Saturday, September 1, 2007

Fun Friday

Hey, friends. Friday was another great day here at the beach. We spent a lot of time at the ocean...

and in the ocean...

Again today there were no jellyfish! We were so happy. They all must be deeper still...


We built a sand castle.

And posed.

Then we went to the bay side of the island and went for a ride on a jet ski. We started out with Jack, Levi and myself.

Then, it was Lily's turn.

As Levi watched us drive off...

...he realized that his turn was over...and he was left on the shore...

...and that's not a good thing.

But he quickly recovered, and began flirting with his mom.

It was a fun day!

A lot of you have been asking at what beach we are staying. We are at Pensacola Beach, FL. We love it here. It is not too fancy or expensive, and it is a little less crowded than some of the other beaches that are typical stops for Tennesseans. We are crazy about it.

Have a great weekend!



Cindy said...

Hey Travis,

Glad to see the last days of your vacation were filled with so much fun! Still no story on the broken toe incident I see. Your pool didn't happen to have a diving board did it? Thanks for telling us which beach you were at. We've never been to that beach so will definitely have to put that on our 'places to visit' list. I'm glad that Levi got over being left behind so quickly. Beth will surely get a kick out of the 'deeper still' comment. Have you seen her video about the Siesta Fiesta? If not, be sure to take a look at that. Have a safe trip home. God bless!
Cindy in Weaverville

Lisa Pierre said...

Hmm, I actually prefer "color" pictures. Thanks. Don'tcha just love Pensacola/Destin? Great family vacation place.

Holly said...

Love Pensacola! Our good friends who are now missionaries in Peru ministered there for about 6 years.

The water is usually so beautiful and clear.
Great pics of your family!

Joanne said...

Hi Travis,
Again, I am so so happy to hear and see you & your family having such a fantastic vacation! I love the pictures, very cute!!!!

With love
Joanne in NH

Profbaugh said...

Oh man, I just love those shots of Levi!! What a cutie. Isn't it amazing how quickly emotions change when we're little??

Glad to see your're having a blast. And for the record, I love the black and white shots too.


Fran said...

Deeper Still....harharharhar....

Pretty clever! Looking forward to the real Deeper you realize how many blog siestas are coming???!! That is just CRAZY!!!
We will be staying near/meeting our "imaginary friends!"

Can't wait....enjoy your family!

Anonymous said...

i grew up vacationing on Ft. Walton... my parents still spend a week there each summer.
i KNEW i recognized that sand and sea.... its so beautiful there.
thanks for sharing pics and bringing back memories!

connorcolesmom said...

I had to do a quick catch up on all the posts. I am so thankful that you are having such a great time with your family and darling friends. The weather looks fantastic. Your family as always is beautiful!!
Oh and good thing the jelly fish are deeper still - haha!
That cracked me up since I will be Deeper Still in 6 days and I can't wait.
God bless,

Anonymous said...

My family also loves Pensacola! Have you eaten at Hemmingway's? Try the Key Lime Pie.

See you at Deeper Still. I am looking forward to worshiping with you.

Kelly S. said...

I love all your pictures thanks for sharing!
I am so excited, God has blessed me with the opportunity to go to Deeper Still. I had no plans to go....none. I never make more than one conference a year, But He made it clear I should go and then provided a ticket. WOW I am overwhelmed by Him. So this will be the 3rd time this summer I will have the pleasure of worship with you and your team!!! (not to mention Mandisa.....Wha hoo!!) Again, overwhelmed!!

ps. my husband says.."how bout them Mountaineers"!!!

Patty said...

Hey Travis,
Appalachian state beat Michigan today!! What an upset!!! Not sure if you follow college football, Boone is famous today!!

Anonymous said...

First of all, I'm jealous of where you are! But glad you and your family are getting some much needed rest and relaxation. And there is no place on earth like the beach! Imagine - He measures all that water in the palm of His hand! Isaiah 40:12

Slow down, relax and have a blessed time. Back to the real world soon!

Shelly said...

Okay, Levi flirting...stole my heart! lol...

Have fun!

AbbyLane said...

"deeper still"....oh my...

and those pictures of levi...oh heavens...PRECIOUS.
you just send those beautiful kids right on over to mine and laura's house any time ya'll need a break! :)

Oliver said...



Oh, sorry! (Why is everyone so surprised? The ASU football team is national champs, anyway! Twice! LOL) The pictures of your beach trip are awesome. I'm telling you, if my family were there, we might just claim "squatter's rights" and never go back home. Glad you've had a great time. Fun and sun. Nothing better!

fAiThFuL cHiCk said...

We love layed back there!

Love the pics...thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful family! You are one blessed man of God. Looking forward to seeing you and the team this weekend at Deeper Still...I hope Angela is there with you. She radiates Christ when she ministers before the does the rest of the team. But there is something to be said about a husband and wife who minister before the Lord together. You guys make Him glorious! Keep doing what your called to do! The bride is blessed....

ocean mommy said...

Pictures are beautiful and I am pleased to report that the east coast of Florida was just as beautiful this past weekend. Warm ocean water and a private beach made for a relaxing weekend! God always shows off for me at the beach and boy did He ever. He just thrills me.

Glad to see that you all were able to relax and enjoy family before the school year starts!

BTW, you ministered to us all the way down and back via CD's! So thank you!


Anonymous said...


This is the first time I have posted here. I first heard you at the LPL event in Columbia, SC 2007.

We used to be members at Woodstock,Ga and almost went the hear you in Aug! We were not able to make it and I read you weren't either. We love Bro. Johnny!

I am so glad you & the family ejoyed P'cola. I was born and raised there! Best beaches in the world to me! Met my husband at Olive Baptist Church there!

All of that to ask you if you have a relative that plays minor league baseball for Montgomery, AL a Patrick Cottrell?

We saw a game in which he hit a homer not long after the game started. With you being the only Cottrell I have heard of thought maybe there was a connection!

My husband and I both so enjoy your music. Continued blessings on your work and your wonderful family.