Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Madness

My Final Four picks:

North Carolina

Final - UNC defeats Pitt

Go Heels!

Who's your pick?

ps - how about that alma mater of mine? Way to go, almost did it!


boomama said...

I don't know if you know this or not, but I FOUND MY BRACKET.

North Carolina
Mississippi State

NC over UConn in the final.

Dori said...

First of all, Belmont was the bomb last night! In fact, I told Butch this morning that when the tourney is over, THAT is the game everyone will still be talking about. And Rick Byrd's phone is probably ringing off the hook today with job offers!!

Coach "Crushkiwooshki" looked a little "down" for having a "W" in his column. I think he realized what might have easily happened.

Okay, so for a girl who you used to not really care whether a basketball was stuffed or blown up, I get into some March Madness!

My four are:

North Carolina

With NC vs. Memphis in the final -- Memphis taking it by 2 points.

Have fun!!


Anonymous said...

Go Kansas Jayhawks! I went to Baylor, they are out, but I grew up in Kansas and I always cheer for them. I have no other picks: it's Kansas or nothing! How come they are not in your top 4? The horror!! :-) Glad to know you are on the mend and please know we counted it a privilege to lift you up in prayer.


Anonymous said...

Travis I thought of you last night when I was watching the game. Knowing your die hard love of the Heels and your beloved Belmont alma mater almost beating Duke, your March Madness must be off to a wonderful start.

Although I am a die hard Duke fan, I'm a little leary that they will make it very far in the tourney. Carolina has all the guns this year.

Amanda J.

Longmeadow Mama said...

I'm notorious for my bracket picks. I tend to pick teams based on school colors or mascots, or based on trivial reasons such as picking Wisconsin because I like cheese. Laugh all you want, but it actually works. Over the years I've won more times than not, just ask hubby who has gotten really good at making omelettes for my breakfasts in bed!
Okay, so this year I've picked Louisville to win it all. (And not because I like the color red.) I picked Louisville because that's where I get to attend LPL in August!! Good reason, don't you think?!
Good luck!

Jon Tyner said...

UNC loses to Tennessee in the Elite 8!

Grammy and Olivia said...

Woo Hoo UNC!!!!!

Sweet Tea & Grits said...

I have my sights set on:

North Carolina
North Carolina
North Carolina
North Carolina

Go HEELS! :)

Laura said...

Well I am a GATOR at heart and I am sick that they didn't make it but you can't be #1 all the time. So i guess my guess would be NC!!!
Have a blessed day!!!

golf4lp said...

You can't leave out Tennessee.....

How 'bout those women?!?

Anonymous said...

Okay, sorry, can't relate to the basketball thing, but wanted to comment on the "He showed me all I ever ate" thing. I was walking today, reflecting on alot of things, and I started to think about your comments. And my mind started whirling around about "He showed my everything I ever ate". And I thought that when I get sick and He shows me, well, you know. . I avoid those foods for along time. Infact, I still can't eat marzipan, 20 years later. But when "He tells my everything I've ever done", I have a really hard time staying away from those things. If I were a pastor, I could have written an entire sermon on the analogy. Okay. so you may not find this as interesting as I did today, but you opened up a whole can of worms for me. Happy Resurrection to you and your precious family!

Deidre said...

Carolina all the way!!!

Martha Jane and Patrick Alexander said...

I am with "longmeadow mama"...I usually pick my bracket on team names, colors, mascots, and how much they have mentioned them on ESPN...we have that on all the time at our house!!! I learn by osmosis!!

Final Four:
North Carolina

UCLA vs North Carolina with NC taking it ALL!!!

Fran said...

Well...I've got UNC and Memphis in the final game and of course I have to go for my TIGERS on this one!!! :)

Anonymous said...


All that I can say is..........

GO HEELS! and that Tyler Hansbrough is awesome!

Apex, NC

Butterbean said...



ps - I'm sad my UGA Bulldogs ran out of pixie dust!

Patty said...

Well, I am sorry but I must disagree with you. :o)

My desire would be for my team, the VOLS to make it to the final four and take the whole thing BUT then I woke up and decided that the elite 8 would be great for my team. They didn't look so hot yesterday but they did win.GO BIG ORANGE!! We love Bruce!!

I was proud of Belmont and was pulling for them.
I think North Carolina will take it all. There have been upsets so who knows. I am having a blast watching all the games.

Have a blessed Easter!

valerie said...

I was in NYC on vacation but got to watch the final few minutes of the Duke/Belmont game. I love Duke, but was really wanting Belmont to win. was close!
I'm from Oklahoma and love my Sooners! Go OU!!!

Tina said...

Here's my top picks:

And when necessary...
nose picks.

What is basketball?


Abby said...

yes, props to belmont.

UNC...duh, the sky is that color for a reason :p

Sarah said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know they aren't on television but WHAT ABOUT UNION?!!!! 34 consecutive wins and headed to the quarterfinals!

leslie ruth said...

Now see, I liked you when I heard you were involved with LPM.

And I liked you more when I downloaded The BigBoo Cast.

And now that you have picked my alma mater, my beloved Heels, to go all the way...

Well. It's confirmed. You are as wise as Solomon.