Saturday, March 31, 2007

I've Fallen (into bed) and I Can't Get Up

Overnight field trip.

24 fourth graders.

Went as a chaperone.


Hope to make complete sentences tomorrow.

Happy Sabbath.


ps - pray for Jack tomorrow - Bible Drill...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Night-Time Prayers

So many things to talk about tonight. I am doing my best to filter as I sort of "stream-of-consciousness" write. And as I sit here in our den writing, Lily Kate's High School Musical CD is singing through the house from her bedroom. And I am so embarrassed to say that I am a sucker for that movie. I cry at the end every time. Dang it. I am so horrified at myself. One of the hardest times I ever cried in a movie was when all the kids sang "Joyful, Joyful" at the end of Sister Act 2. I cried like a girl.

OK. I should have filtered that.

American Idol...of course Sanjaya is safe. I keep telling my friends to just expect it. It happens every year. There is ALWAYS someone who way over-stays their welcome. Every season. And he is the one this year. The only bummer will be if he lasts all the way to the top 4 or even 3. That has happened a few seasons (but I'm not naming who).

I took my computer up to Lily Kate's room when I tucked her in tonight. I wanted to read something to her that I wrote about her. We took these pictures...

Then Angela passed through the room...then Levi. Lily began her prayers. When she got to praying for her family members, she said...

"...and thank you for handsome and kind Levi...and for kind Jack...who's also handsome...and for Dad, the owner of the house..."

Sometimes I'm the best dad in the world. Sometimes I'm her boyfriend. Sometimes I am her favorite. Sometimes I'm even handsome.

Tonight, it seems, I'm the landlord.

And I couldn't love her more.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Living Proof Live Bossier City

What a great time we had in Louisiana this weekend. Good grief, what a great and encouraging teaching from the Word. THUS FAR THE LORD HAS HELPED US.

I walked away with so much from the teaching. One of the biggest words for me was that we are not always guaranteed that the brook the Lord leads us to will not run dry; but He will always lead us to the provision we need.

What was the biggest lesson you walked away with?

Another thing for me: I have always loved the hymn "Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing," but I love it even more now. I will never sing it the same again, now that I know to look back at the stones of remembrance in my life, reminding me of how the Lord has always been my help.

Some of you have asked about the songs we sang - check out the journal page of our website - - for a list of songs we sang, and what CD they are on.

A special thanks to Rich Kalonick for the LPL video on youtube.



Friday, March 23, 2007

Louisiana with a banjo on my knee

I am in Louisiana right now for a Living Proof Live with Beth Moore. We got here early this morning, did our sound check, headed to lunch, and are now resting and getting ready for tonight. It has been a full but great day so far.

My sister Kathy is a music teacher. And she has a song reference for everything. I mean EVERYTHING. So she texted me last night to ask me if I was headed to Louisiana with a banjo on my knee.

"Uh, Kathy, that would be Alabama. 'Gone to ALABAMA with a banjo on my knee.' "

"Oh, yeah. I guess you're right. Tee hee hee."

So we are here. In LOUISIANA. No banjos. Nothing on our knees. But we are ready for a great time tonight telling Jesus how much we love Him.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

In My Mind I'm Gone to Carolina

The Heels are gonna bring it tomorrow night vs. USC.

Go Heels!


Blog Dreamin'

OK, so I missed two of the three people in the bottom three on American Idol last night. But I still get points for predicting Stephanie would be voted off, right? She should have stayed. But this is American Idol. Not a singing competition. A voting competition.

This is only day 3 of the life of my little blog. But I am already loving it, and becoming semi-obsessed. Don't worry - I am still loving my wife, playing with my kids, and getting work done. I am just not eating or sleeping.

I woke up this morning dreaming about what I wanted to blog about. Is this normal for a blogger? Should I chill out? Anyway, I thought of some really fun things to write about in the next few days.

Today is going to be a great day. The weather is going to be perfect again. it is almost warm enough to sit out on the porch, even at 7:45am. Love it. I have to get a haircut, run and sing a quick session in the studio, and then get ready to leave for this weekend's Living Proof conference in Bossier City, LA. The praise team and I are taking a bus. So we are leaving at midnight tonight. Sometimes we do that, if the flights are expensive to where we are going. Renting a bus for the 9 of us can sometimes be more economical than flying 9 of us.

I am so excited about the teaching this weekend. Beth called yesterday to give me a head's up on what she is teaching. I won't tell it here, but I will tell you that it is something I have never heard her teach on before. And I can't wait. I pray that the Lord will move powerfully in His Word to us.

Pray for the people coming to the conference. Pray that the Holy Spirit will even now begin to make their hearts tender to the Word about to come their way.

My kids are waking up right now. I just heard Jack jump in the shower. And I hear Levi's little feet pitter pattering upstairs, looking for a sibling who's awake. Lily Kate will wake up at the crack of noon. You gotta love spring break.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

American Idol Results 3/21

I have been thinking about American Idol today, more than usual. It was this week last year that Angela and I went to see Mandisa live on the show. We had our Mandisa t-shirts on, and our GO MANDIVA sign in hand. It was a great time. The weather in LA was beautiful (of course), and we had lots of free time to just hang out together. it was a fun trip. It was also fun because it was what I think was Mandisa's best night. She sang "I Don't Hurt Anymore" (a song I found on iTunes for her) and she rocked it out. Fun times!

So tonight, I am going out on a limb and predicting that the bottom three will be Stephanie, Gina and Phil. Not because I want them to be or think they should be. It's just my prediction. And I hope I am totally wrong. My prediction for the bottom two - Stephanie and Phil, with Stephanie going home. Again, I hope I am wrong. And that's all I am going to say about that.

It is an amazing day today in Nashville. First day of spring. Hallelujah. Weather perfection today. I am bummed that I have been working in the studio all day. Thankful for the work, but bummed I couldn't play with the kids all day. I never can decide if this is my favorite time of year, or if autumn is my favorite. Love them both. I am definitely excited to be sittig on this porch in a short sleeve shirt, breathing in some nice spring air, listening to a lawn mower in the distance (that's how I like to hear them - from a distance).

I am filling in for our worship pastor, Chip, tonight at choir practice. I am excited. I love working with choirs, and I really miss it. I am gonna give them a work out tonight!


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Post Number One!

I am jumping in to this blogging generation finally...after being a blogger wannabe for more than a year now. I started reading some blogs a couple of years ago, when I stumbled on some fun blogs looking for American Idol info. Truthfully, some friends and I were looking for some mp3's of some people on American Idol a few seasons ago who were so bad, we wanted to hear them again for the laugh (mean spirited, I know). I found myself going back to a few of those blogs just for the easy and fun read...about nothing in particular.

Then I began to stumble on to blogs here and there...many of which would inspire and teach me...but most that would just give me something light and easy to read and enjoy.

It seems to me as I approach the venture of writing down (hopefully) daily thoughts and experiences, it is more for me than anyone else. I am not very well spoken, and I have always been insecure about writing, teaching, speaking, or communicating anything that I couldn't hide behind or bookmark between songs. But there is something appealing to me about getting some things down on paper, like an open journal, and having the chance to occasionally dialogue with some people about life and living.

As a 37 year-old husband and dad of three, I am going to try to keep my exclamation marks and "awesome's" down to a minimum.


OK, now that I am done with initial disclaimers, let's jump in...because YOU KNOW what I have been doing on this Tuesday night...American Idol, baby! (exclamation mark #1)

Let me just say that I am hopelessly addicted to this show, and have been since the very beginning. Now I thought I wouldn't be able to take it anymore after last season, when we gave ourselves over to it completely on Mandisa's behalf. That about wore me out. And seeing it through the eyes of someone in the smack dab middle of it tainted it for me...or so I thought. But here I am again, sucked in for the 6th season in a row. Once again, I am gathered around the tv...this week, with Angela, the kids, and Angela's dad and in hand, getting 5 or 6 texts from friends after every performance. And I just can't tear myself away.

I have to say that it seems like a weaker year than most, which you know by now. But I do really enjoy hearing 4 or 5 of them. Melinda, of course, is rightfully ruling the roost this year. Listening to her sing every week is like watching a master class in singing. She is one of the best vocal technicians I have ever seen in my life. I hope she wins.

Also high on my list is Blake. This dude is killer. I would buy his record and see his show tomorrow. Although he is a reminder of how uncool and old I really am.

Next in line for me are Jordin Sparks and Chris Richardson. Love both of their voices. I can't find a lot of people who like Chris' voice as much as I do. I am always a sucker for than kind of pop voice - real thin timbre, great runs, a lot of vocal agility (which I do not have, Anthony and Seth!) (exclamation mark #2). I think he is a great singer.

Same with Jordin. I don't think she has yet to be as good as her original audition. But tonight was close. She killed. Love her.

LaKisha is great. But, I can't help but feel we have seen the best of her. I don't know. I could be wrong. But she is starting to dissapoint me just a little. Maybe she will come back next week.

I am enjoying this season especially because my kids are, for the first year, really involved in watching it. Of course, they watched Aunt Disa on it last year. But this year they are focusing in on their own favorites, and blurting out their opinions every week, which is fun.

OK, enough about Idol. I am going to close out this post number one. It has been fun. I can already tell I am going to battle oversharing. And I am going to have to deal with wanting to choose posting over sleep. Can't do it. I am too old. And the morning comes too early. Thank the Lord this is spring break week and my kids (and I) can sleep in. Give Him praise.