Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Studio Talk

I am in the studio today. We are cutting orchestra for the Max Lucado project. I am not an orchestrator, so I am phoning it in today in a big way. Not a lot of pressure on me on this particular day. I am just sitting in here listening while the orchestrator (Phillip Keveren) is conducting and running the show (by the way, Phillip is the brilliantly talented guy who did all of the orchestrating for my project, "Found"). The violinists and woodwind players are playing their hearts out.

I have worked in the studio now for some 14 years, so this is like a second home to me. But I have laughed today, because I have tried to listen to all the "studio talk" with new ears. I am aware, fresh and new, that we have our own language. Things that people say in the studio all the time, that anyone else would go, "What in the heck are you talking about? In English, por favor." You know, kind of like when Randy Jackson on American Idol says stuff like, "that was pitchy," or "you were a little out of the pocket." Now all of America know those phrases. But those are very musician-like phrases.

So, here are some things I have heard today:

"The 2nd's were a little under in 41."
"Winds, are you out this pass?"
"OK, let's mute for the stack."
"I need less winds in my phones."
"Where's the punch? What bar are you punching?"
"I need less of your talkback." (that's not mean-spirited, like it sounds)
"It's not quite a deadly medley."
"I need the run in the intro."
"I may want to punch the oboe without the flute."
"Winds, you can take a break."

Fun quotes to try at the dinner table tonight.


Anonymous said...

Okay -- so you just know -- I'M NOT ON THIS BLOG ALL THE TIME, but just checked back for some reason....

Because I have an 11 year old boy who loves to make "noises" at the dinner table, I definitely am going to use the "Winds, can you take a break?" tonight at supper...

BY THE WAY -- lots has changed since I last commented. I AM going to G'burg - but have LOTS of music to learn between now and then....



Amanda said...

My fave is this:
"It's not quite a deadly medley."

And you know, sometimes technology makes me want to punch an oboe.

Shelly said...

LOL! I would be the one that would need the English translation...actually, just a 'studio for dummies' book would be fine.

"I need less winds in my phones." This one just makes me laugh :)

I mean seriously...don't we all need a little less winds in our phones sometimes??? Have fun today!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Now my vote with 3 girls and one boy thinking he is "it" - "I need less of your talkback". I never knew i was musically inclined... I thought i was just an angery parent!!! WOw - what a thought i never thought!!! I am cool - ha ha!!!

Just being silly - Dori understands!

Glad you are back to the blogging world!

Profbaugh said...

You know what's really sad? I actually understood most of those quotes. (lol)

What type of "new ears" did you get Travis? Cause I hear Mickey's missin' a pair! (she says with a "wicked" laugh!!)


Kelli said...

It makes me laugh that as a fellow wind musician, I actually understand most of these phrases!!! It is hilarious to hear them out of context. :) Glad you are back to the blogging ring!

Holly said...

I have a family memeber who used to get arrested for punching at the bar...I guess that one was my favortie...for I laughed when I read it!
Looking forward to WOF on Denver. Beth will be there, and I'm hoping you will be, too. For I will be there to worship! "My Passion" played this morning on my Ipod as I walked, and I love how it begins small and ends big. It's impossible to not raise my hands high at the end!
So I'm with Beth, now the neighbors are afraid. :)
Praying for you all,

Kelly S. said...

LOL!! reminds me of my marching/concert band days a long long time ago!!! have thought of that stuff in years!
Speaking of American Idol just finished Mandisa's book.....LOVED IT. She is awesome! I loved reading about your friendship and how you all prayed for her. It was so sweet.
Just got reservations to see you (and friends) at The COVE. I am so excited!! My husband is taking me. It will be his first time to see you guys. Praying for your studio time!

Patty said...

I need less of your talkback. I have teenage sons, wonder why this is my favorite?!! :o)

TammieFay said...

Because you are such a blessing to me, you have been given an award..a blogging award no less! You will need to pick it up on my blog page. Display it proudly my brother!

Patty said...

My friend Tammie gave you the Rockin Girl Blogger Award. I thought it was a great idea. BTW...I love that you are our miesta, I am having t-shirts made up for all the siestas to wear to Deeper Still and I just have to make you a miesta shirt!! I feel at this time I should call you Teresa!! LOL!! (sorry, I had to borrow that from Beth)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you need some fellows around here! Since Russell doesn't qualify, I'll have to do.

You are linked on my new blog and it was a pleasure to meet you in San Antone.

Marty Duren