Monday, October 4, 2010

Random Phone Pics: Chicago Edition

This was the sink in my hotel room in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. I had to call the front desk to find out how to unstop it.

This is one of my all-time favorite dudes, Andy League. He was in my youth choir when I was serving at Two Rivers years ago. He just finished his Masters of Divinity at Gordon Conwell Theological University (some church needs to snatch him up...they will be glad they did), and currently lives in Chicago. I got to visit with him while I was there. Refreshed my soul to see him all grown up as a full-of-faith man of God.

It also refreshed my soul to eat this pizza with him.

Seth and Nirva on the walk back to the hotel from sound check. Looking cool crossing the street.

But he wasn't so cool trying to take the picture of Andy and me.

Not Chicago related, but I feel the need to share. My Appalachian State sticker on the back of my car has seen better days. Time for a new one. Can a fellow Mountaineer help a brother out?


Daniel Semsen said...

I bet someone in the Appalachian Emergency Room can help you with your Appalachian sticker.

Melissa Watson said...

Thank you so much for ministering to us in Chicago! I had an awesome time at the event. Beth was wonderful as always and your praise and worship moved me. Thank you for serving God!

PS that looks like Giordano's pizza! YUMMMY!

Jack Cottrell said...

that pizza look good!

Jami said...

Um, this fellow Appalachian Mountaineer can mail you a new one if you would like!! I am headed to Boone this weekend for Homecoming! I know good ole Bonnie Smith, and we can make sure you have one haha. But Seriously. :) No Mountaineer needs faulty stickers to represent such greatness as ASU!

Anonymous said...

Just received my copy of your book....loved the dedication to Angela. The book ROCKS. Thanks for continuing to serve God so boldly. Your music brings me into the presence of God like none other. Sincerely, Denise Keeter
(long time Beth Moore & Travis Cottrell fan)