Thursday, April 29, 2010

Checking In For a Brief Update. And Some Unbridled Bragging On My Girl.

Hey, friends. Hope you're well. I've missed you. I am just checking in to say hey. My head is still buried in this book. Round one of the manuscript is due tomorrow (Friday). After I get past that, I will feel much better. And once I get completely through edits and the rest of the rounds, I will be back to normal. Normal being semi-regular and marginally acceptable blogging from me.

I haven't even popped in to talk about Idol. It's killed me. The not talking about it, that is. Actually, the actual show itself has nearly done me in this year, too. Bright spots for me: Crystal and Casey. Love both of their voices. I don't see Casey making it to the finals with Crystal (the eventual winner). But if he did, having both of them in the finals would feel like a tiny ray of sunshine in an otherwise abysmal season.

We have two stops in our Jesus Saves Live tour this weekend. Saturday, we will be in Millington, TN (near Memphis) at Crosspointe Baptist Church. And Sunday night we will be in Huntsville, AL at Whitesburg Baptist Church. I can't WAIT to head that way and gear up for some hard core Jesus worship this weekend. If you are close by, I hope you will join us.

I want to close this brief update by bragging on my sweet little princess. Two weekends ago, Lily Kate made it to the state round of bible drill (her first year). And she got State Superior.

Please, somebody. Find a place for me to hide my heart. She steals it every day. Or at least every day that I'm breathing. Sweet girl...I love you so. You keep on studying that Word. Know it. Hide in it. Learn from it. Stand on it. It will be the LIFE of you.

Happy weekend, everybody!


PS - It's May already. Whhhhaaaaaa????


Christy Semsen said...


Unknown said...


state superior. good work. if she does that three years in a row, they give you a little round plaque. got one on my wall. :) good stuff.


Marla said...

That is awesome! Definitely something to brag about. Way to go Lily Kate!!! :)

Marla said...

That is awesome. Definitely something to brag about! Way to go Lily Kate!!! :D

Dave said...

I heard it said recently that parenting is an 18 year process of letting go. Accomplishments like that will last a lifetime, even if someday she forgets about them or they fade in her memory, you never will forget them. I re-learn every day that my 3 boys were brought to me by the Lord to show me how much he loved His one and only Son, yet He gave Him as a sacrifice for us. AMAZING LOVE!

Holly said...

Clapping, clapping for Lily Kate!!!!!! That is awesome!!

BTW, do you know our friend, Miranda Telford? She sings w/the worship team at CP. We have been friends of their family for almost as long as we've been married. I taught Miranda in GA's and Acteens.

Cindy said...

Congratulations Lily Kate!

DeborahC said...

Lily Kate is blessed to have a Daddy who is as smitten as you.

Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings
Ps 17:8

Fran said...

Awesome little girl! Awesome job Lily Kate!!!

Praying for you Travis. I know your plate is so full and I'm praying over you and your crew so much bc I know the stress of it all. However....God clearly has you on this one and I do believe He'll make it happen. ;)


fuzzytop said...

Congrats to Lily Kate!!!! That is wonderful!

Deirdre said...

thanks for coming up for air.

and way to go LK!!!! wow. Back when I was doing Sword Drills (about a million years ago) if you could say the verse from memory you could just dispense with looking it up and spout it off instead. do they still do that?


Hey Travis praying for you glad you came up for a little air we have missed you so.
Way to go Lily Kate you go girl.
Loved the daying at the end Travis it brought a smile to my face.
You are an awesome Dad
Blessing to you

Little Millie said...

Congratulations Lily Kate. My kids did Bible Drill all 6 years ( 3 for children and 3 for youth). I became their leader for most of that time and after that I continued on. I have such fond memories of working on Bible Drill. We made the verses and the key passages part of our family prayer time.

I didn't know what Bible Drill was, we didn't do it when I was growing up. I took my son when it began at our church. Since I didn't realize what it entailed I was so taken away when I went to the first practice round after he had been going for about a month and watched him say those verses. I cried tears of thankfulness and joy. After that, Bible Drill became a regular part of our lives. With our busy families and lives these days it takes a very dedicated parent to help children choose this and stick to it.

My children are grown now, one is about to get married and still tears well up in my eyes when I think about watching those two say their verses in Bible Drill. These are precious times and they are gone so fast. Enjoy every Bible Drill you get to see and know it makes a big difference in the life of your children.

I think it would be great to start a Bible Drill for adults. I have memorized a lot of scripture helping my kinds.

Dionna said...

Agree with you about American Idol. For the first time ever - I've stopped watching this season! Yawn!

Congrats to your daughter. You SHOULD be proud! :)

Jackie said...

I am ready for some big time praise worhisp - see you in Huntsville!

Jonathan said...

Think Lil' would tutor me? I dropped out of Bible Drill 4 years straight.

Cindy- My Life HIS Story said...

Hurray for Lily Kate!!! This thing that you seem to be a servant to will serve you well, darlin' girl!!!

And, Trav, don't you dare try to hide your heart. She needs to know her daddy is captivated by he so obviously is!!

Blessings on you and yours!!!

Jesusistheparty! said...

Real Siestas memorize scripture (and know how to use it)!!! Way to go Lily Kate!!!

Daniel Semsen said...

It needs to NOT be May yet.




And congrats to Lily Kate!

(PS-just think, two years ago I was about to get on the 440 EAST).

You will never live that down.

His Jules said...

Congratulations Lily Kate - that is awesome! Good job Dad for bragging on your girl, now get back to work! *grin* Praying that you will be very productive in your work and that HIS annointing will overflow in your coming worship services.

Trell Cone said...

I love Bible Drill :) My son Jacob was a state winner this year too

Jack Cottrell said...

SO CUTE! You rock sis!


Unknown said...

Travis, that is wonderful about your daughter. I love judging our Associational Bible Drills. Those kids really have His Word in their minds and hearts.

I was at FBC Woodstock on Sunday morning (last week). You and I exchanged a brief hello. It was so wonderful to worship with you and and the group of believers who played and sang with you.

Pastor Johnny Hunt's sermon was straight from God.

Worship is so much fun!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Lify Kate......nice job of loving her Dad!!

Now my ignorance....what is Bible Drilling??? Sounds like my grandchildren should be exposed to it.

Will see you in a couple of weeks in Grand Rapids, MI.....looking so forward to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):)
Bible Bunny in NO MI

Mary H. said...

My daughter and I went to Whitesburg to see you Sunday night but you were not there. I hope that you are okay and that all this rain has not washed you away!

Congrats to Lilly Kate!

Mary in Ardmore, AL

Bev Brandon @ The Fray said...

Way to go Lily Kate! Deut 32:47 - These words are not just idle words of memory, they are your very Life!

twinkle said...

Praying you and your family are okay up there in Nashville.

Just a little worried...

Rebecca said...

what book exactly are you buried under?

Anonymous said...

She did wonderfully!! I'm sure the judges agree! :)
Love you guys - Gwyn