Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesdays, How I Love You

Hey, friends. Long time no blog. I hope you are well. I have stepped away from writing ANYTHING except for the book, for which I have been feverishly writing every spare moment. I have missed you guys! But I have really needed to duck away and be faithful to this project and see it through. I even deleted Twitter and Facebook from my phone for a time...which has not had any affect on me whatsoever (twitch, twitch, headbob, twitch, eyetwitch, eyetwitch, headspin, kneeraise, flailing arms, twitch).

Our first Easter at Englewood was amazing. We had great crowds ready to worship. The choir was on stun. And Pastor Ben was helping Jesus show out. It was a great weekend. A couple of pics...

Happy Swollen Pollen Faces Easter!

You can't imagine the drama that ensued just before this picture. Or maybe you can.

I will pose for this picture as long as we don't have to touch. Ew. Brothers!

We celebrated the dawning of a new day in the Cottrell household. We have a teenager in the house. Good thing we started having children when we were 12.

OK. All I can say about this is that this is a first. Someone with the lat name Cottrell won the Science Fair. Go figure.

Other notes of interest...that aren't very interesting:

- We found a house to rent in Jackson, which puts us in Relief Central. We were sweating it out, since we move in just a little over a month (gulp). We decided to rent for a while, until we can figure out the where's and what's and what not's.

- Our house is on the market. We have sold 3 houses in our marriage. The longest it took for any of our houses to sell was 14 days. Our house this time has been on the market for 14 days. How many people have looked at it, you ask? ZERO. So some prayers for that would be much appreciated. But let me say that WE TRUST GOD. He has been too faithful for us to think He would leave us stranded at this point. He's batting a thousand through the history of time. So that's a pretty good track record on which to rest. Still, we are thankful for prayers.

- Living Proof Live Tampa is this weekend. Yessssssss. Have I mentioned how much I love my job??? :-) Can't wait. Already asking God for a big fat Word for my family and me this weekend. My new teenager Jack is coming with me this weekend. It's a special happy birthday trip. I'm praying for God to open that boy's mind up to God's vastness and greatness. I can't wait to watch his destiny unfold as he continues to learn more about Jesus.

- The team and I are staying over and leading worship at Calvary Baptist in Clearwater, FL on Sunday morning. I love this church. I sang there last year and had such a great time. Their worship pastor, Greg Toney is a great guy and great worship pastor. We are pumped to be there this Sunday. If you are in the area, come join us.

- I loved reading your reactions to my list of 25 Random Things About Me. Yes. I'm a weirdo. Thanks for your confirmation on that. Really, thanks.

I feel the need to answer one question. But not because I'm OCD or anything. Concerning #19: Yes. Black socks are a problem. I don't know what to do. I would tell you that I tried to label them with white-out, but that would be too embarrassing to tell. So I won't tell you that I tried to label them with white-out. I won't tell you that.

I love Wednesdays. Wednesdays mean a lot things to me. What Wednesday means to me this week is that in two days, I get to lead worship. I love it so much.

Happy Wednesday to you!


Sunny Sue said...

Good to hear you have found somewhere to rent in Jackson. That will definitely give you time to find your "spot". There are so many areas to choose from and even though you have family there, it will still be nice to get a feel for yourselves.

I must say that I am shocked about the black sock quandary. They have a gazillion different colors of Sharpees now. You should try "metallic silver". You will still get that all-too-familiar scent and I think it would work nicely on your blacks.

Daniel Semsen said...

Maybe you could just group each pair of your black socks together with a know, the kind you close up used bags of chips with. I have a couple I could part with...that way each pair of socks is properly clipped together in your drawer. OH, and obviously, only wash one pair at a time. All by itself. In the washer. Alone.
Problem solved.


Momma Jensen said...

Ahhhhh, Travis! I missed you! Your blogs never fail to make me smile!

Praying for a smooth transition to Jackson and a quick sale on your house.

Have a super weekend!

Nancy J

Sherri M - NH said...

I'll be praying for you and your family to get that house sold.

Have a great time in Tampa this weekend with your teenager!

Only 6 more months until I get to worship with you in Lowell, Mass...but who's counting! :)

Sarah M. said...

I'm loving Wednesday because in 2 days I will be worshipping with you! See you in Lutz!

Kelly S. said...

Praying for your family.

And, I'm looking forward to Woodstock, GA :)

3girlsmom said...

Black socks - silver Sharpie.
That is all.
Except I will reiterate that I think you're weird.
In an awesome way.
See you in Woodstock in 2 weeks.

Melanie said...

Really, you are too much, Travis. I laugh out loud with almost every post.

You do have one of the best jobs. Have fun with your teen in FL. I am walking through that door very soon - "who is this child/adult with her eyes permanently rolled calling me mom and what, pray tell, did you do with my sweet 5 year old girl who thought I was the greatest person on earth?" *sigh*

Good to hear from you. Praying for the house and move situation. Have a great Wednesday (I like this Wednesday because my son is turning 10 today)!

Dionna said...

I do hope your house sells soon or at least you get some encouragement and have some lookers.

Anonymous said...

Two Words:


or Two More Words:


Unknown said...

Thanks Travis for everything. I will be praying for you to sell the house. I am anxiously awaiting you and your team to come to Rome, Georgia. I am a worship leader in one of the choirs who will be singing with you on July 31st. We are so stoked! May God bless you and your precious family during this transition.


Praying that you sell your house soon Lord bring just the right couple to buy Cottrell house.
Lord we pray blessings on Travis and his son this weekend.
Travis you alway seem to make us seista's smile.
Have fun this weekend

Fran said...

For some reason this post makes me so happy. And, let me say...if y'all need ANY help whatsoever regarding ins and outs of the metro city of Jackson...i can help. I'll tell ya the honest truth about it all. :) We've been here 10 years and feel like its been a good way of course.

See you in the A-T-L.

Praying for your family like crazy!

Hugs and blessings!

Aunt_Nette said...

our church is doing "Jesus Saves" this Sunday night. Calvary Baptist Church. Beaumont, Texas. Ninety miles east of Houston.

The Wootens said...

Yep, Miss Pattycake is going to be four hours northeast of us this weekend. You will be four hours southwest. And because I couldn't decide which one to go to, I'm now staying home so my kids and I can just be disappointed together.

That's a great thing to do with a brand new teenage boy--surround him with thousands of Siestas for a weekend, and he'll either be:

A) Totally scared of women for the next several years, or

B) Aware of the true beauty of a woman whose heart is spilling-over-full of Jesus...and the fact that his mom and Bethmoore aren't the only two women who are like that...and that he can just chill out and trust God to bring him the right one in HIS time.

Either way, a great move for a dad whose son is about to discover that hormones are very real! --just be careful, when I WAS looking for hotels in Lutz b/c I THOUGHT I'd be joining you guys, I discovered that most of the budget hotels in that area are, um, "clothing optional"...had NO IDEA that mess was allowed in the U.S.A.!

Tiffany M. said...

Loved your post and God has always has perfect timing...with books, posts, houses, teens and conferences. I could expand on each point for sure. (Notice I didn't mention any socks above ;-))

Know you are prayed for today.

Anonymous said...

Your family is so cute!!! Sounds like you are a busy man. Good idea to turn the social networking off, that's the only way I can seem to get work done too.

Greensboro NC

Jonathan said...

it's okay for men to read your blog...right?

Susan T-V said...

SOOOO EXCITED to be praising God with you this weekend - Calvary Baptist can't wait!!! Blessings to you and your family!!

Leigh Ann said...

Two words for your black socks--silver sharpie.
Not that I know anything about OCD.

Holly said...

Praying for your home to sell and for a smooth transition to Jackson. God is so faithful!! I cannot wait to read about Jack's time this weekend. Give Angela a hug from me.

Chesney said...

Just saw your twitter status that your house sold! So excited for you guys! Jesus is so FAITHFUL! ps-God has moved our family twice in the past 3ish years and just some encouragement you could pass on to your kids that God has clearly shown us: 'God doesnt move our parents and forget about us kids, He has purpose for us as well...moving is fun and exciting, but at the times when it is hard, we just have to remember, He has blessing for us kids in it too' :)
Congratulations again!

pinkmommy said...

ohmyword, your teenager looks exactly like you!

Anonymous said...


To label black socks you need a gray sharpie. Problem solved.