Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Kirk Franklin's last project - "Hero."

I cannot get enough of this CD. Love it.

What are you listening to (You CAN'T say Travis Cottrell)?


Denver bound! Texas bound!

Hey, everybody! I hope you are doing well. I guess I was a little more fried after Deeper Still than I expected. I have had trouble forming coherent thoughts, much less writing them on this blog.

I am trying to imagine how in the world Beth Moore left Nashville on Sunday after Deeper Still, only to turn right around and begin teaching and filming her new study on Tuesday. What? What? The Lord does remarkable things through her. Amazing!

Last week, all 5 of use got sick with a cold and virus. Ugh. I took the boys to the doctor last week (before Angela, Lily and I got it), and he said they just had a virus, and it might take them 7 to 10 days to shake it. Fun times. Then, I got it the next day, and had to sing this past weekend on top of a sick throat. I was so glad to have Seth, Julie and Lici there with me to lean on (we had an AMZING time with the folks at First Baptist Church Mareitta, SC, by the way).

By Monday, I could not even croak out a single word. So yesterday, I went to the doctor, who loaded me up on some good stuff to help me be ready for this big weekend. I am feeling better already. A little loopy, but better. I hope to be singing by the Women Of Faith conference, which begins Friday morning.

So Beth and I will be at the Women Of Faith in Denver on Friday. Can't wait! I am asking the Lord to let me be totally healthy at this event. I had strep throat two Women Of Faiths ago (in DC), and was still recovering from it at the last one (in Atlanta). I will serve Him however He wants me to. And if he wants be to be sick as a dog and operating on about 20% of my voice, I WILL DO IT! But, I just don't want to be whining again this weekend to the poor WOF team, who have endured me hobbling in sickness for the past two events. Please pray for me...thanks!

Sick or well - we are going to have a great time in the Word. Can't wait.

Then after Denver, I meet my singers in Corpus Christi, TX for a Sunday with Yorktown Baptist Church. We are looking forward to worshipping with them! their choir is going to join us for some stuff. We love that. If you are in the area, I hope you will join us. Check the calendar on my website for details.

It will be two Texas weekends in a row for me - I am at Houston's First Baptist Church next weekend, the 30th. I love going to Texas.

Gotta go now. Levi just requested some boyish time.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

2 Much 2 Say

I have so much to blog about. But I only have a second, and wanted to let you know that I am leading worship at Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville, TN (just north of Nashville) this Wednesday night. The service is at 6:15.

While I am at it, I will let you know that I have a concert this Sunday night, September 16, at First Baptist Church, Marietta, SC (just outside of Greenville, SC). The concert is at 6pm.

Hope to see you there!

I will post tonight about the amazing weekend.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

I Have One Ticket

Hey, everybody!

I bought a ticket for our babysitter's mom, and she is sick and can't make it. If you know anyone still looking to buy a ticket for Deeper Still this weekend (in the Sommet - the main arena), I have one. Comment on this post if you or someone you know wants it.

I can't wait until tomorrow night! I will be there..with an ever-improving toe...



ps - here is a family pic from the beach last week...ahhh...wish I was still there...

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Fun Friday

Hey, friends. Friday was another great day here at the beach. We spent a lot of time at the ocean...

and in the ocean...

Again today there were no jellyfish! We were so happy. They all must be deeper still...


We built a sand castle.

And posed.

Then we went to the bay side of the island and went for a ride on a jet ski. We started out with Jack, Levi and myself.

Then, it was Lily's turn.

As Levi watched us drive off...

...he realized that his turn was over...and he was left on the shore...

...and that's not a good thing.

But he quickly recovered, and began flirting with his mom.

It was a fun day!

A lot of you have been asking at what beach we are staying. We are at Pensacola Beach, FL. We love it here. It is not too fancy or expensive, and it is a little less crowded than some of the other beaches that are typical stops for Tennesseans. We are crazy about it.

Have a great weekend!