Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Heading to Indy

I am driving to Indianapolis today to get my Southern Baptist Convention on. I have a CD signing tomorrow...and I sing tomorrow night as a guest of the International Mission Board. This person and I wrote a theme song for their missions giving campaign this year, so I am going to sing that song. I am actually going to sing a 3 minute version of the 5 minute song. But it will be fun. A children's choir is going to join me, I think.

I'm not sure what time the signing is tomorrow (Wednesday)...but if you are there, come see me whenever it is...I'll be in the bookstore.

I want to say hello and send a big thank you to our new friends at First Assembly of God North Little Rock. The team and I had an awesome time there this weekend. The Lord really ministered to us during the worship time, and we are grateful. Grateful to Him...and grateful to the church for having us, and for being a place where the Lord is free to minister and work and refine His people. Thanks, Pastor Rod and Pastor Steve.

Thanks for all of your comments about hymns. I will tell you why I was asking later this week. You all mentioned some great songs.

Have a great day...gotta go get these Cottrell kids up and stirring.


RR said...

Signing is at 1 p.m. Wednesday. Yesterday about 200 people lined up about an hour and a half before Tony Dungy arrived to sign his book. The store folks have been told to expect a similar mob for you. I think extra security will have to be called in.

Drive safe. Sorry you have to stay at Motel 6. They left the light on for you.

Heidi said...

Hey Travis!

Yes you will be singing with a children's choir because I'm driving them into Indy! The kids have been practicing and are really excited. Looking forward to it. And I promise I will not yell, "Hey Frydaddy!" across the convention center. Drive safe. :)

Sherry said...

Loving the interactive blogging. And yes, Cindy Morgan, is absatively AWESOME!!(the album Loving Kind is playing RIGHT now on my puter) Oh and say Hi to Frank Page for me. (former pastor of mine)
Praying for you guys'

urasst said...

i was going to tell you that your signing is from 1-2 tomorrow, but rr beat me to the punch!

steve flores said...

It was a pleasure serving you and the team this past Sunday. You guys helped us move forward and in our staff meeting Monday morning, our team was still moved by your ministry. I'm glad that we could make it work to have you guys here. Hope you've caught up on your sleep!

I love your heart and your music. You'ins are amazing! I look forward to learning in the future.

I'm sending Kevin a link for the Spurs video I talked with you about.

Donna said...

Can you post a video of the song? As a MK, I'd love to be able to show my parents who are M's on the other side of the world the song.

lynda in tampa said...

Hi. Sorry this isn't relevant to the blog... I saw Travis with Beth Moore in Jacksonville in March. His group sang a song about "take the shackles off my feet so I can dance, I just want to praise you..." You know i keep humming that song! I checked the CDs and was unsure which one to buy (besides ALL of them). Can anyone help? Thanks.

Cindy said...

Hi Lynda in Tampa,

'Shackles' is on "The Lamb Has Overcome." It is an awesome CD from start to finish. Enjoy!

Cindy in Weaverville

Kelly S. said...

I'm thinking that's the song you sang at Merrimon Ave. and we closed with it. It was fabulous!! I have been looking for the video, and would love to see it!

Drive safe!

lynda in tampa:
You can find Shackles on Living Proof Live #3--The Lamb Has Overcome (& Beloved Disciple). And Yes they're ALL great!!!

Profbaugh said...

Hope the singing with the children's choir and the signing go well on Wednesday. Just wish I were there to stand in that L-O-N-G line!!

Much love,
St. Louis

Darlene R. said...

Oh man, you are only going to be an hour from me! I would so be there but we have VBS until noon this week at church.

I hope your drive went well, I hear it's not too pretty down in Indy right now with the water.

I wish I could've met you. Maybe in San Antonio?? :)

Christopher France said...

It was very cool to have you guys at First Assembly on Sunday. You did an amazing job. The service was very moving. I hope you guys come back very soon!

I met up with Wes Willet after the service. I had no idea he was playing with you. I used to play keys at his brother's church and he came to play with us from time to time. It's a very small world!

Thanks for inspiring our church and our worship teams. I know that we can find a new level of worship because of this past weekend's experience.


tulip said...

Ok...if we're talking about songs....there was one you guys sang at LPL Boise a few weeks back that had the names of God in the song (chorus?)....LOVED it but haven't been able to find it after buying 3 of your albums (all GREAT, BTW)!!!

Can someone help a sista' (siesta) out?!?!

tulip in Idaho

Janna said...

The song for the IMB is great. It is very moving even without the pictures they had behind it. They could have let you do all 5 minutes since they were so much ahead of schedule!

My Dear Family said...

i was there, but we left before you sang. if i had known i would have stayed to hear frydaddy.

Sisters said...

I was in Indy, and the song was terrific and the kids were so cute! I just love it when the IMB surprises us with great singers in their presentations.
Loved it!!

Bev Brandon said...

That thrills me as a mom of an IMB missionary that you're doing that as their guest. I just ran and listened to you on my iPod and you so brought God to me---isn't that amazing that your life keeps on going on and God is using you this moment here in Benbrook, Texas in one needy grateful heart, and you're with the big people there. But really, there are no "big people" and "little people" with our God. So humbling, isn't it? Thank you Travis!