Saturday, June 30, 2007

I Thought the Weekend Would Never Come...

...but it did! Yippee. I am almost through with the Max Lucado musical. it has been fun, but I am ready to be done with it. We are mix mode right now, which means that the engineer is putting it all together...all the instruments and voices at the right level, and with the right treatments. I just show up when he is ready for me to hear something and approve it.

Next week, I am FULL ON coasting. Turning the creative side of my brain off. Taking it easy. Chillin' like a villian. Apart from checking mixes, knocking out some office work, and getting a haircut, I am doing nothing next week but play with my kids and lay low. Actually, forget the next week part. I am starting today. Yessssssssss.

I LOVED reading all of your comments about movies that you are embarrassed that you love. Loved it. And I am with you on so many of them. Although, some of the ones you posted, I am not really ambarrassed about. But just in case I am about to humiliate myself, I will shut up now.

I will do another fun 'favorites' post soon.

Between July 8 and August 12, my team and I will be singing in...
Atlanta (July 8)
Glorieta, New Mexico (July 9)
Gatlinburg, Tennessee (July 11)
Washington DC (July 13)
Asheville, NC (July 12-22)
Boone, NC (July 29)
Estes Park, CO (Aug. 1)
Bentonville, AR (Aug. 3-5)
Indianapolis, IN (Aug. 7-8)
Atlanta, GA (Aug. 10, 12)

Check the website calendar for details and come see us if you are anywhere near those places. We would love to see you!

Have a great weekend. I'm signing off now, 'cause cute adorable sleepy faces are coming down the stairs, and I am melting in this chair.



Sweet Tea & Grits said...

Travis, I love getting to know you and your precious family through this blog. You have such a keen sense of humor (of which I have gotten to know a bit more about in Mandisa's awesome book "IDOLeyes") and you have the gift of keepin' it real.

I'm ready for you to hit the left coast! Come on over! We'll be waiting for ya!

Shelly said...


I didn't know you would be here (Atlanta) on the 8th! Well I'm celebrating now! :)

Yipee! And see you then. Have fun chillin like a villian :)

Kelly S. said...

Don't you just love "sleepy faces". Well, morning sleepy faces! (nap or night time is another story)

See you in Asheville!!

Tina said...

Ok... a comment about favorite movies...
to drag it on....

Simon Birch. All time FAV. Hands down. Have watched it 15 times at least.... and then Blast from the Past... lame, but funny!

Enjoy the vacation from your creative brain... and have some fun! :)


sooz said...

Awww...all those places are too far away for me. That's OK. I have already purchased my ticket for Living Proof Live in San Diego next April. I can't wait!

BTW, you have successfully kept Xanadu at the forefront of my brain for the last two days. I can't get that goofy film out of my head!

jennyhope said...

chillin like a villian! LOL!

Patty said...

I will be meeting up with Dori in G-burg and she has invited me to hang with you all and I can't wait to hear your new music!! I think maybe you should let me sing with ya'll!! ROFL!!! Now, if you knew me you would be on the floor laughing right now!! I teach but I do not sing, good, that is!!

Have a fun week with your kids!

kittyhox said...

Just a tiny suggestion. You should come to Seattle! :) I enjoyed your music so much at the Living Proof event back in February.

Shelly said...


Has my computer become electronically handicapped? Or is it me? I went to your main website to look at the details for your Atlanta July 8th visit and once I clicked 'enter' for the main site, I got no further.

I figured I should probably actually find out the details about that day to know what in the world I'll be doing and where I'll be going since I've already shouted my heart 'YES' to be there :)

Profbaugh said...

Hey Travis,

I'd love to hear you guys in Indianpolis in August. Any chance of getting in to see/hear/worhsip with you guys? I'm not an AG church member (it looks like it's their church conference), but I live within driving distance of Indy.

St. Louis

Tracey said...

enjoy your week and have a Happy 4th...

how 'bout gellin' like a fellon!

Tiffany said...

Are you ever going to make your way to Arkansas?!

Real Life Sarah said...

I'll definitely be coming to worship with you guys! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Hooray... I'll see you at Estes Park!

Holly said...

Estes Park is beautiful! Be sure and take a cruise around the Rocky Mountain National Forest. I saw so many beautiful, beautiful places and animals.

We have gone for a couple of weekends this summer and really love Estes! Maybe we can take a lil' trip up there.

Enjoy your "simply messing" time!
God Bless,
Holly Smith
Monument, CO

Dionna said...

Thrilled to discover that you have a blog! I got to experience your worship team last October in Salt Lake City and hope to again in Boise next May. Your team is amazing and God really works through you to get us into a worshipful spirit. I bet you are so stoked to be used like that.
I'll be back, often. :)

AbbyLane said...

me=totally jealous because shelly called me from atlanta last week after hearing you sing. NOT FAIR!!

i want to come to boone to hear you but i will still be at caswell!! boooooo....oh well...many reunions in the great state of TN to come :)

Patty said...

I just heard that over 800 women gave their hearts to Christ in Washington!! Praise God!! I had to come and celebrate on your blog as I did at LPM. God is so amazing and faithful and talk about doing exceeding and abundantly more than we ask or imagine!! How I pray that Deeper Still will be a safe place for all attending to come before God and give their hearts to him or rededicate their lives to God or just have the freedom to worship HIM and let God heal them and minister to their hearts.

It was great seeing all of you in G'burg. The muscial, AMAZING!! The choir, WOW!! I was blown away. I hope you are feeling better.

twinkle said...

Congratulations on almost completing this collaboration with Max Lucado! You two are great favorites of mine. Creatively gifted in so many ways!!
Enuf of that. Can't let you get too hi & mighty :)!

I found a site I just wanted to share with you. Thought you would appreciate the Psalms set to music.
Enjoy chillin with your peeps!

Anonymous said...

>sounds of crickets<