Sunday, March 30, 2008

Living Proof Live Jacksonville


Cindy said...

Thanks for posting the recap video Travis. I just love watching them. It brings back precious memories of the events I have been blessed by attending and makes me even more excited for the upcoming events. Seeing all those women Praising God just melts my heart.

Have a Blessed week ahead!

GrandCanyonMom said...

I'm new to your blog. I am a Siesta. I've seen you at LPM events 3 times now. At my first one, your sweet wife was quite round and Mandisa was there too. Back when Mandisa was on American Idol, I was the weirdo (or maybe one of) who e-mailed to ask if I was right about her being part of your team.
What an amazing weekend I just had! God is so good. Thanks for serving us!

connorcolesmom said...

We just returned from Jacksonville a little while ago and it was an amazing experience. I absolutely love the new songs you added and this one is expecially my favorite!
I am moved to tears everytime I watch a recap video!
You and the praise team did a GREAT job!!
I thought about going up to you on Friday and introducing myself however you had quite a possee around you. You are going to need a little security guy of your own soon -hehe
Thank you for your dedication and hard work to this ministry. It has truly touched so many!

E said...

Each time one of these videos are posted I get chills. It takes me back to the moment that I had with Living Proof in Boone NC. AMAZING!! Thank you for all that you and your amazing praise team brings to the Living Proof experience. I am a music therapist and music has sometimes been the one thing that helps carry me through some rough points in my life - easier to sing from the heart rather than speak. Praise God for the blessings of music and sharing it with so many people!

Sam's Mom said...

Travis and the Worship Team from Jax-
I just returned this weekend from the Jacksonville seminar- and I cannot put into words the revelation, the awakening, the fire that was put in my soul, my spirit and my heart! I have been apprehend!!! It was amazing to see all of you perform and give it your all song after song!
My question is- will there be some way for us that attended to have access to the music that was played as well as the rest of the seminar? It has changed my life and I want to live it over again and again!
God Bless you all.
Sam's Mom

Anonymous said...

I won't look at the video because I don't want to spoil my surprise for next weekend in San Diego. I can hardly wait for what God is going to do! :)

Anonymous said...

lots of 1sts for me:
-attending Beth Moore seminary aka Living Proof
-hearing Travis in person
-looking for a blog related to anything related to the JAX LP event (love all your links)
-being in downtown JAX
-admiting that I am a spiritually single spouse

God is so amazing and Good. THanks for your fabulous music, the praise team, etc. etc. Would also lke to know how to have a copy of music your used. I especially liked the sing ' .. i'm running, i'm running, i'm running ...

To God's Glory

annie's eyes said...

Good morning, Travis. Hope you are rested after the weekend in Jacksonville. What an anointed worship time we had, and your voice in Forevermore HAUNTS me. Thanks for blessing me with your voice and your joy in serving Him. May you never tire of singing to His Glory. Much blessing, Annette

gracegirl said...

Thank you, Travis, for laying down your life for us. I was especially touched Saturday in Jacksonville when the praise team walked off the platform just after noon and gave God center stage. What a powerful moment that spoke so loudly of your heart and allowed our hearts and eyes to be totally focused on Him. Blessings on you, precious one.

Anonymous said...


The music and worship in Jax was fantastic. Great blend of old and new. Who sing the 'running to the mercy seat' song and where can we download it from?

Laura said...

I was at the conference this past weekend with Beth Moore. I am so appreciative of the call that God has on your life. He uses you to call us to worship.
Just praising God now for a wonderful and worshipful weekend. God has used this weekend to change my life forever. He is awesome. Praise his name forever and ever !

Anonymous said...

Travis-You all were awesome in Jax!!! Would you mind listing the songs you sang-one really touched me but I cant remember what is was-it was sung on Saturday.cL3zouwr

Anonymous said...

Hi Travis,

Your music contribution to Beth Moore's Living Proof conference in Jax Florida last weekend was awesome and unforgettable. So unforgettsble that I have cleaned out your CD music from your personal website, Amazon and Lifeway. slight problem....a song that I can't get out of my head (and don't want to) and would like the Cd of it but do not know/recognize the title but the repeating verse is "take off these shackles so I can dance.....I just want to praise you, I just want to praise you..."
PLEASE let me know what the title of that song is so I can find it somehow and play it over and over again.....much better than my own voice with only one line in my head!

Thank you...and God bless your ministry!


Tara said...

Enjoyed hearing you for the first time in Jax - you are blessed with an incredible talent and you carry it with humility as well. I was blessed to tears. I'm also enjoying reading your blog and have added it to my feedreader. Your family is precious! We have two little ones and they keep us on our toes, too.

Anonymous said...


I, too, was in Jacksonville for the event. You guys were awesome! I have never heard such wonderful music before! You brought so many people into worship and praise through the words of your music and your glorious voice and the voices of the praise team with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Also, like the others, I really would like to get a cd with Mercy Seat. Do you know where I might be able to find it, I found a cd by Don Moen, is this it? Thank you again and praise God!

rocknrobyn said...

My friend and I are having a debate over a song that I am sure we sang in Jacksonville and she is sure we did not! Could you please settle this friendly argument? I can't wait for you to let her know that we DID sing King of Kings/He's a Wonder! Thanks for a great time in Jax.