Monday, March 24, 2008

Frydaddy Returns

Check it out here or here.


Cindy-Still His Girl said...

1. LOVE your laugh. It is the best.
2. You saying you just talked on the phone to my pretend BFF Mandisa made me sigh with jealousy. She made my month by leaving a comment on my blog! (Somehow she heard about my stalking.) But talking on the phone?! You're my idol.
3. Your gut checks on AI are a'ight!
4. Banana milk? Nasty.

Anonymous said...

The podcast-Hilarity!

Hey, my husband is a graduate of U of Louisville and I graduated from West Virginia U.- so we're pulling for both. :)


CrownLaidDown said...

I love the podcast! I think it's fun just listening to y'all laugh--it makes me happy :)

Have a restful week!

PS I don't think you are musically comparable--you are uniquely gifted to do the thang God gave you to do! Keep it up!

Muddy said...

Completely enjoyed it.

I was looking in the bulletin from church Saturday night. Apparently they sang one of your songs right before we walked in (we were a few minutes late). After the service I told my daughter that "fry daddy" had wrote that song, as I pointed to the title and your name beside it. She giggled because she knew EXACTLY what I meant via these podcasts with boo and big. Podcast was more entertaining than dancing with the stars and AI put together!