuary' at various intervals. I mean, I wasn't using my Alto voice or anything, come on now!
I SO did not call the Carly boot, so good for you on that sixth sense thing. I guess I'll have to find some other gift I've been given. But I'll tell ya, that Leona brought it all right! That girl can SING! I was chanting to my husband, "Bye-bye Mariah" (sorry, not a big fan of hers-too overrated) My mom is pumped that Neil Diamond will be next week! Crack me up!
Congrats on the nominations for the Dove awards! What an awesome experience! You're the bomb! (oh, that phrase is out? Um, whatevah!)
Amy in OK

Susan B. said...

WOW - what a busy time in your life! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with family and can "chill" some - congrats to the happy couple.

Abby said...

i was babysitting for someone who was there last night...i watched off and on between diapers and bedtime...saw the avalon crew a couple times, but missed you guys...was totally jealous about wynonna being there

yes, big leona lewis fan..

see you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your nominations Travis. Most are jealous of you going to the Dove Awards, I'm jealous of you going to Boone. That is definitely God's country.

Take care and be safe.


laughing out loud said...

Shmaimy Shmant is going to be here in Meridian tomorrow night...I am so bummed that I have to miss it, my hubby is traveling and the kids have baseball...But I will be there in spirit.

I totally agree the comment about texting being like passing notes...that is so funny.

Gotta love the Mac... all my kids love him but my 4 1/2 daughter has loved "Gone" since she was about 8 months old...she used to hollar, "six mom, six mom" b/c that was the number it was on the CD...good times.

Enjoy your day off.


Donna Carolina Gal said...

My remote got a work out from going from American Idol to the Dove Awards back and forth! LOL How awesome of a show it was! (Dove awards) My Dad and Uncle used to have homes near Boone. They were located in a development called Silver Leaf and there was one Thanksgiving while trying to travel up the MOUNTAIN to the house that we almost met our maker! LOL Started sliding and all.. To this day my daughter still recalls it and that is probably the only thing she remembers of the area. It is a beautiful area and I loved downtown Boone.
Hope the wedding is a blast!
Blog when you can.
OH I can imagine how proud you are of Mandisa. She is awesome. Not long ago I had the priviledge of hearing her in person at a Extraordinary Womens Conference. I remember seeing her in LPL conferences as well. She should of won New artist I think! ;0)

Grammy and Olivia said...

Congratulations on the Dove nominations, and thanks for the recap. No cable here either, so we don't get the see the Dove awards anymore :-(

Jesusistheparty! said...

Hey, You are right. Toby Mac is and will always be "the bomb." But according to Randy on AI this week, the new bomb is now a "molten hot lava bomb." Only Randy...! Congrats to you on the Dove nominations. I DVR'd the show and look forward to watching. I wish you could have sang ALW this week on idol. I guess David Cook came the closest to doing his music justice. David A. sounded a little weakish. And FYI, Casting Crowns "brought it" to the Sommet Center on Sat. night. It was an amazing, Christ-centered concert!! They all sat on stools at one point and took turns praying for us-the audience. Very cool. Have a blessed weekend.

Kelly S. said...

What an awesome show!!! It was so much fun watching that on GMC. I loved how my kids got so excited over it too!. When Mandisa came on they went nuts and then crazy nuts over Tobymac. My son (2 yrs) says very few words, but one of them is "freakshow", (when he wants to hear Diverse City).
I totally agree about Ricky Scaggs and the Whites. (We are big fans of Salt of the Earth) My favorite moment was when the credits were rolling and Kirk Franklin got up and did that hillbilly jig. Precious...I would have loved to have seen that live!!

Enjoy your time in Boone and congrats to your sis.

Jan said...

My friend attended the Women of Joy conference in Branson. She said you were spectacular--and she was blown away. She hasn't been to a Living Proof before and was totally surprised.

And guess what I said? I TOLD YOU SO!

So there...Travis Cottrell is da bomb. (7years huh?)

Oliver said...

What an awesome night! Thanks for sharing it with us, Travis. All that amazing, God-given talent. I can see you all texting across the row. My wife and I text all the time. (Although we've never done it in the same room...) Congratulations on your nominations too!

We were so disappointed Carly left, especially after her great performance this week. "Jesus Christ Superstar" is a fantastic show. If only someone had sung "Gethsemane." Now that would have been an emotive song!

Have a wonderful, safe trip coming back to NC this weekend to one of my favorite places too! (Of course, we're biased!) It's beautiful here this week. Congratulations to your sister and God bless.

Fran said...

You make me so tired Travis...seriously...what do you take?? Don't tell me its a natural high!! ;)

just kidding...hope you are well and you have a great weekend.

laura said...

Yeah for Cindy Morgan! Woo-hoo! I know you are aware of my total admiration for her abilities and heart. She is in incredible! We have Phil Wickham in our home stereo at all times--he is incredible. Adam is a big fan and introduced me to his music. Would love to hear him live!

Enjoy your day off! You have had a crazy couple of weeks, that is for sure. I can only imagine how blessed everyone must have been through you and Beth during GMA week. I hope you, Angela and the kids have a great time at your sister's wedding. What a precious celebration for her! Praise God!

Shelly said...

Yes - I am currently addicted (in the most healthy way) to Leona Lewis. You gotta go youtube some of her auditions on Britain's 'X-Factor' - their American Idol and listen to her tear up some Whitney, Mariah, and Celine songs...she's amazing.

Have fun at the wedding :)

Betsy said...

I totally know what you are talking about with the show tunes and you know how much I love those!

I'm really upset that Carly left. She was my fav.

I love you and I can't wait to see you tonight!

Kimberly said...

I've been reading your blog for the past few weeks wanting to post but didn't want to seem like a crazed fan. I may anyway, but I just had to tell you how incredibly blessed I have been by your music and ministry.

I first heard of you in 2004 when I went to my first Beth conference. I was captivated by the music and worship. You are so gifted and I just want to thank you for using that gift to bring glory and honor to God. For about a year after that I could not listen to In Christ Alone without crying my eyes out..."No guilt in life, no fear in death." Amen! I got your Alive Foreve cd and have about worn it out.

I also have to tell you how you have affected my family. Not only is my husband hooked on your music, my soon to be 8 year old daughter loves it as well. She recently had to have a colonoscopy and endoscopy. The night before we talked about how God is our friend and is always with us no matter where we are. The next morning on the way to Columbus, we listened to Friend of God from your CD the entire hour there. It was so special. She did so well and it was evident that God was with us (as were you). Thank you.

The Preacher's Wife said...

Ashamed to say I didn't watch (only because it was on Wednesday night!) and that I am the only dork alive without TiVo.

But Toby!! Artist of the Year!! Oh, I do love him. You should see our greeters on Sunday morning when I'm squealing tires into the church parking lot with the bass thumping to 'Boomin'. They are so proud to introduce me as their pastor's wife.

The Milner Family said...

Oh man, I was disappointed to hear that you did not take home any of the awards that you were up for. That you did not win was a big surprise to me.

It sounds like you had an awesome experience though. You should know that those who have been blessed by your music and worship believe that your talent and passion for Christ makes you a winner.

Bev Brandon said...

Well, you have a DOVE award in my book. And it's the Dove on you too. The Holy Spirit is so evident in your life. I Cor. 2:3-4 says your life is a demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit that makes our faith rest on our God and His Power. You are such an inspiration when you open your mouth and how you live your life. So glad you share His Life in you with all of us.