Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Pics

We had a great Easter weekend. I hope you did, too. We had a wonderful morning at church. And we have eaten lots of food and watched lots of March Madness all day long. Fun times.

We veered away from basketball just long enough to be temporarily fixated on Paula Deen. Believe it or not, we had never watched her. I think Angela has a new kitchen crush. It prompted us to impulsively run to the grocery store and by all the stuff to make some homemade Paule Deen hot wings. And boy, were they good. And the good thing about her is that all of her recipes are healthy and low-fat.


My sweet wife also made my favorite for today...STRAWBERRY CAKE. Yummmmmmm.

Here are the kids before we left for church this morning...

We colored Easter eggs a couple of days ago (Jack was out with his buddy Noah on the lake, so he missed the festivities).

I am headed to California Monday morning for a premiere of the musical 3:16. If you are in the Pasedena are, come see us tomorrow night. We would love to see you.

Have a great Monday...



Abby said...

shoot. i forgot to eat some cake.'re welcome ;)

and paula deen rocks. but so does dora the explorer. :) and diego...and mickey mouse clubhouse...

steve said...

truly a privilege to use your music in ministry. last year at musiCalifornia you prayed for those of us who'd lost our song. in a year i have a new church, new city, new house, and with a song in my heart. see you in pasadena.

My Dear Family said...

strawberry cake - my fav - can you please send me a piece?

Deidre said...

Such sweet kids! Precious cake!! Or, is it the other way around?? Ha ha.. That cake looks amazing!

Edwards Family said...

The kids looked so cute on Easter Sunday!

I ADORE watching Paula...but I have to admit when I am done watching a "Paula Marathon" I get this twang thing goin' and my sweet husband will say, "Jen, you are from Missouri not from the south"...:~) Darn it all to pieces, I would have the cutest southern twang....:~)

Blessings to you in California!

Patty said...

Paula Deen is my fav on the Food Network. I mean butter and fried foods are her love language. I haven't made her wings but I have made her son's chili recipe and if you love chili you need this recipe. It takes 4 hours to cook but it is so worth it. Okay, enough about Paula. :o)
We had a great Easter service. I am glad you all did to and March Madness is crazy good! N.C. may take it all. THEY are good. My team barely made it but a win is a win.
Have a safe trip to Cali and may God bless the premiere.

CrownLaidDown said...

I never do this, but you really should read my Paula Deen story--it's a good 'un. And will make you lol out loud, as Monk would say!

Kelly S. said...

love 3:16....wish I could go

Paula is a hoot, but the last show I watched she deep fried mac and cheese!! (not sure about that)

Beautiful pics. My kids colored eggs outside on the tailgate of my husbands truck. It was a good idea until our dog jumped up in the truck and smushed what eggs he didn't eat. total hillbillies :)

connorcolesmom said...

Oh Paula Deen and some strawberry cake - yeah!
I love when Paula adds some butta and May-O-Nayz (as she says it - hehe)
I tell you everytime you mention that strawberry cake my mouth WATERS!!
Love the pictures - they are adorable :)

Have fun in Pasadena - I wont see you there but I will be in Jacksonville :)
God bless,

jennyhope said...

Levi is working hard on some egg coloring skillz! I love it!

SnappyCasualGifts said...

I LOVE strawberry cake too! You wife did a good job on the cake.

Lori4squaremom said...

Travis, I was just looking at your blog, and first of all, the cake looks amazing! And as I was scrolling down the page looking at your darling kiddos, I noticed that Lily Kate has the exact same Easter dress as my Hannah Marie (10--middle daughter). Hannah was tickled that your daughter had the same dress as she does :)