Saturday, October 18, 2008

Heading Home

Good morning. I am in the lobby of the Hilton in Hartford, CT (no wireless in the rooms at the Hilton. Grrrrr.). We head home today...flight at noon. Yessssss. It has been an AWESOME week, but I am glad to be going home to love on my family. I am fortunate enough to usually not have to be gone more than a day or two at a time, so this 6-day stretch has been TOUGH.

Levi is on a horse trail ride with his Nona and Pop this weekend. He will get home tonight. I'm looking forward to the stories.

This New England tour has been a blast all week. We have had a great time in Vermont, New Hampshire, Delaware and Connecticut (with a quick stop in NYC). Last night, LifeWay surprised Beth and the team and me with a reception and celebration. Rich gave us a book chronicling the past 5 years of Living Proof. It is amazing. And they made a thank you video that brought us all to tears. It was moving and wonderful.

The other teams (LifeWay, tech crew) took a flight out this morning at 6am. They originally scheduled us for that flight. But I went all musician on them and said forget it. We would like a noon flight, please. And they graciously obliged. Good thing, 'cause I would have karatied somebody if I would have had to have been heading to the airport at 4am. And they don't want none of this.

SO...have a great weekend. I will be with my 4 favorite people in the world. And my favorite dog. And my favorite guinea pig. And watching more football than would seem humanly possible.


Kelli said...

Musicians and their demands.... sheeesh!

Tammy M. said...

Sometimes one has no choice but to "go musician" on the man! (Not The Man, mind you, He wouldn't be appreciative of that)

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Have a great flight and an even greater weekend. I know they're happy you're coming home.

We do special things when my husband is away, but there's nothing like him walking in the door and yelling, "I'M HOME!"

Angela Cottrell said...

Counting the minutes, baby!

bethany said...

Praying you home Travis!
Glad that you had such a fabulous time.

Adam said...

Dude.. you definitely are a night owl. Geez.. i would love a 6am flight. haha.

Glad you had good time.. enjoy spending some quality time with the family.. and the pets.

Sherry said...

Am proud of you for going all musician on them,...4 am after a concert the night before is murder! Reminscent of some of Richard's scheduling all those years ago. To quote Brian's fave line: "By the way team, by the way..." LOL!!

Patty said...

Go all Kung Fu Panda on em' Travis. lol!!

How sweet of LifeWay to give you all a reception. I know you all had a blast but it is always great to be home. I am watching football and have been all day and poor Vandy lost to the Dawgs. It was a good game. Looking forward to the Texas game.

Have a great Sunday.

twinkle said...

Can I add my applause? Clapping in excitement for what God has done through Living Proof Ministry and Travis Cottrell Ministry! Ten years and 50 states...I am clapping!
Can't wait to see what the next ten years bring!

hisfivefooter said...

I'm with you- who wants to get up at 4 am and try to look have decent. When you "go musician" it usually means your artistic bent got bent! Your family will be so glad to see you! Nothing better than having your man home and your kids daddy home. God bless you all this weekend! Have a great Sunday, maybe someone can minister to you for a change!

laura said...

Adam and I were just apart for 6 days and it was soooo hard. Isn't it great to have a family you miss? God has reminded me that it is such a blessing to desire to be home...

Enjoy your weekend with your sweet family of four!

Wanda said...

You guys are worthy of some love & reception celebration!

Thanks for "serving"'s a pleasure to be blessed by such a great ministry team!

Glad the trip was so much fun!
You guys R O C K !!

Profbaugh said...

Well, I assume you are home by now, Travis. Hope you really love on your family something fierce! There's nothing better than coming home after have been gone for an extended time.

Right now as I type this I'm in a Courtyard by Marriott somewhere in Central Illinois. I've now racked up enough "reward" points for traveling this year to be "silver status" with the Marriott corporation. Oh my! Does that say something about my traveling WAY too much??

Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting home to my family today. I am, however exhausted from the weekend. So there may not be much football in the picture for today. I do see a LONG nap in my future!!

Like you, I'm sure I'll be glad to be home safe and sound.

Much love,

Fran said...

Welcome home!! I know you've got to be worn out bc reading the updates were killin me! In a fun way though of course.

Thanks for a wonderful 10 yrs. My life is completely changed through the unbelievable love of Jesus and through the amazing vessels of every single person on the team.

Big blessings over you all~

ocean mommy said...

Been praying all week for good health and safe travel...Hope that you are home...well...and enjoying that family!


Anonymous said...

I was frount and center Friday night and it was a true blessing.
Thank you

Ina said...

Had the blessing of being in Delaware Thursday night - totally great! And I absolutely loved your rendition of "In the First Light" right before Beth spoke. One of my favorite Christmas songs and I think your arrangement is even more powerful than the original. Snatched up the Christmas CD so I can sing along in the car for the next two months! Thanks!

HIS Child said...


I am so blessed to have been introduced to Beth and The Praise Team. First time for me was in Las Vegas!!! The men at our church chuckled and said "Sure a womens retreat in Vegas" The laugh was surely on them, as we all left that church better than we came. You and Beth have truly taught this former pit dweller how to live in HIM and Believe God.
Congratulations on 10 years and 50 States. Be blessed and enjoy the time with your precious Peeps!!!


Kimberly and Grace said...

Travis the "Diva"...who knew! LOL

In 2003 I found Beth Moore and fell in love with God's word more than I had ever before.

In 2004 at my first LPL event I found Travis Cottrell and worship was never to be the same.

Thanks for the ministry you do. I can only imagine how difficult it is to be away from your family. However, your willingness to allow the Lord to use you has touched many lives, especially this one.

Angela...thank you for being a part of that. I know he could not do it without you. So, thank you! :o)

Heather said...

I love that you said "karatied"- that's a great new verb! BTW- bought the Christmas CD yesterday and it rocks! It's totally the bomb-dot-com as cool people like you would say!!! :)

ed said...