Friday, December 18, 2009

Ornament Of The Day #7

Merry Christmas everybody! I've been a little absent this week. I know I don't have to explain the busyness of Decembers to you. Regular life + Christmas tour = sparse blogging. Sparse a lot of stuff, actually. Like Christmas shopping. And call returning. And fellowshiping. But it's all good. I am thankful that busy doesn't have to mean overwhelming or hard. It can be good, too.

This weekend of Christmas tour has been eventful. The bus left Franklin Wednesday night at midnight. We had a (very fun) concert at Westover Church in Greensboro, NC Thursday night. After the concert, Stephen (my friend and our video guy - called a VJ) hopped in a rental car and drove to The Cove because I had a concert Friday night. The rest of the tour peeps headed back to TN for a day off.

Stephen and I didn't get to The Cove until around 1:30am Friday morning. We got there, of course, after a stop for some NC goodness:

Eat great. Even late.

The next morning, we awoke at The Cove to the phone ringing about 10am. It was the folks at The Cove telling us we were going to have to cancel the concert because of snow.

Snow? We hadn't even looked out the window. Low and behold:

Yep. It had snowed. I was really sad that they had to cancel the concert. But I knew they knew best. So we sat and stared at the snow for a while. Then we got another call from The Cove people. They said that we probably needed to head off the mountain, because the roads were getting pretty bad. So we hopped in our trusty Dodge Challenger rental car...

...praying it was up to the challenge.

It was. It got us back to Greensboro. And the snow allowed us the opportunity to squeeze a 2 1/2 hour trip into 5 1/2 hours. The bright spot was getting to stop and have an impromptu lunch in Hickory with my sister Kathy.

Fun times. We laughed a lot at lunch. And one of the things we laughed about was how she was confused about where to look when an iPhone is taking a picture. I think she was off by just a little. :-) And by the way, look and see how the snow looks gray when stuck to the side of my head! Weird how that happens.

So, no concert tonight at The Cove. But Cindy and Shaun and I will be back in action for the Gloria tour tomorrow night in Wilson, NC. Looking forward to it.

I'm supposed to be talking about an ornament or something, aren't I? I'm running out of ornaments. But I want to talk about this:

This stuff came from my Christmas tree from when I was growing up. My mom bought it with her own sweet hands. It has the music to Joy To The World on it. I love it. Angela loves it too.

My mom loved Christmas. And she loved decorating the tree. Sweet mom. This is Christmas #6 without her on this earth. I imagine she's watching a re-run of the actual Christmas Story footage right about now. And I bet it's on a dadgum big IMAX screen to end all screens. I wonder if she's asking Mary if she's ever seen her Joy To The World garland.

I bet not. But I bet she is singing about the wonders of His love.


Angie said...

Wow. Your blog today brought an unexpected load of memories. This will be the 5th Christmas my Dad has spent in heaven. I had plans to head to see him after a conference at The Cove. It snowed the day I was to leave and so my plans had to change as Dad was worried about my driving I-26 alone in the snow. I never did get to see my Dad again this side of eternity. But I was so grateful to the Lord for allowing me that weekend at The Cove to prepare spiritually for what was coming in less than a week's time. I've never understood why God allowed the snow to prevent me from seeing my Dad that weekend but God's hand was so evident in everything surrounding my Dad's passing that I know He had a reason for the snow that particular day. God is good, all the time.

Anonymous said...

You don't know me...duh...but I had to write. I lost my Mamaw today. She was amazing and full of a faith that inspired many, many people. I love picturing her watching "The Original Christmas Story" on the IMAX screen to end all screens. She is truly HOME for Christmas. Thanks for this post. I love them all, but this one truly made me smile.

Leah Adams said...


This is my 6th Christmas without my Daddy. I miss him terribly, as I know you miss your mom, but when I think about him celebrating Christmas with JESUS it blows my mind. Oh, I know we have Him living in our hearts, but to look upon His face and wish Him Happy Birthday will be the coolest thing when we get to heaven.


Deidre said...

Travis, you have no idea how bummed my husband and I were you had to cancel your concert last night. We live in Hickory, so we understand completely, but ... dern! We missed you!

Next time ...

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

shanell silvester said...

Travis- I think that is funny that they had to cancel the concert due to the storm, here in Utah it gets pretty snowy. Congrats on your tour. It sounds like you and Angela and your kids, are going to have an amazing holiday! I wanted to wish you and your family and very Merry Christmas. Hopefully one day soon we can come and see ya'll and catch up on old times. You have an amazing voice and I will never forget the first time I met you back in the day... I too have had a fun time looking back at our old ornaments as simple as they may be, but all the cherised memories. May God Bless you and everyone who hears your words.

Shanell Silvester {Chris' wife}

JayCee said...

LOVE that garland!

Thanks for this great post!!

Anonymous said...

Well, now I'm crying. I'm glad you have good memories about your mom. I so want my kids to remember how much I love them when I'm in heaven with sweet Jesus.

Kelly S. said...

I'll bet the Cove was beautiful covered in snow! We got several inches in the mountains of ETN.

Christmas #12 without my dad. I never considered how Christmas must be in heaven. I always just miss him, and think about my loss. Thanks for the perspective...changes everything :)

Cheryl said...

I live in Asheville, and while I am sad that your concert was canceled, I am LOVING being snowed in my home for a few days, and I am praising God for this beautiful snow! We got almost a foot! I'm also glad you made it out of town safely - it snowed the rest of the day, and last night was treacherous for a lot of people traveling around here. Merry Christmas, Travis! I love your blog.

Anonymous said... husband and I were heading to The Cove for your concert. We were planning to celebrate our 10 yr wedding anniversary worshipping with you! We are from upstate, SC. We just got a dusting of snow.
Oh time!!!
Come to upstate, SC sooooooon!!!

Anonymous said... husband and I were heading to The Cove for your concert. We were planning to celebrate our 10 yr wedding anniversary worshipping with you! We are from upstate, SC. We just got a dusting of snow.
Oh time!!!
Come to upstate, SC sooooooon!!!

Deirdre said...

I never once thought about getting to watch a re-run of the actual Christmas birth footage.

interesting thought.

on the other hand.....ick.

stephen proctor said...

Thx, buddy, for introducing me to the magic and wonder of Bojangles! i'll never forget this past weekend. Go check out my version of the story on my blog.

Merry Christmas!

Bev Brandon @ The Fray said...

Well your post just made me cry hearing your heart for your sweet mom and her garland of JOY TO THE WORLD. Your mom has given us all a whole lot of joy in you!
And the cove...hmmm
God touched deep places in my heart at The Cove this summer.