Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I Love My Worshipping Friends

I am still trying to recover form the volcano that was Living Proof Live Boone. It proved to be more joy than I could hardly take in.

I was going through some pictures from the weekend a second ago (while I am in the studio, where I SHOULD be paying attention, I'm sure), and I was caught by this picture. It drew me in...and it wasn't even the "Welcome to Boone - Elevation 3333 FT." sign. It was all of those people on the stage worshipping Jesus. And let me tell you - that is what they were there to do. Not to be in the pretty colorful lights, or sing through the top-of-the-line microphones. No. They were there to worship Jesus...and lead everybody else there to do the same.

And I am so proud to serve alongside them.


Patty said...

That is one thing I love about your praise team, they are the real deal, and you can see on their faces that they truly love the Lord. I see that on your face, too. It is an honor to get to be at an event praising and worshiping God with you all. I pray God will continue bless each and everyone of you as you continue on this journey together.


P.S. I have been praying for you today and for Jack!

Amanda said...

That's really awesome. When is the 2008 schedule coming out? I'm dying to know which event I'm gonna bum a ride to! I guess I should ask mi mama.

Sweet Tea & Grits said...

It is obvious at every event I attend that each person on your team is there to sing praises to an audience of one. I enjoy worshipping with y'all so much!

Shelly said...

It's an honor on our end as well... I praise Him that you all are there only to point us to Him. What a blessing.

And get a little dancing on with Lici (sp?) lol!!

Speaking Thru Me Ministries said...

Oh Travis - I am so happy and proud for you all. I am a speaker and many times I go from church to church and they have little to no worship music ready before I speak. It is so hard to speak when we have not first worshipped and ask His presense to be strong, powerful, and ever-present. I long for the day when I can have a "travis" with me. Oh how blessed all of you are and i know how proud our Lord is of all of you!!

Continue on my friend and keep rpessing forward. He is so pleased, I know!!!


Anonymous said...


I am sitting here at my computer, and I praising God with "The Lamb Has Overcome". I was loudly praising last night as I was making dinner and my husband walked in on me, and he joined right in. "In the Sanctuary" gets my blood pumpin' everytime.

Vicki Courtney said...

Well, well-- looky who I found on blogger! (evil grin)

When can I go to a Living Proof event?!! The last one I went to was in Jackson, TN in like, '98 or '99 and you played that awful joke on me. I'm still plotting my revenge...all in Christian love, of course.

Travis said...

Vicki! Bring it on! We would love to have you with us! And our stage is much more stable now...

: >)

Anonymous said...


I had to comment here, because I looked at the picture and some of my most favorite people are in it:

1. Angela -- well, no need to comment about her. She's awesome and one of the kindest and most genuine women of God I have ever known in my life.

2. Lici -- she's my cousin, you know? :) I love her -- she makes me laugh so hard and I love it when she shows up at my Mom's for our "family thangs!"

3. Julie -- unbelievable talent and unbelievable heart!!! I love her dearly and she blesses me everytime she opens her mouth. She also makes me laugh!

4. You -- well, I guess I had to throw you in, huh? :) Your my most favoritest (that's Lindsey's word) worship leader -- but don't tell Chip!! :)

5. Not sure if Wes is in there, too, but he's one of the neatest guys and I just love him and his wife.

Anyway, just wanted to say I LOVE YOUR WORSHIPPING FRIENDS, TOO!!!


Ernie Stevenson said...

Hey Travis! It is great to finally see you in the blogging world.

I just wanted to let you know that the times of worship through music and song were awesome last weekend at Fusion 2007 as well. Although you don't like to speak, you were God's messenger during the keynote too. Thank you for being a vessel.

Hey, I'm running parallel blogs until I resolve a hosting issue so the Fusion write ups are at this blog instead of the original.

I hope to see you in Clover again soon.

Anonymous said...

Boone's praise conference was awesome and filled to the brim and overflowing with the Living Spirit of our God. Our Sunday School class (16 of us) traveled from Richmond, and the "joy of Asher" is still with us. I kept expecting Jesus to lift up that entire auditorium in Rapture with Him while we were all singing with you. Wow!
Thank you,
Sandy from Mt. Vernon Baptist 11:30 a.m. Beth Moore Sunday School Class

Anonymous said...

Hey Travis, Just wanted to let you that your track at Ridgecrest was a real blessing - I really appreciated your answer to my question about bringing life to an early morning worship service. Looking for your new Christmas work and the portion of the Ridgecrest trak you didn't get the opportunity to share. Thanks Again - Many Blessings on you brother

Sacchiel said...

Worshiping Jesus! Yes sir :)