Saturday, April 14, 2007

Almost Home!

I am at the Columbia, SC airport, on my way home with the praise team from the Living Proof event. What an awesome event it was!

Yea for the Columbia airport having free wireless.

I can't wait to get home and see my family! I will write more later about the great weekend.



Tracey said...

Glad things went well and you're headed home.

Hope you don't run into some rough weather...we're hunkered down here in Alabama and it's heading that direction!

Stay safe!

By the way, in the last photo of your daughter (that she took while you were sleeping), she looks like a young Drew Barrymore!

Susan B. said...

I was in Columbia this weekend. Your music is AWESOME! I could so feel the presence of God. Thanks to you and the praise team for your ministry to all of us. Thanks also to the families for allowing you to share your gifts with us!

Anonymous said...

Did I spy the velvet blazer in the first picture? Hooray for more cold weather extending the life of good clothing.


Anonymous said...

I was in Columbia for the Beth Moore conference. The worship music was wonderful. My eyes were closed while I was singing the last song. When I opened my eyes you were gone. WOW, it was all about GOD, not you guys!
Charlotte S.

Anonymous said...

As I look at that picture I have such a longing in my heart! I was at the Living Proof event a couple of years ago and that photograph looks just like that event. I'll never forget it!
I'm so glad you're home sweet home. Blessings to you, Travis!

Anna said...

That was my first Living Proof Conference(will not be my last one) You have such a powerful voice as a singer and Beth has such a powerful voice in the word. I was so blessed to be able to come. A big thanks to my husband and my three children for letting me tell them all about an amazing weekend. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for leading us in worship this weekend in Cola.! I love to worship through music, but that was one of the most exciting worship experiences ever! Many thanks and prayers to your wife and three children for enduring these times without you...I am a mom of three little ones and I know it must be hard! Thanks again for sharing your music and your heart with us this weekend!

Angela Baylis said...

I am SO glad I was introduced to you in Detroit in February! I am addicted to YOUR music and I love how you sing my favorite song... In Christ Alone! I am just getting into this blog thing... I feel a bit weird about it...since I feel I am intruding in your private life! Thanks so much for sharing with us! You are using your God given talent to glorify Him... and I am blessed!

The Open Range Camping Family said...

I did not realize that you had a blog. I hopes its OK that I linked to it, otherwise I'll never find it again :)

I was looking thru the archives and saw you had some posts in April which is when we went to LPL in Columbia. Me and six of my girlfriends loaded up in my Suburban and drove to Columbia from Tampa. The weekend was awesome and I just wanted to say "thanks!"

God is using you & Beth in such an amazing way, I was blessed to be just a small part of it.

God's presence was so amazing that weekend and we were all changed from it. God is good!