Saturday, March 22, 2008

That's My King

Happy Easter!


Sadie said...

that was amazing.
oh, how I love my King for what He did for me!
That made me cry
tears of joy, and happiness
and thankfulness
for all that Jesus has brought me through and truly saving my life and never leaving my side for my entire 17 years. with out Him, I would not be on this earth still. anyways,
Thanks for putting that up!! Have an amazing Easter!!
He. Is. Risen.

CrownLaidDown said...

I KNOW Him!! Wow. I want to know Him more... and I love than that is in our grasp to know Him more.

Happy Easter, Cottrell family!

Ernie Stevenson said...

Isn't that an awesome video! I used that as the opening video element at all of our services this morning. It really set the tone.

That's my King! Happy Easter!

valerie said...

I saw this once at one of the Living Proof conferences and was so touched by it. How wonderful to hear it again!
Bless you and your family this Easter day.

Kim and Eric said...

Travis, I found your blog from Laura's (CFBC). I love this video that you posted. Such a great reminder about who we serve. Hope y'alls Easter was wonderful!

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!! Have you seen the "sundays comin'"- video? it's powerful too!! Happy Easter.

Cecelia said...

I LOVE this video. I too saw it at a Living Proof event. We have also used it in our Worship Service at church.



connorcolesmom said...

God bless,

Patty said...

LOVE this video and Christ Church played this video to start off the service today. We had a powerful service and I found out from my friend Denise that a lady who had never been in church came with her friend on Maundy Thursday because it wasn't a traditional service. She got saved that night. She got saved and got to take communion the same night!! Praise God!!

twinkle said...

Great video! I went and browsed through several more from this site and they blessed me so! Thank you, Travis, for serving Christ with so much passion. May He bless you with a powerful sense of wonder and awe in His Presence. You bless me so much through your testimony and your music. Thank you for being a disciple of Jesus Christ in today's world.