Friday, December 18, 2009

My Kids' Favorite Ornaments

Ok. This is it. After this, I'm shutting up about the ornaments. I've officially driven myself crazy.

My kids wanted me to tell you their favorite ornaments.

This is Lily Kate's favorite. Ballet shoes.

Levi's favorite - a picture of Flash during his first Christmas.

Yes. It says Top Dog. And yes, he is wearing an elf collar. Leave me alone.

This is Jack's favorite - Buzz Lightyear. I couldn't get high enough to get a great picture. We put him near the top of the tree every year. I'm not sure why. I think maybe we think he is going to keep the galaxy known as our Christmas tree safe from Zurg and any other predators.

This is Angela's favorite ornament.

She bought it back when we were first married. She brought it home from a business trip in Santa Fe. It's a picture of a small home or something. You put a Christmas tree light inside the ornament and it lights up. Kind of like what happens to a room when she walks in. :-)

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Deirdre said...

okay, that was the single sweetest thing I have ever heard anyone say about their wife. And I'm married to a pretty wonderful guy who says some great things.


MERRY CHRISTMAS TO THE COTTRELL FAMILY. That was so sweet what you said about your wife.
May Godbless you all

Laura said...

How very sweet! I stole this idea from you and have written about our favorite ornaments EVERY DAY for several weeks now.

My husband and I had a great time at the concert in Greensboro last week. I was going to bring you some Bo-Berry biscuits but he wouldn't let me! :(

Tiffani said...

Such sweet words for your lovely bride.

Love all the faves!

Dionna said...

Aww! What a great husband you are. :)

Leah Adams said...

You scored some major points with that sweet sentence about Angela!! Your 'husband' value went off the charts, Travis.

Merry Christmas!!


Deidre said...

So sweet!
Merry Christmas to you and your family, Travis!

Daniel Semsen said...


Bev Brandon @ The Fray said...

I love the way you write about the common events of the day and then light up your wife. Sure does make me smile over here in Austinville.

Holly said...

Love it!! That is the way to be, brother. Notice her light always!

BTW, Dori gave me your "Jesus Saves" DVD for Christmas. You all helped me wrap presents last night! I love "This is the Day." In San Antonio, it ministered to me so much. I truly worshipped as I watched. Beautiful!

Merry Christmas!!