Monday, April 2, 2007

Never Underestimate The Power Of A Modifier

It feels like it has been so long since I have is good to be back to the ol' blogging board. I was out Friday and Saturday on a field trip with Jack's class (which I mentioned earlier), and out for most of Sunday at church and at Jack's bible drill competition (which I also mentioned earlier). Today has been a good day of getting caught up on some things, going to the gym, celebrating passover with the family, and wrapping up work on a Christmas musical I have been working on for a couple of months. It feels so good for it to be done.

So, the field trip was great fun. The fourth graders from Jack's class went on a trip to St. Meinrad - a monastery in Southern Indiana. It was a very interesting trip to me. I loved learning more about the Catholic faith, and about the monastic tradition, neither of which I have had much experience with. The peacefulness of the lifestyle and the meneaningfulness of the traditions, practices and liturgies were appealing to me. Sometimes I think those of us who grew up with no liturgical background have missed out on a powerful practice. It was nice to join in for the weekend.
Can you pick my son out in this lineup??

Jack's bible drill went great. It was the associational level. He passed, and now moves on to the state competition in two weeks. The funny thing is he just started bible drill in January. He told us he didn't even want to compete in it this year because he missed so many practices and classes. So Angela and I didn't even go to the first round of competition, which was a week ago...we didn't know he was going to jump in and do it. Well, he jumped in and did it. And we were heathen parents not even at church that night! We, of course, didn't miss the associational round Sunday, and are so proud of him for giving so much!

OK, so last week, a friend told me to take Angela out for the day, and she was going to take care of the kids. So we went out. We went to lunch together. And we went shopping for rugs. Someone gave us a huge gift certificate for this great rug store when we moved into this house, and we went to spend it that day. So we spent a lot of time there. Then we went to the mall. And I am thinking what a great husband I am, because I have just spent 2 hours looking at rugs. I mean, come on, that deserves some points, right? So, we are in the mall. We are having a great time looking for some cheap Easter clothes for our kids. We score big time at The Gap and at Children's Place. (Is there anything more southern than the mindset that Easter Sunday is a day for new clothes? That is a southern thing, right? I still remember many an uncomfortable suit and tie when I was little...and the trouble I got in scarfing down that big hollow chocolate bunny and wiping my hands on my new white blazer.)

I didn't mean to chase that tangent.

So, after we shop for the kids, Angela sees a dress in a window that she likes. In an effort to encourage her to treat herself to this nice dress, I say, "Go try it on. I would love to see you in a dress."


I meant, I would love to see you in THAT dress. That dress! THAT THAT THAT THAT THAT THAT THAT. Not A dress. THAT dress.

It was too late.

Ladies, before you hang me out to dry, you must know that nowhere in my mind did I even ponder for a second that I wanted to imply to my wife that I never see her dressed nicely. Honestly, it was a slip of the tongue. A modifier error. A sentence structure problem. My wife is a babe. And a fashionable babe at that. She ALWAYS looks good. (Angela was a good sport. And ten minutes later, she deemed it a definite bloggable moment.)

Fellas - listen to me. Never underestimate the power of a modifier in your sentences. Never.
: >)


LeAnn said...

Hi Travis!
I enjoyed reading your blog tonight. My husband and I love your music. He is a worship pastor in Daphne, AL. Our choir loves it when he pulls out music with your name on it. God has used you to reach so many people. I just wanted to drop a note and thank you for mentioning your wife so often, and speaking so openly about your love for her. It is hard for me sometimes to be married to a worship pastor and serving at a large church. We have a young family, and sometimes I feel so undeserving, and even intimidated. And *gasp*, even lonely. But Bob is so loving and works hard to make his family his priority, 2nd only to Jesus Christ. It is scary sometimes to watch him grow and become more successful in his ministry. The church is growing by leaps and bounds, and even larger churches are taken notice. But to watch you and your continuing commitment to your family is very encouraging to me. I have such high respect for your wife. I attended the Beth Moore conference last year for minister's wives. It was unbelievable, and Beth never ceases to amaze me with her teachings. But, if your wife were to write a book of encouragement for other minister's wives, it would probably speak to so many hearts. Better go. Sorry for chasing rabbits, but it is almost Easter! (sorry, could not help myself.)

Amanda said...

Angela is a total babe. I'm glad she was so understanding about your modifier problem. Congrats to Jack on his Bible Drill success! And congrats to you for surviving the field trip.

Anonymous said...

"That" dress? I thought I raised you better than that. Yep, you are right. Your wife IS a babe and not only a babe. A saint. And I have joyfully helped pick out many a new frock for that sainted babe. And, by golly, the next one is going to be a prom dress and you'd better get busy and figure out where you're going to take her in it. Trav and Ang, you guys bring me so much joy. You and those three younguns. Can't believe our boy turned double-digits! You are family to me and I never get tired of the drama. Thanks for always entering into even Moore drama. -beth

Lori said...

So glad to have found your blog through you music web site!! Blessings. Keep up the great work. You have a very handsome son there, much to be proud.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and am glad I am home alone, because if my kids were here they would call the looney bin. I laughed so hard and loud at your modifier blunder! Oh boy. I will make my hubby read it when he gets home! I love the blog. Very fun! I actually wanted to thank you. Yesterday we were singing In Christ Alone at Easter Service and it echoed from the rafters of the gym we borrowed for service, and it reminded me of one of the most powerful spiritual moments in my life. At Phoenix Living Proof, we sang that song in that "echoey" ( is that a word?) convention hall and nearly knocked me to the ground. The sound of all those voices led by your terrific leading voice, was a taste of what heaven holds I think! What a great thing! Thanks for your ministry and your humble heart. You are clearly showing the love of Christ. In Him,
Julie Brainard
Mother of three,
( including a clever ten year old that would probably get along just fine with Jack. I loved his comment about your grammar!:) My Noah would have done the same.)

Anonymous said...

Hey there! I must say, I really enjoy your music. It has been a thrill in my family lately. I also have really enjoyed reading your blog! This entry struck me in particular because my youth group will be going to St. Meinrad and Ferdinand Indiana on a mission trip this summer. We went to Ferdinand last year and had a great time watching God work amoungst a population that was 90% Catholic. Anyway, I found that interesting that you went there too... and it has made me even more excited to visit there since I have read your blog about it.
Well, thanks for the great music! It has been a huge inspiration. Your cds and song books were a large percentage of my birthday presents this year, and for those I am very thankful.
Thanks again!