Monday, March 24, 2008

American Idol - Down to 10

American Idol was one of the things I was so excited to blog about when i first began blogging a year ago. But I haven't even blogged about it all all this season.

I think it's a good season...although, I am sure it is not the most talented season ever, like the producers want us to think. the names Taylor, Elliott, Daughtry, Paris, and...uh...I don't know...maybe MANDISA come to mind??? : >) That was the best season, I think.

Let's get to it. First, let's talk about some negatives.

Negative #1: Hey, producers...can we PLEASE get rid of the mosh-ish fans at the front of the stage, mercilessly waving to and fro on al the wrong beats during every song...screaming during every note above a middle C? Ugh. They are driving me insane. Angela gets totally distracted watching the girl in the front who is completely mesmerized with her own swaying, constantly looking over her shoulder to make sure she is swaying in the right direction. Sigh. Eyes rolling. Stop them please.

Negative #2: Two weeks of Beatles songs. Boy, did they ever jump the shark on that good idea.

Negative #3: Paula.

Negative #4: These kids need to STOP TALKING BACK to the judges. I am telling you, in my humble but accurate opinion, it never pays off to talk back to the judges. Just ask Justin Guarini. Just smile and keep your mouth shut. Don't hold your fingers up with your phone number. Just BE QUIET AND HOLD YOUR SMILE UNTIL THE COMMERCIAL BREAK.

Negative #5: I already miss Amanda. She was thoroughly entertaining. She will be missed on the tour. She should not be gone yet. It should have been someone else...

OK...enough negatives. Let's talk about all that is good in Idol Land.

My favorites so far:

1. Brooke White - I realize that she is not the most powerful singer in the competition. But I just like her. Her performances are compelling to me. Especially when she sang "Love Is A Battlefield" and "Let It Be." I think her likeability factor is out the roof. I predict she will be top 4.

2. David Archuleta - This kid is so gifted. I don't think a freight train could stop him from winning. And I would be happy if he did. Great voice. Sincere guy. Humble disposition. Work it out, David Archuleta.

3. David Cook - This guy is great. A GREAT singer. But I don't know if his likeability factor is high enough to get him to the finals. But, wow. "Hello" was awesome. Of course, it was. 80's music ministers. Yes it does.

4. Carly Smithson - Same with her. She is an amazing singer...but I don't know if she will pull in enough votes to make it to the end.

5. Michael Johns - When he finally connects with a good song, he will gain a lot of momentum, and just at the right time, I think. His original audition was amazing. We need to see that from him again.

6. Jason Castro - He has top 3 potential. It's time for him to get behind that guitar again, though. His fidgity, aw shucks disposition needs to be tempered again with the guitar. I like his voice a lot.

7. Syesha Mercado - I have liked her since her first audition...but I don't think she has ever been as good as her first audition. That is, until this week, when she sang "Yesterday." I LOVED it. It had a Nicole C. Mullen vibe to it.

That's all I got for this week. I think next week's theme is "Songs From The Year You Were Born." Great. That won't make me feel old AT ALL.

Who's your favorite?


KMac said...

i absolutely agree with E V E R Y negative & plus. Did you know Jason (from humble Aggieland here in Texas) is great friends with my FAVORITE co-worker's kid, Adam?? Hmm? love me some Brooke! sweetie pie girl.

HisTreasuredPossession said...

Oh, I just love Brooke, Jason, and David. Would be very happy to see these be the top 3. Definitely agree with you on the negs! One other thought: for heaven's sake can we NOT have CALL INS on results night? Talk about ridiculous!!! Can't stand it.

Anonymous said...

Brooke is my fav.

Loved LET IT BE, and loved how she played the piano in bare feet.

She is humble, won't let fame get her head all blown up, and she is sweet.

SICK to death of the arguements between the judges..BORING! UNPROFESSIONAL! Makes me not want to watch the show.

I'm with you on the not talking back to the judges. Don't defend yourself, just smile :)

I like Jason Castro's voice too.

David A. CUTE as a button, and humble and fab singer! He will make it in life, even if he isn't #1 on Idol this year.

Kelly S.

CrownLaidDown said...

David is my favorite, but I think he will go far whether he makes it to #1 or not. So I want Brooke to win--'cause I like her and I think she would be the most humble and sweet #1.

Amen to your negatives. Amen. I refused to watch week 2 of Beatles, because I really, really don't like them at all--really.

I Just Wanna Be A Sheep said...

Travis have you ever played PS2karaoke revolution, american idol?
you would love it.

girlmomx3 said...

Hi Travis~
Love YOUR music! I am a Beth Moore follower. Jason is my favorite. He is from our church--Lake Pointe in Rockwall, Texas! He is exactly how he appears on TV, humble and sweet. He just wants to sing, and not be photographed and interviewed to death. I loved his first comment during Hollywood week--"I thought there would be more singing!!"

I agree with the negs about Paula. Is she medicated or what? Complete a sentence already!! (is that a complete sentence?)
Blessings to ya!
Jane, girlmomx3

Anonymous said...

Just one correction. Jason's best performance... Hallelujah was without his guitar.

Darlene R. said...

I love Brooke and David Archuleta.
They are both great singers.

I was kind of sad to see Amanda go. Her hometown is only about 12 miles from where I live!

I'm glad you're feeling better. My husband ended up on some major cough medicine and by the sounds of this podcast that I'm listening to, you might have been on the same thing!

Dionna said...

Brooke is my absolute favorite. I'm rooting for her all the way. I don't think you have to be the most amazing singer to win - you just need to be a good performer and that, she is. She has me hooked every time she sings.
Did NOT like two weeks of Beatles songs - yuck.
And I think Paula talks too much. I always want her to move on.

Todd Benkert said...


Just a few notes:

1. My ideal top three: David, David, and Brooke.

2. I disagree about Amanda. I was not disappointed to see her go. If rumors are correct, however, you'll have a chance to vote for her for a "second chance" vote to be on the tour during Idol Gives Back week.

3. I'm impressed that you knew and used the "jump the shark" reference. Make me want to go watch TVLand. I don't think, however, the second Beatles week is the beginning of the end for Idol the way Fonz on water skis was for Happy Days. :-)

4. With the young nature of the contestant pool this year, I think we should have Hannah Montana as a mentor for Disney week. If only Idol was on ABC.

-- Todd

valerie said...

My favorite is Brooke.
On a different note...
My Sooners (men) played terrible yesterday and are already out! :(

Cindy Beall said...

Hey! Found your blog through Boomama. Love your AI commentary. I do a post every week about AI, too. I guess it's my way to live vicariously through these yunguns since they didn't have AI around in the 80's. And yes, 80's music does bless the soul. Oh, and Syesha, while she more than likely won't win, sho can sang.


Rachel said...

I agree with all the negatives...and Brooke. She's a sweety!

faithful chick said...

Brooke is my fav...hands down. What's up with Amanda saying she would not be on the tour? I thought the top 12 all went on tour together afterwards. Did they change that?

I am cracking up about the kids holding their fingers up with their contestant number. I cannot stand that. Dor-ky.

Sue said...

Oh my goodness... you took the words right out of my mouth in EVERYTHING you said. The mosh pit girls have got to go. If I had to guess the order in which the rest of them would go, here's what it would be 10) Kristi Lee 9) Ramiele 8) Sayeesha 7) Chickezie 6) Michael Johns 5) David Cook 4) Carly 3) Brooke 2) Jason Castro 1) David Archeleta.

Patty said...

I don't know why but Brooke is my favorite. I like her style except when she tried to dance and move while singing. Bless her heart. I still think she has class.
David Archuleta, great voice and I think he has a huge fan base. I think everyone is picking him to win but I believe someone else will take it.
The other David, I really like him. I think he could win but not sure he has a big enough fan base.

I am with you on the mosh pit. Not needed.
I am over how they talk back to the judges. Just take it and go on and please, we can count and remember numbers so no need to hold up fingers.
As for Paula, I mute the t.v. when she speaks. Enough said. :o)

Kim V said...

HOLY COW!!! I like you even more now since I know you are an AI fan. My family loves to watch AI and so far my picks are as follows...
1. Brooke
2. David A.
3. Carly
4. David C.
Michale Johns was one of my favs but he has disappointed me the last few weeks...we shall see what he brings.

Anonymous said...

Brooke is my favorite too, of the females. But I love David Cook, he reminds me alot of Chris Daughtry (who was my favorite that season). I liked Amanda at first but I was beginning to get bored with her so I'm ok with her getting voted off.

Sheila, TN

connorcolesmom said...

Oh come on every time Paula mentions the different textures to their singing or spectrum of colors that is really sweet right - GAG!!
Oh and I was planning on being one of the ladies standing next to the stage waving my arms at the conference in Jacksonville - LOL!!
I too love Brook and Jason Castro for all the reasons you mentioned :)
David A has a wierd inhale when he sings almost like an asthmatic sound but I do really like him and his personality is just the BEST!

Abby said...

yes, i have watched david archuleta sing "imagine" about 97 times online. loving him.

i'm a brooke fan too...laura is in love with jason castro...

..and i agree about finger phones and mosh pits..

Laura said...

love brooke. love jason. i want both of them to get inside my purse and sing to me everytime i open it.

Mosh pit HAS to go - PAULA needed to go 4 seasons ago, and good gracious what happened to being respectful and letting the judges who are professionals (well except Paula) do their job, the contestants totally need to keep their mouths shut and listen will be an interesting season

Profbaugh said...

Brooke is my favorite female and David Cooke is my favorite male--not that either is the most powerful singer in the competition, but I like their style. David Archuleta has one amazing set of pipes, but I'm pulling for one of the other two to win. I'd actually buy a CD from them, not sure about David Archuleta.

Hate the mosh pit too. Just who thought up that idea??? Can you say "distracting?" I'm thinking, however that a "praise pit" might be a good idea for the Siesta Fiesta in San Antonio. Can't you just see it?? (tee hee)

Lots of voting going on at our house. Hope y'all are doing the same. Just don't cancel out my votes, okay??

Looking forward to Tues. and Wed.,

Joni said...

I like David and Jason. The glitz of American Idol has not seemed to change their humility or put stars (or dollar signs) in their eyes prematurely.

I was a little put off by a few of the contestants talking about their "fans" and coming to their "shows" when the competition is finished.

I agreed with Simon when he said, "I think its a little early to start selling concert tickets."

Donna Carolina Gal said...

I agree with you on EVERYTHING EXCEPT Amanda. I was not disappointed when she was voted off. There was something about her that screamed over-confident and all. I really like Brooke, David and David and Jason also. I think David A should win though. I also agree that I don't think this is the best year for talent. I want Sligh back!! (Greenville guy...) ha!

Lynn said...

I triple love Jason Castro!

Ashleigh said...

Hey Travis... I've sadly never been to a Beth Moore conference, never seen or even heard you(apart from the podcast, of course) and the most I know about you and your family is that your wife has some awesome jeans that have become the envy of the blogosphere. :D But when you speak American Idol, you're speaking my language, so I think you're going to be my new pretend bloggie BFF.

Patsy Clairmont said...

Trav..hi Patsy here. Can you believe it I've turned into a blogger. I originally thought blog had something to do with weight gain so I've come a long way.

I also am an A. Idol watcher so I felt really with it as I read your comments. I am a David fan.

Just wanted to say "howdy" and send my greeting to you those you love.

Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...

Amen and Amen to the negatives list. I HATE all those kids down front too! Drives me crazy...

Brooke is my's the piano. I just have to pull for the girl on the piano.....

Susan B. said...

My son had a baseball game last Tuesday and I missed the second Beatles week. I agree that one week of Beatles music was enough. I like Brooke, David A. and David C. I like Michael, too...but he needs to find the right song---soon! I alreay have my idea of who's next to go. Can't wait to see what happens tonight.

kellyr said...

David rocked the Billie Jean tonight...can't wait to hear your opinion on that 80's classic.

Christi said...

I have to admit when Ryan said David Cook was going to sing "Billie Jean" last night - I thought it would be weird - but it was unbelievable! That guy (and some of the others) does not even need this competition anymore. I have a feeling David Cook will be the big shocker this year (as far as getting voted off early). I also loved Michael John's Queen tribute and Brooke's "Every Breath you Take". I also like David A. but he hasn't been picking the best of songs. Wow did I feel old last night!

Anonymous said...

Okay- none of them can sing like you Travis BUT i do like David A., the other David, Jason, and Brooke (my husband's fav. David Cooke's rendition of Billy Jean was amazing last night...

BethAnne said...

Can I just say that if I see Paula stand up one more time with her unbent arms outstretched clapping like a freak --I will throw up!

Loving Brooke - she's sweet, humble, beautiful and she did awesome last night and what about Billie Jean guy - pretty exceptional.....I think Ramiele needs to go this time.....I agree that there is such a thing as too much Beatles (not a fan)----and as for feeling old.....David A. was born when I was in college. Dont worry I'm not bitter.

Sarah said...

OK, you have to admit, David Cook was the best last night! I never thought I'd actually like Billy Jean! I didn't even like it when Michael Jackson did it!

We sang The Lamb Has Overcome this past Sunday and what a blast it was! Thanks for writing such a fun and powerful song.

jar of clay said...

OK, this is my first adventure into Cottrell blogosphere. I'm a regular Beth Moore blogger, but not that you're talking American Idol, I gotta throw my two cents your way.

Totally agree with the mosh pit swayers. They are incredibly annoying and off beat.

Could you love David Cook's "Billy Jean" anymore? He is truly talented, (in my opinion). He just does things differently.

Love Brooke. She is so sincere and lovely and talented. You are right--not the best singer, but I think she'll go places.

I truly miss Amanda. She would have been a good draw for the tour.

David Arculeta is a bit much for me. He is definitely talented, but he's not my favorite.

Let's keep this American Idol going.


Oliver said...

Love me some AI! We've been sick the past couple of days, so we had to DVR it. We're going to watch it tonight. I know, if someone is voted out, it's our fault!

First of all, I am so with you Travis, on the mosh pit. The waving arms in the air drives me crazy. We watched AI last week with my in-laws, and I freaked out my mother-in-law with my "Stop it! Stop it!" every time they went to waving...I guess we all have our pet peeves.

I love Brooke and David A. That would be an awesome finale! David Cook is a favorite too. Can't wait to see his rendition of "Billie Jean." And why is it that Simon is almost always right? I agree with him too much. Scary.

Anonymous said...

I liked amanda- I have a question when are ya'll going to put "the patriarchs" music to some kind of musical/play? That would be great?

jar of clay said...

OK, one more thing. Last night at choir, my worship minister introduced us to "Jesus Saves" written by none other than Travis Cottrell. Absolutely fabulous! Can't wait to sing it in church.

You are a blessing!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see your post on this week's show - so, did you like Kristy's choice of God Bless the USA??? I haven't been a fan of David Cook, but man, he worked it out on Tuesday. Carly, too. Loving David Archuleta - pure, pure tone to his voice!

I'm excited because I get to hear Mandisa this weekend at a conference in SC.

Also, looking forward to sweet 16 action tonight - Go Heels!! They have been INCREDIBLE - Tyler Hansbrough, Whoa!
MJ in NC

Anonymous said...

I finally got to listen to the BigBooFryDaddy podcast. My smile muscles hurt when I was done. You all are so funny. Can't wait to hear the theme song you all come up with.

Looking forward to LPL in San Diego!

Karen H.

The Preacher's Wife said...

Late here but David Cook KILLED IT with Billie Jean. He's still not my favorite (You gotta love our Christian boy Jason Castro) but he was definitely my stand out this week.

I've been a little behind on all the girl performances but now that my beloved Lost is on hiatus perhaps I can focus my television viewing energies.

Elaine said...

Love AI personal top three:

David Cook...just flat out cool. Makes every song cool. Hair is cool. Love him. Did you hear his rendition of Billy Jean? Uh, excuse Randy would say, "He blew it out of the box!" Very cool.

Brooke White...what more can be said? She's adorable.

Carly...she is so so talented. Love her. Most intriguing of them all to me. I think she is probably divisive. Love her or hate her. I'm not sure there are any tweeners with her.


David Cook
David Archuleta (cutie patootie but...IDK.)

Just my measley two cents.

ed said...

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