Saturday, March 29, 2008

Because God's a Mac User. I Feel Sure.

Workin' It With The Ladies

The other night we were pulling into the garage after being out for dinner. Levi (my 4 year-old) hopped out of his car seat and came up to Angela in the front. He paused for a moment, then grabbed her face and gave her a sweet kiss. After another short pause, he threw his hands up in the air and said,

"He shoots! He scores!"

I have nothing to say after that.

LPL Jacksonville

We are in Jacksonville with 15,000 women (and a few brave men). Having a great time and GETTING A LIFE-CHANGING WORD. Will post more later.

Have a great weekend...


Monday, March 24, 2008

American Idol - Down to 10

American Idol was one of the things I was so excited to blog about when i first began blogging a year ago. But I haven't even blogged about it all all this season.

I think it's a good season...although, I am sure it is not the most talented season ever, like the producers want us to think. the names Taylor, Elliott, Daughtry, Paris, and...uh...I don't know...maybe MANDISA come to mind??? : >) That was the best season, I think.

Let's get to it. First, let's talk about some negatives.

Negative #1: Hey, producers...can we PLEASE get rid of the mosh-ish fans at the front of the stage, mercilessly waving to and fro on al the wrong beats during every song...screaming during every note above a middle C? Ugh. They are driving me insane. Angela gets totally distracted watching the girl in the front who is completely mesmerized with her own swaying, constantly looking over her shoulder to make sure she is swaying in the right direction. Sigh. Eyes rolling. Stop them please.

Negative #2: Two weeks of Beatles songs. Boy, did they ever jump the shark on that good idea.

Negative #3: Paula.

Negative #4: These kids need to STOP TALKING BACK to the judges. I am telling you, in my humble but accurate opinion, it never pays off to talk back to the judges. Just ask Justin Guarini. Just smile and keep your mouth shut. Don't hold your fingers up with your phone number. Just BE QUIET AND HOLD YOUR SMILE UNTIL THE COMMERCIAL BREAK.

Negative #5: I already miss Amanda. She was thoroughly entertaining. She will be missed on the tour. She should not be gone yet. It should have been someone else...

OK...enough negatives. Let's talk about all that is good in Idol Land.

My favorites so far:

1. Brooke White - I realize that she is not the most powerful singer in the competition. But I just like her. Her performances are compelling to me. Especially when she sang "Love Is A Battlefield" and "Let It Be." I think her likeability factor is out the roof. I predict she will be top 4.

2. David Archuleta - This kid is so gifted. I don't think a freight train could stop him from winning. And I would be happy if he did. Great voice. Sincere guy. Humble disposition. Work it out, David Archuleta.

3. David Cook - This guy is great. A GREAT singer. But I don't know if his likeability factor is high enough to get him to the finals. But, wow. "Hello" was awesome. Of course, it was. 80's music ministers. Yes it does.

4. Carly Smithson - Same with her. She is an amazing singer...but I don't know if she will pull in enough votes to make it to the end.

5. Michael Johns - When he finally connects with a good song, he will gain a lot of momentum, and just at the right time, I think. His original audition was amazing. We need to see that from him again.

6. Jason Castro - He has top 3 potential. It's time for him to get behind that guitar again, though. His fidgity, aw shucks disposition needs to be tempered again with the guitar. I like his voice a lot.

7. Syesha Mercado - I have liked her since her first audition...but I don't think she has ever been as good as her first audition. That is, until this week, when she sang "Yesterday." I LOVED it. It had a Nicole C. Mullen vibe to it.

That's all I got for this week. I think next week's theme is "Songs From The Year You Were Born." Great. That won't make me feel old AT ALL.

Who's your favorite?

Frydaddy Returns

Check it out here or here.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Pics

We had a great Easter weekend. I hope you did, too. We had a wonderful morning at church. And we have eaten lots of food and watched lots of March Madness all day long. Fun times.

We veered away from basketball just long enough to be temporarily fixated on Paula Deen. Believe it or not, we had never watched her. I think Angela has a new kitchen crush. It prompted us to impulsively run to the grocery store and by all the stuff to make some homemade Paule Deen hot wings. And boy, were they good. And the good thing about her is that all of her recipes are healthy and low-fat.


My sweet wife also made my favorite for today...STRAWBERRY CAKE. Yummmmmmm.

Here are the kids before we left for church this morning...

We colored Easter eggs a couple of days ago (Jack was out with his buddy Noah on the lake, so he missed the festivities).

I am headed to California Monday morning for a premiere of the musical 3:16. If you are in the Pasedena are, come see us tomorrow night. We would love to see you.

Have a great Monday...


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Madness

My Final Four picks:

North Carolina

Final - UNC defeats Pitt

Go Heels!

Who's your pick?

ps - how about that alma mater of mine? Way to go, almost did it!

Happy Blog-A-Versary To Me!

Hey, friends! It's been a long time! Too long, I know. I will get to that in a minute.

Today is my one-year anniversary as a blogger. Woo hoo! I can't believe it's been a year. I didn't even know many of you a year ago. And now, through these blogs, and all of your great comments, it has been awesome becoming a part of this strange - and great - community.

As I read my first few entries today I got kind of sad...because I was writing so much more thoughtfully and cleverly (is that a word?). I need to get my writing groove going again.

Thank you for always listening to me ramble...even when it is about uninteresting things (which is the norm). Thanks for visiting as often as you do.

OK...back to why I haven't blogged in like two weeks. Remember when you all were praying for me because I was out of the country and feeling sick? That was the week beginning Monday, March 3rd. I left for Puerto Rico on Wednesday the 5th, feeling like I had the beginning of the flu, but not sure. I had just started taking some medicine that the doctor had given me for reflux, and thought maybe I was just feeling a little sick because of that. But by the time I was on the plane to Puerto Rico, I knew it wasn't the drug. It was THE FLU. Fun times. Foreign country. No comforts of home. I was pretty doggone sick. And Beth sent out a plea for prayer. I was so grateful for that. I read your prayers and encouragement on her blog (and mine), and it was such an encouragement to Angela and me. And I honestly had everything I needed while I was working that week. I was doing a video shoot for the International Mission Board. I had some ups and downs...but the Lord pulled me through. And by the last day, I was feeling pretty good. I had some celebratory fajitas with the video director and crew before they took me to the airport to go home on Saturday afternoon.

The airport was a mess, and I came really close to missing my flight home. But I barely made it. As soon as I got to my window seat, I got settled in, and fell asleep before we even took off for our 3 1/2 hour flight. I woke up after sleeping about an hour and a half. And it happened.

I started coughing. And chilling. And coughing some more. The people beside me started inching away from me and putting their shirts over their noses to breathe.

Then I started thinking about those fajitas. And I started feeling REALLY sick. And I kept telling myself, "Self, stop thinking about those dadgum fajitas. Stop it." But I couldn't.

And by this time my chills had turned into jerks, and I could not sit still. I grabbed the nice little white bag and headed for the restroom. And the rest is US Airways history.

As I was puking in the restroom, I kept thinking of that New testament story when the sinful woman says of Jesus, "He told me everything I had ever done." Except I was thinking, "He showed me everything I ever ate." Truly. I was thinking that. And truly, He did. Yes and amen.

By the end of the flight, I was in such pitiful shape, they had to wheel me out of the plane. They almost did not allow me onto my flight from Charlotte to Nashville. But I was so desperate to be home and see my wife and kids, I put on an award winning performance of being healthy and well and excited to get back on a plane. They let me on (reluctantly), and I slept the entire time. Again, they had to wheel me off. Angela and the kids came and got me, and I proceeded to be useless for about 5 more days.

That was Saturday, the 8th. By Friday the 14th, I was feeling like I was almost back in the land of the living. And by Saturday, I was almost back to normal, and was able to fly to Dallas to sing (hello to my new friends at Cottonwood Creek in Allen, TX).

SO...all of that to say...I was too sick to make coherent thoughts for nearly two weeks. And I have spent this past week catching up on life...and hanging out with the fam for spring break. I am finally back to pseudo-normal.

I still have some post-flu cough that I just can't seem to shake. Which is so much fun for a singer. Fun times.

Again, thank you so much for your prayers for me while I was sick. I am so grateful for you.

I am off to waller with the kids and then wrestle them to bed. I promise to be blogging again very soon. There is a lot to talk American Idol, March Madness, the return of Frydaddy, and my newly self-diagnosed OCD.



Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Levi

Levi turned 5 this past Tuesday. Happy birthday, buddy!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Quick Update and Thank You

Hello, friends!

I am alive and (sort of) well in Puerto Rico. Wow...I have read your messages and prayers on my blog, and Beth's blog...and have been overwhelmed by your encouragement. Thank you for your OUTPOURING of love extended to me and my sweet family.

I made it to Puerto Rico...and just finished a day of shooting. I am still not feeling up to par. A little feverish and some other nasty symptoms. I would love to feel better...but I know that God is working out His purposes in me serving Him while feeling this I am HAPPY.

If you don't mind continuing to pray for me to survive another day and a half of filming, I would be grateful. And if by chance you happen to be in a church where this International Mission Board video plays in a few months, you can know that it's because of your prayers that I made it through. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

One bit of sad news for me...I have decided to postpone my concert at Calvary Baptist Church in Clearwater, FL. I was SO TORN...and so sad to make that call. But it's such a great church, and I have been so energized by their worship pastor's encouragement and planning, I wanted to be there and be able to give it everything I have. So, we are in the process of trying to reschedule quickly. Calvary people - thank you for understanding.

Angela and the kids are doing always, thanks for joining me in covering them in prayer while I am gone.

Tomorrow's footage will be significantly different than today's. Why, you ask? Oh, no reason, except for the fact that my FACE LOOKS LIKE I HAVE HELD IT TO THE SURFACE OF THE SUN. about some sunscreen, Einstein??

I am going to hit the sack now. I will chat with you tomorrow. I might even try to upload a little video for you to see what it's like here.

Blessings to you...