Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wow. It's Cold Here, Too. Funny How That Works.

Hey, friends. I made it safely to The Netherlands today. The trip was relatively uneventful and peaceful. I left Nashville at 4:30 and had a layover in Memphis. We pulled out of Memphis at 7:30 Wednesday night, and arrived in Amsterdam 8 1/2 hours later - 10:00am their time. I actually got some good rest on the flight. I watched the movie that was showing (Baby Mama), and tried to watch the next one (Get Smart) but fell asleep during the opening credits. I woke up about 20 minutes before we landed. Yessssssss.

My friends Marcel and Annemarie Koning were waiting for me at the airport when I arrived. We had a quick cup of coffee (the coffee over here is crazy good), drove to say hello to a couple of friends at their workplace, and then went to lunch. I wish I would have had my camera with me so you could see where we ate. It was beautiful. And the drive there was straight out of a movie. It was mostly two lane roads, with tall tress lining both sides of the road and leaves of every color.

I am staying with friends while I am here. So after lunch we went to their place and I got settled in and rested for a while. Now, I am at a church getting ready for tonight's rehearsal. I am at the church where we will be playing Sunday a town called Hilversum. Saturday night, we are in a church in Amsterdam. And I am staying in a town called Amersfoort. Here is a map so you can see all of those places. Because I know you are dying to know. Except for not.


OK...I'm signing off for now. Thank you so much for your prayers for my family and me while I am away.




Laughing Momma said...

I love the line, " And the drive there was straight out of a movie. It was mostly two lane roads, with tall tress lining both sides of the road and leaves of every color."

My husband would only recognize a road out of a movie if it were Terminator or Matrix...I am guessing that is not the same vibe you were going for.

Me, I imagine The Netherlands a lot like Anne of Gables.


hisfivefooter said...

Will be praying for your time over there. Asking that the fire of the LORD would come and consume the offering. God bless you friend!

Holly said...

Thank you for the map--cause I am geographically challenged UNLESS in a mall, then I'm just fine.

Praying for you and your family!

Also? The coffee? Buy a bag and give it away on your blog. I would really like to taste coffee from around the world, but since it would seem that I hardly ever travel... I'd love to at least have a chance to try some!

Random: Your word verification made me type "nonvoter."

Cindy said...

Glad you made it safely. You sure are visiting some amazing places!!

Cindy in Weaverville

Angela said...

I got your CD FINALLY today, after being without it for over a year. Anyway I popped it in the car and started singing away. Now the reason I'm telling you this.
My son who turned two today hasn't heard your CD in a while and when I had it I played it all the time and sang it all the time while he was in the car. So when I played it again today I guess he remembered the songs because he started singing with me. And the strangest thing is he never sings, ever. I am trying to teach him songs and he won't sing, but today he sang for the first time!
So thank you Travis for teaching my son how to sing, or at least singing songs that he likes to sing. It was a beautiful sound listening to his sweet voice today.

jennyhope said...

I am so praying and I am glad u thru that map up for a visual. I left Geography and school

boomama said...

Well. That map is very helpful.

Adam said...

ok.. how cool is it that we have this thing called the internet. I mean really.. Your in the Netherlands.. and your telling us what your doing. How freakin cool is that. Maybe its just me.. or I am amazed by the technology that we have. anyways...good to hear you made it safe overseas That stinks you forgot your camera im sure its beautiful.

HisTreasuredPossession said...

very fun...but just wondering...who is or how are you going to go through your kids halloween candy? I remember the important discussion from last year... ;-) have a great time!

ah, and my word verification is making me type fiesti =)

Daniel Semsen said...

you fell asleep in the opening credits of Get Smart??!!?!?!