Thursday, June 28, 2007

Favorites's time for a new "Favorites" post. I thought of this one for my men's group this past week. We had a fun time with this. And I laughed literally until I cried at one of the fella's answers. And of course I am sworn to secrecy.

Here it is: Name a movie (or movies) that you love, but are so embarrassed that you love. Now, I don't mean that you are embarrassed because it is profane or inapropriate. I mean, embarrassed because it is either so bad, or so stupid, or such a chick flick (as was the case for the guys in my group).

I have too many to list for this one. But the one that comes to mind is "9 to 5. I have no excuse for it. The language is pretty bad. But that movie just makes me laugh. Come know that when Violet is running around the emergency room pushing the wrong girney (is that how you spell that word?)...that is comedy. And don't get me started on the theme song, or I will be forced to sing every last word to you. I will do it.

OK. Leave me alone about mine. You tell me yours.


Anonymous said...

I also have too many, but Tootsie is on my list!! Love it! I still can't hear "I Might Be You" by Stephen Bishop without getting all misty....

My other two....[gulp]

Footloose and Top Gun...

Oh my, I saw these at the theater so many times it isn't even funny! Had the soundtracks, too.

Pretty cheesey, indeed, but something about the forbidden dancing (me the former Independent Baptist could SO identify) and Tom Cruise singing "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'"...made this poor girl of the 80's weak in the knees!

I can't believe I actually confessed all of this!!! Yikes!


Travis said...

Dori -

I never was too keen on Top Gun (although I love the song Take My Breath Away). I liked it okay. But bring on some Tootsie and Footloose. I still have my sheet music to It Might Be You. And, yes, it is on my iPod. So is the whole Footloose soundtrack. OK, I just heard in my head, the voice of my wife, saying - "you just overshared." I'll stop now.

Anonymous said...

How about Rocky V and The Eye of the Tiger??! Loved 'em both!
Now I'll be singing it all night!
Kelli in Ohio

Lindsee Lou said...

High School Musical. Yes, I am 22 and love the movie. I even own it.

I mean seriously, what is more catchy than all those fun songs?!


Holly said...

The Outsiders...remember "Stay Gold, Ponyboy." And then Stevie Wonder begins to sing "Stay Gold," and I begin to cry.

Also, I love The Incredibles. So it's nice that I have young ones (9,7,3 and 10 months), as my excuse to watch it. What will I do when they are older? It won't be in a garage sale, I tell you that! I laugh through the whole thing and so wish my arms were stretchy.
Blessings on ya,

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

I have to agree with Dori - Tootsie!!! Love it..

But what about Dirty Dancing - I so wanted to be the "ugly" girl....

And Pretty Woman - i even thought about being a hoo... JUST JOKING!!

Or 16 Candles - These "ugly" girls gave me so much hope!!!

Great blog! Had fun!

Profbaugh said...

Okay, I can't believe I'm going to admit this because not only is it cheesey but it's "old school." I really love some of the comedies made in the 1960's. In parricular the movie, "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" with Don Knots. Oh my goodness!!!! Just think Barney Fife (sp?) in a commedy/suspense/mystery. It includes some scenes with a pipe organ playing (by itself) in a scary old mansion. Yep, you've got the picture. I still love it. All three of my kids have seen it too. And on ocassion, I'll sneak it into one of my classes as an assignment. Am I bad or what???


Anonymous said...


This is great. You just gave my husband and I a great idea for our next small group opener. Hope you don't mind. My husband does not agree with me, but I think his answer should be A Christmas Story ("you'll shoot your eye out kid"). He thinks it's a classic (he gave me permission to tell :)
For me it would either be St. Elmo's Fire (loved the music...wore out the cassette) and The Muppet Movie. Can anyone get enough of The Rainbow Connection? :)

Thanks for the fun.

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

oh - i just thought of my favorite........... Eye of the TIger, but not sure what Rocky it was or if it was a ROcky.

I did not go to a normal high school. I went to a "tennis" school for a time and morning trainings before real school we worked out to Eye of the TIger. I guess i should have hated it, but it was such an awesome privilege to be at that school that I loved it all - even them killing me at 5:30 or 6am!!!!! Loved it!!

OK - this is enough...

sooz said...

Let me preface my confesion by saying I have been in love with Gene Kelly since the first time I laid eyes on that dashing smile! I must have been 6 or so. I vowed to marry him one day, but, alas, it was not meant to be. So her it is:


When Gene Kelly sings "Whenever You're Away from Me" with Olivia N.J., I just swoon!

Sing to me, Gene, sing to me!

Travis said...

Annette -

What do you mean - "he thinks it's a classic" ?? It IS a classic!


Profbaugh said...

Oh, I just thought of three more: "Ghostbusters," "The Blues Brothers," and "Grease."

And a big DITTO for what the rest of you have posted so far. I'm having so much fun with this. Thanks, Travis!!


TammieFay said...

Ok it goes...Earnest Saves Christmas! It is now a family's just not Christmas around our house until we watch it!

Patty said...

I laughed my head off at your movie because I love this movie. I went ALL over the mall looking for it. I think it is so funny when all three are in Violet's car while the dead man is in the trunk. Makes me laugh every single time. I think I may have to watch it this weekend.

Okay, I will admit my other choices, I love old movies, in fact, old Doris Day movies, I love Pillow Talk, Move Over Darling, and just about any movie of hers. I also love Murphy's Romance. James Garner has the best lines in this movie.

And for one more, Bowfinger with Eddie Murphy. This one slays me!!

Great Post!!

Anonymous said...

Amen, brother!

(Annette's husband)

Travis said...

By the way, I own two copies of the "9 to 5" DVD, the sheet music to the theme song, and the old 45 of the song. Ouch. Did I just say that? Ouch. Ouch.


Shelly said...

Travis...I'm about to need some depends laughing at these posts! You own the stinking sheet music!!

Okay. Deep sigh as I recall to mind that my Jesus still loves, accepts, and embraces me despite the fact that I have not seen a SINGLE ONE of ANY of these movies. Nope! None of the ones that ANYONE has mentioned. I'm going to have to say that that alone is my embarrassing confession... :(

As far as the movies go:::
1) All of the Shirley Temple movies. There's no need to tell the friend-boys that I own these on a DVD collection set.
2) An Affair to Remember
3) Ohhh...this is a bad one. 'Center Stage'...but I've been a ballet dancer for 18 years. I can't help it.
4) And b/c of #2, I am the hopeless romantic that will ever pop in 'Sleepless in Seattle.' Could I go for any bigger of a chick flick? (Hanging my head in shame! lol)

Shelly said...

Travis...I'm about to need some depends laughing at these posts! You own the stinking sheet music!!

Okay. Deep sigh as I recall to mind that my Jesus still loves, accepts, and embraces me despite the fact that I have not seen a hardly ANY of these movies. Nope! Barely any of the ones that ANYONE has mentioned. I'm going to have to say that that alone is my embarrassing confession... :(

As far as the movies go:::
1) All of the Shirley Temple movies. There's no need to tell the friend-boys that I own these on a DVD collection set. Right?
2) An Affair to Remember
3) Ohhh...this is a bad one. 'Center Stage'...but I've been a ballet dancer for 18 years. I can't help it.
4) And b/c of #2, I am the hopeless romantic that will ever pop in 'Sleepless in Seattle.' Could I go for any bigger of a chick flick? (Hanging my head in shame! lol)

Melissa said...

Way to own it, Travis!

"What a Girl Wants" with Amanda Bynes. And "Legally Blonde". And I just remembered, even though I'm not a Monty Python fan, I adored "A Fish Called Wanda".

"Oh, no! It's K-K-K-Ken coming to k-k-k-kill me!"

Deidre said...

Oh, oh, oh...I wanna play!

My favorite movie (or my favorite cheesy movie) is Airplane. The humor in that movie CRACKS ME UP. Okay, I have to go watch it now (yes, I have it on DVD), but I'll have to wait until my husband goes to sleep - ha ha.

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed hearing you at Pre-Conference in Cleveland!!! Will you be doing accompaniment tracks for "Found" specifically 2000 Years and Forevermore....would love to sing them!?

My fave would probably be "Mary Poppins"....what can I say...It makes me smile :)

Tracey said...

okay, I have to say that I can QUOTE the ENTIRE "Dirty Dancing" movie. There are so many great lines in that movie...

"I carried a watermelon"

"Nobody puts baby in a corner"

ahhh! Stop me now! I never get tired of seeing that movie!!!

kittyhox said...

I LOVE 9 to 5. I used to watch it as a child and now that I've seen it as an adult I wonder, "What were my parents thinking?"

I have to admit I love the movie "Revenge of the Nerds." It is sometimes totally inappropriate, gross, and racy. So I recommend watching it ONLY on network or basic cable television and recording it. You miss a lot of the raunchy innuendo and bare breasted women.

But I just think the movie is so funny. And I always wonder, where is this college where all the cool people have nothing better to do than torment nerds? And why do they hate nerds so much, anyway? What did those poor nerds ever do to them?

My husband is loathe to admit that he has grown to like two of my favorites: Overboard (with Goldie Hawn) and Mr Mom.

kittyhox said...

Okay, wait. I thought of a bunch more, including

Bring it On (the former cheerleader comes out)
The Brady Bunch spoof 1 and 2
The Water Boy
Dumb and Dumber
Addams Family Values
School of Rock

Clearly, I have TERRIBLE taste in movies.

Lindsee Lou said...

I had to come back and tell the other few I thought of:

"What about Bob?"

"Girls Just Want to Have Fun!"

"Your's, Mine and Ours" -the old one

"Troop Beverly Hills"

All so fun. I'm not afraid to admit I love 'em all. :)

Travis said...

hey, kittyhox - you don't have bad taste in movies. you have a guy's taste in movies!

a couple of my favorites on that list...but i shant say which ones...

Holly said...

My Chris says he's proud of the fact that he likes Strange Brew, but I am embarrassed about it...does that count?

Kris - said...

Hey Travis,
Now I'm wondering what Ed said. I'm not thinkin it was 9 to 5. Here's my list:
Breakfast Club
St. Elmos Fire
Father of the Bride (1 & 2)
Sister Act (1 & 2)
I sang every Grease song from FL to NC on a trip with my folks when I was in jr. high I guess (am I telling my age). I only had the lp and we didn't have a cassette player in the car, I'm sure. (Did they even have cassettes back then?)
There's more for sure but I'll keep it at that for now!

Anonymous said...

Boy, Reading all of this is too much fun--a stroll down the ol' memory lane.
First of all, I LOVE 9 to 5. I could probably recite the lines along with the characters as I watch it. Tee hee. I loved Violet! Footloose is another fave. I saw it 5 Friday nights in a row at the mall in the 8th grade. (Why do I remember that???) I'll catch it on cable every now and then and watch like I've never seen it. What about The Karate Kid movies??? "Wax on...wax off...."

OK, now I think I am going obscure--back to some kid movies, but did anyone ever see the Return to Witch Mountain/Escape to Witch Mountain movies?? I always fondly remembered those from childhood. THEN, one weekend some months back, I came across a double-header of those flicks. Well, let me just say they were just so wrong! But, I enjoyed them in some wierd way.


Anonymous said...

Fortunately for me, my husband likes chick flicks. Any time he stumbles across The Parent Trap, the one with Lindsay Lohan, he's there until the end. We're both that way about Kindergarten Cop too (It's NOT a tumah!) And our guiltiest pleasure - Trading Places. I must watch until Eddie Murphy gasps "It was the Dukes! It was the Dukes!"

boomama said...

"9 to 5" sheet music? With Dolly and some paint cans on the cover? And she was wearing painter's overalls? And a cap all artfully askew atop her perfectly coiffed hair?


In fact, it's still in the piano bench in my parents' living room.

Thank you and goodnight.

The Garvins said...

Hey Trav. I have never, ever made a comment on a blog before! How very exciting. I just happen to check in on your site this morning and just HAD to comment! Don't know if you remember but, didn't we see 9 to 5 together like 20 times when it first came out at the theater? I know it was some movie we saw multiple times and I think this is it. I had completely even forgotten about the movie. Anyway...hope this comment makes it through. After all I am technology impaired.. I am the one who thinks you can post photos on my cell phone!:)


Travis said...

Hey, Teresa!

And, you and I are connected with another one of these movies we have been talking about. Remember when you played the Tootsie theme for me over the phone on your flute?? Now that's a great memory!

Have a great day!

PS - Boomama - get out with the sheet music. Right on.

Lisa Bevill said...

My fav's are:
Fried Green Tomatoes-makes me long for the country life I grew up in.

It's a Wonderful Life-makes me grateful for what I have

Forest Gump - learn about making life count wherever you are..

One Fine Day- total romance

The Passion of the Christ - because it moves me to change my life!

love you Trav...

Anonymous said...

This is so funny because our bible fellowship class just had this on a "get to know you" questionnaire.
I was embarrassed to admit, but reading everyone's responses I know I'm OK. I actually had 2:
1) Urban Cowboy. I asked my husband if we could get license plates that said, "Bud" and "Sissy" (not our names); if looks could kill. The music makes me want to line dance
2) Coal Miner's Daughter. I have loved it forever, but only my husband knew. TBS used to play it often. I don't know if it's because I'm a Tennessee girl, but when "Loretti" says, "Aw Dew, quit yur growlin' you sound like an ol' bear or sumpin'", you might as well scrape me off the floor.
How fun!

Anonymous said...

Fun post!!

I'm confessing my love for Bill Murray movies like Caddyshack and Stripes. Most have an element of 'unappropriateness' about them, but you gotta love the humor... And who can resist the cute little gopher on Caddyshack??


Anonymous said...

I pretty much just watch sports and eat string cheese, but when I am watching my most favorite "cheesy" movie, I am usually kicked back crying to that sweet little movie Mary Poppins!

I still wish and dream of finding an umbrella that will help me fly!

MC Hammer

Sister Lynn said...

Who's that Girl - with Madonna.

Its about the dumbest movie ever but I can recite the whole thing.

I can also recite the movies Shag, Lean on Me, Stand by Me, and Steel Magnolias - plus countless Disney movies (due the fact that I cared for small children for several years and these movies were played repeatedly).

tandtsmom said...

Okay, I check your blog at least 2 times every day and this is the first time I feel I just HAVE TO comment. Coal Miner's Daughter is it for me, too! I love the way she says "DEW!" Also, whenever Where the Heart Is and any of the Love Comes Softly series comes on I try to stop and watch and whine if my husband can't take the kids and let me watch them.
My husband and I both drop for Dances With Wolves.
Love you, Travis. We named our youngest son Travis and it was inspired by you, he is 9 months old. He has an older bro named Trevor and we dream of them being a great preacher/worship leader team one day (guess which one will be the worship leader!).
One last question, which CD has "In Christ Alone" on it? I can't keep my hands in may lap or the tears from streaming any time I hear it.... it is so encouraging.
Rachel in MS

Shelly said...

A man...or MC Hammer!

I was cracking up at your post...Mary Poppins...I was singing it just yesterday with the little kids I was watching.

'Spoon full of sugar...'

Toknowhim said...

One of my favorites was "Girls just want to have Fun" with Sarah Jessica Parker. I half expected to hear that theme song in the background when I would go out with my girlfriends... I always wanted to go backwards up the escalator, but I am not that brave :) Plus, it was the 80's and Sarah Jessica had the curly, full hair thing going on. I loved it!!!

My husband loves all the National Lampoon Movies.. Chevy is the Man..

Blessings Travis... Kim

Kelly S. said...

Being from East Tennessee I love Dolly!! 9 to 5 was hilarious and I loved her in Strait Talk too.

One of my favorites is Weekend at Bernies and my kids and I watch (most) any kind of musical. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, The Family Band, and Pollyanna. But the coolest is definatley High School Musical......we are counting down the days until HSM2!

Anonymous said...

Steel Magnolias.




Sweet Tea & Grits said...

This entire post has me in stitches. Travis, I can't believe you are that big of a "9 to 5" fan. Oh my!

I am a huge closet fan of..."An Officer and a Gentleman". makes me weak in the knees when I think of Richard Gere storming into that factory to swoop Debra Winger off her feet. It is such a chick flick! :)

Patty said...

I am sitting here laughing my head off at Shaun's comment. Steel Magnolia's is a classic. How about that Weezer!!
Travis, this generated alot of response. Everyone loves their movies.
I need to add one more, I have lost count to how many times I have seen this movie. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days! This will go down as one of my favorites!
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

For me it would have to be ANYTHING with Cary Grant. Especially To Catch A Thief. I watch it over and over again. A close second would have to be Sabrina. Something about the ugly duckling becoming a beautiful swan that tugs at my heart strings. You got me curious - 9 to 5 might be my next netflix order!

Anonymous said...

Love Dirty Dancing, Steel Magnolias, Monty Python's Holy Grail. The Replacements, and Remember the Titans are great, but the one that brings out the word for word quotes is "Blazing Saddles"--such a hoot! Thanks for the memories!

jennyhope said...

I am getting in a little late on this post...but I really enjoyed the movie Annie. I am sorry but my most favorite movie ever is Napolean Dynamite...I even ordered the Jesus loves Pedro t-shirt from your website!!
And oh my goodness...I just got my lifeway flier for the 4th and it has your cd "The Lamb Has Overcome" I am on it when it comes to music and usually don't miss a cd this new?

jennyhope said...

ps...Everyone makes fun of me for this because I tell everyone...but 3 or so years ago I bought a tv guardian. Lifeway carries them now...and it takes the cussing out of all of our movies so you can watch 9-5 and enjoy. LOL!!!

Nancy said...

Am I the only one?....Elvis in "Blue Hawaii." Now I'm gonna have those songs in my head all day long and I'll be looking over my shoulder for those back-up singers that always seem to appear the very moment Elvis feels a song coming on.

Anonymous said...

You must not forget: Steel Magnolias and Stealing Home my friend. You have not truly overshared until you agree to those!

Oliver said...

All right, I know this is an older post, but I couldn't resist posting my faves...I can't help but watch the "Sister Act" movies when they're on. (In fact, we have the CD soundtracks and I can't help but sing along: "I will follow him...") Was that sharing too much? Also, "Raising Arizona" -- one of THE funniest ever. I will think of more, I'm sure!

Anonymous said...

Karate Kid, oh yes.

White Knights

yes. I said it. White Knights.