Monday, March 29, 2010

This List is So (Twenty) Five Minutes Ago

Last year, everybody on facebook posted a list called "25 Random Things About Me." I really enjoyed reading them. It took me a while to conjure up the energy to write one myself. I finally did. But by the time I was finished, I was too sick of myself to even post it. So I never did.

I found it as a draft somewhere the other day, so I thought I would post it here (coincidentally, Beth has a similar kind of list - and very funny - going on over here). As I read it, I came to the conclusion that I am pretty doggone strange. Not a new revelation to some of you. I understand that. But still. For some reason, the breadth of my weirdness was news to me.

So here goes. Welcome to the freak show.

- 25 Random Things About Me -

1. I've only seen one black and white movie ever. It was something like "Strangers On A Train," or something about a train. (AND, I've never seen a full episode of The Andy Griffith Show. I know...that's a travesty, especially being from NC.)

2. I spent more than half of my life requiring myself to end every staircase - going up or down - on my right foot. Growing up, I had all of my daily staircases memorized, and always knew which foot to start on in order to land on my right foot.

3. I love being a dad so much. I feel life most deeply when I am with my wife and kids.

4. My dad was a prisoner in WWII. He was in the army during the end of the war. He spent 9 months in a concentration camp in Germany, up until the war ended.

5. I am an incessant trash talker. I will talk trash about anything. I don't even have to care about the team, game or topic. I don't even know what compels me. Even when I know defeat is imminent for whoever's side I'm trash talking in support of, I can't stop myself. It's fun.

6. I will beat you down in a game of Nertz. Any time. Anywhere. I am the best. Yeah, I'm talking to you.

7. One of my life regrets is that I wasn't in marching band in high school. My school didn't make it easy to be in both chorus and band. So when I got to 9th grade, I pretty much had to choose. I don't regret choosing chorus. But I regret not making a way to be in band, too. My inner band nerd is alive and well.

8. I have a very strong affinity and connection with my growing up years in NC. I still stay in touch with many of my teachers and friends. I still talk to my 5th grade and 7th grade teachers on a regular basis. Sometimes when we go back to Boone, I will drive through old friends' neighborhoods and old school parking lots just to see how things have changed, and to reminisce. I am PAINFULLY sentimental and nostalgic.

9. On that note, I am an 80's pop culture junkie. Especially music. I love it. And I love the old feelings and emotions it conjures up. I can hear 2 seconds of Bill Joel's "Leave A Tender Moment Alone" and I am immediately transcended to 9th grade, in my cousin's car, pulling into the WHS parking lot early on a fall morning. I can't even hear "Hard Habit To Break" without thinking of Friday night sock hops (who can, really?). One more thing about the 80's: I never met an 80's duet I didn't like. The best? "Separate Lives" by Phil Collins and that girl who sang a bunch of 80's duets. I am trying to resist making this entry any longer, and doing my best to not tell you that my favorite 80's soundtrack is "Stealing Home."

10. One time in junior high, I rode the Meteorite at Carowinds 3 times in a row with my friends. After the 3rd time, I walked off and immediately threw up my cherry slushie. I had pulled my sun visor (why was I wearing a sun visor) down around my neck, so it caught all of the throw up. I spent the rest of the day with cherry slushie puke stains on my white shirt and visor. I think the memory still traumatizes my friend Teresa.

11. For our 8th anniversary, Angela and I went to NYC to see the women's final of the US Open. We saw the first ever Williams-Williams grand slam final. Venus won. We were planning on flying home at 9:00 am on the Tuesday after the final (9/11/01), but changed our flight at the last minute to Monday, because we were closing on a house the following Friday. So we flew home from NYC on 9/10/01.

12. I am a sucker for movies about the innocence of childhood...especially when there is a voiceover involved. Simon Birch, About A Boy, My Girl (can't remember if there was a voiceover in that one, but that movie killed me). And The Wonder Years narrator gets me every time.

13. One of my favorite childhood memories is going to Wheeler's Produce, buying a watermelon, bringing it home and putting it in the creek in our back yard to keep it cold.

14. My memory is very selective. I am embarrassed about how little I remember from what I learned in school (which is evidenced by how little I can help my fourth grader with her math homework). But I can tell you anything you want to know about Roj, Dewayne and Rerun on "What's Happening." Or pretty much any other sitcom from the 70's or 80's. Or any SNL sketch from 1987-1989.

15. I'm so ashamed to say this, but when I see someone fall, it's like flipping a laugh switch on in my head. I can't NOT laugh. I don't want the person to be injured. But I can't stop laughing. Youtube has changed my life.

16. I remember going out of town with my sister when I was 9. She was 21 or so. It was just the two of us. We went swimming at a big pool complex in the closest big town to Boone there was. And then we went to the mall. The souvenir I bought with my spending money was a Kenny Rogers songbook. It was titled "Kenny." I still have it. And I occasionally sing a song I learned from it as a lullaby to my kids. And, no, it's not "Lucille." Or "Coward Of The County."

What 9 year old buys a Kenny Rogers songbook for a souvenir? Sheesh.

17. Inside me is this weird mix of feeling like I know how to do what I'm called to do, and fearing failing miserably at it.

18. I can't walk by a Galaga game without playing it.

19. I number my socks. As soon as I buy a pack of socks, I number the pairs on the bottom of the foot with a sharpie. That way, they can stay with their correct mate forever. And when I am wearing them, they will have the same level of wear and tear. I'm wearing the 5's today.

20. My wife continues to amaze me with her depth of beauty, grace and wisdom in regards to all facets of her life. Ask anyone who knows her; she is stunning on the inside and out.

21. My computer homepage is I spend probably 30 minutes a day reading there. I am a sports junkie. A life highlight for me has been getting to meet one of my all-time idols, David Robinson. I got to meet him twice last year. And I was a big goober both times. I took vintage trading cards I had of him to sign and everything. But I did NOT talk trash with him (see #5).

22. I love the beach. Everything about it. The salty air, the tight, slightly sunburned feeling on your skin, the freezing cold room you walk into coming inside for lunch, digging to the bottom of a sandy beach bag for a room key, the happy scent of sunscreen 24/7. My memories of going to the beach with my family as a kid are still so vivid and so happy. And creating those same kinds of memories for my kids puts me over the moon. I love it so much.

23. I hate having to pick one favorite thing when asked. This makes decisions challenging. Favorite food? A delicious steak. Oh, wait...maybe some sort of asian chicken with fried rice. Or maybe some barbeque something with slaw and beans and texas toast. Favorite color? Blue. Or green. Or maybe red. Favorite sport to watch? Either NFL football or NBA basketball. Or tennis. Favorite Starbucks drink? London Fog. Or a soy vanilla latte. See what I'm dealing with inside here? I can't even drive through McDonalds without praying about what to get. Weirdo.

24. I can tell you decidedly my single favorite pop song ever. "Against All Odds" by Phil Collins.

Or "Rock With You" by Michael Jackson. Or "Missing You" by John Waite.

25. I am hopelessly sanguine. I love being with people all the time. But even in the context of always wanting to be social, I want to be with people where the relationships are meaningful, caring and safe. And fun. Fun is good.

26. I have so many OCD issues (see #2 and #19). One of the worst is that I am so picky about t-shirts. The neck of any t-shirt I wear has to be really tight. If it's loose, I won't wear it. The sleeves and the shirt tail both have to be a certain length. And it can't be too big around OR too tight. I can look at a t-shirt and know in 3 seconds if it's going to work for me. And once I pull a t-shirt over my head and then take it off, I can't wear it again until it has been washed and dried and shrunk back to its original size. I know. Strange.

27. Autumn makes me crazy happy. I love it. The leaves, the cool air, football season, that first day cool enough to wear hoodies and play outside with my wife and kids. When I turn onto our neighborhood road and the leaves are changed, it's so beautiful sometimes I tear up (tear rhymes with "we're," not "where"). And NOTHING is happier than being in Boone, NC in the fall. Mmmm.

28. I love to lead people who love to worship God in worship (does that sentence make sense?). I literally lie awake at night thinking about songs and scriptures and transitions and moments and putting them all together in a (hopefully) authentic way. I ponder song orders and key changes and band parts throughout my days...most often at random times when I probably should be giving something or someone else my full attention. It is what makes my heart tick, and what I am thankful to be on this earth to do.

29. If you had asked me when I was 20 to script out my life for the next 20 years, I would not have scripted anything close to what has actually come to pass, because I would have been afraid it was too much to ask for. I feel so thankful for everything and everyone God has given me the privilege to share this journey with. And on that note, as I look back, it's the people...not the places or things...that stand out the most and that have had the most impact on me.

I'm an oversharer. I couldn't get this list down to 25. I tried. Oh well. 29 is sort of the new 25, right?


pinkdaisyjane said...

#19 kills me. I laughed out loud, but I'm strangely tempted to go up to hubby's sock drawer and get out my sharpie!

Heather said...

Travis - do you remember Hunt's Department Store in downtown Boone? My grandfather owned that store! I grew up in Florida, but Boone, NC will always have a fond place in my heart! -Heather

Anonymous said...

I especially like your comment about the band. You see, I am a band director in Medina, TN and what you said about regretting not doing it, is what I always try to tell students when they are thinking of quitting. Maybe I will begin to quote you the next time this happens!
Looking forward to seeing you at the Women's Conference on April 9-10. BTW, I adore the song "If I Could See What You See" from Patriarchs. Beautiful isn't it?
Emily Brown

Jennifer Goodwin said...

Number 10 just made my day. Thank you for the much needed laugh to relieve some tension!

Momma Jensen said...

Travis, you are such a delight! You may indeed be weird, but lovable weird! Thank you for being an over-sharer - I enjoyed reading every one.

Cindy said...

For some reason, #16 really made me laugh out loud. #19 is a great idea and my son is the same way about #26. I am relieved to know that it isn't just him.

This was a fun post.

boomama said...

#9 - MARILYN MARTIN. I know you knew that. I know you did. I have to believe that you did.

And re: #20 - AMEN.

Lindsee Lou said...

2) The staircase deal is just too much work for me. Too much.

11) That is crazy! My Dad flew TO NYC that Monday. Then to Pennsylvania later in the day. Crazy! He couldn't get home for a while, needless to say.

12) My Girl = Classic.

15) I laugh at all falls as well. It's pretty pitiful. Hey, at least we can laugh at ourselves too!

19) I'm just floored. Again, too much work. But at least you'll never mis-match your socks. Impressive?

25) Me too! Me too!

Okay, I'm done commenting. I think these are so fun.

Sunny Sue said...

Oh, how I love a list! That was even my #1 on Beth's post. I absolutely cannot believe that you have never seen a full episode of Andy. My teen girls actually got into it last year. Fun for me. I love me some Andy!

I am also PAINFULLY sentimental and nostalgic. Facebook has only made it harder to cope. :-)

You lost me on the socks, weirdo.

Unknown said...

Dude, #26 - I DO THAT TOO! Thought I was the only one. That's crazy. So glad I'm not alone in that.

In all seriousness though, you need to write a book if you aren't already. You're a crazy-good writer. Loved reading this.

Lisa said...

Great list ... which one was it that you temporarily thought about sharing with us Friday night in Tucson when you were so tired? ;)

On a more serious note, I can't resist the opportunity to thank you for your faithfulness to the One who calls you to lead worship. God used your teaching and rendition of Mercy Seat to bring me home after a season of choosing to ignore Him. It was the most profound 8 minutes I have experienced in a long time. Humbling, convicting, and restorative.

Thank you.

Ivymamma said...

I'll take that Nertz challenge! Shuffling question...when you are going through your cards in your had and the top three are 1,2,3, do you flip them over so you see number 3 or take the top three cards 1,2,3 and flip so you see number 1? this has cause great arguements in our household! Some people feel seeing card number one is cheating, others just say they are poor losers!

happymcfamily said...

Um, I think "shrink back to normal size" is sort of an oxy-moron.

But I must admit, I really like the sock numbering, a lot.

Anonymous said...

I so identify with #15 about
laughing when someone falls.
My husband gets on to me for
that all the time. But, I
just can't help it. People
look so funny when they fall.
Of course, I too hope they
don't get hurt.

Leah Adams said...

I'm a former band member and it was so wonderful. Still keep in touch with my band director and his wife. In fact, she comes to a Bible study at my house. Wonderful time, wonderful memories.


Matt said...

I would have joined you on #16. I loved Kenny Rogers at that age. He helped me with my three-cord movements learning to play the guitar. I played "The Gambler" at a junior high talent show. The following year, another school acquaintance did the same. He didn't finish high school because he died in a diving of the saddest memories when I, like you, get nostalgic.

Kate Marshall said...

God really does create and love ALL kinds of people! hehe jk! Thanks for sharing a little bit more about you! I think it helps to see that the people whom we look to for worship and leading are "normal" people too! And for someone that needs to be lead...I want to be lead by a REAL person! (hope that made sense!)
Thanks again!

Joanne : The Simple Wife said...

#4. Wow.

#17. Amen and amen.

#28. It shows. Thanks for your words in Tucson this past weekend. God spoke through you. Though you speak FAR fewer words than Beth, his voice comes through loud and clear with the words you share. Thank you.

My 11 yo daughter came with me for the first time this past weekend and was listening hard for her word from God. "Can it come in a song, Mom?" she asked. Absolutely.


Joanne : The Simple Wife said...

P.S. And love that you sang "In the First Light"--have to admit we listened to part of your Christmas album as we drove from Phoenix to Tucson. Who cares what the calendar says?!

tandtsmom said...

Okay...#1 I LOVED this list! And #2 I can hardly wait to buy a new bag of socks and number them. I have always wanted a way to control the sock wearing/mating thing and you have inspired me. I am giddy. Almost as happy as when I saw that video on how to fold a fitted sheet!

God Bless You and Your Family (especially Angela and the laundry issues she must deal with;-))

Terri said...

I love, love, LOVE that you can't make a decision. I am very much the same way. When asked my favorite food, I sometimes reply "cow"...cheese, steak, milk, icecream, yogurt, burgers....all good! When asked my favorite color, I always say, "clear". My husband cannot let that go without saying..."Clear is not a color!" I beg to differ.

Lisa said...

Travis, Another random thing. You are a Verizon ringtone! I hear your voice whenever anyone calls my cell now. Love it!

Deirdre said...

you number your socks. *sigh* I was gonna say this is really super weird, but I can see how the idea will appeal to my hubby. so I guess it isn't too weird since I married someone who will probably start doing it too. *sigh*

and yes, my throat gets tight when I arrive in North Carolina (especially Black Mountain) because dagnabit that is how the landscape is SUPPOSED to look. Mountains, valleys, curvy windy roads, Endless joy.

Mary said...

Thank you Travis for being an over-sharer! Loved every minute, weird maybe, lovable for sure, amazing at what you do definitely! God has so gifted you to lead others into worship! I was just at the LPL in Tucson, I try to go once a year if LPL is close to my area, it is a treat for me to worship with you and to come away filled with the Spirit!

Suggestions, some black and white movies are amazing..Casablanca is a must see, great for a date night! And all time classic favorite movie with a voice over is "A Christmas Story" Stay complex and creative!
"We are what we are by Grace!"
Thanks Travis for giving Christ your all, and blessing the rest of us with your incredible talent to lead!

Gail @ Pandemonium in the Parsonage said...

Re: #15
Our associate minister has this problem (Is it a problem? Hmmmm. Yes, I think it is.), as well. My husband (the sr. pastor) has heard him giggling in his office and gone in there to investigate. The laughter is usually because he entered "face plant" into the search bar on youtube.

Anonymous said...

#11 is stunning...I never knew that.

#19 is weird, but not in a "he's so weird that I can't believe I ever called him friend" kind of way, but in the "that's so weird and ingenius all at the same time that I'm totally going to start doing that" kind of way!

#20 is spot on!

And I had a Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits on 8 track.

And, please, for the sake of all that is North Carolina...go watch a complete BLACK AND WHITE episode of Andy Griffith and preferrably one with The Darlin's in it.

Oh and one more thing: I can't hear this lyric - "Everytime I think of you I always catch my breath..." without actually catching my breath.

And I nearly have to pull my car over if Hard Habit to Break comes on! It is CRAZY how 80's songs take you back in time!!!

This was fun!

One question: Will you wear #6's tomorrow???


Daniel Semsen said...


I wish you could see the joy and excitement on my face right now!

This list is a GOLD MINE!!!!!!!!!

Let the mocking and boom-roasting commence!

Brooke said...

Thanks SO much for sharing your REALNESS with all... your list made me laugh ;) May God continue to bless you with all He has in store for you!

Toknowhim said...

Loved the list... I just posted 10 things on my blog (as a follow up to Beth's post).

I came to the conclusion a long time ago that everyone has a little bit of Weird in them :) Me included...

So interesting about your dad... WOW... Also that you thought to use your visor in your puke incident was pretty clever :)

I never met your lovely wife, but her presence exudes much of what you said about her...

Blessings Travis...

See you in June in St Louis...

Dionna said...

I smiled so many times reading your list. Can relate to several. :) But, I will differ. My husband can beat anyone at Nertz. I've never seen him lose. Never even come close! Boy - would I love to see you two go at it.

Tammy M. said...

My family has watched this falling down video two dozen times and we laugh every time. It's been around for a while, so you might have already seen it.
A newsman in Texas, watch for the jumping lizard.

Love the 80's music from your list. Numbering your socks ; ) ...that is a good idea, but wouldn't want to be the one in charge of matching all the numbers.

Anonymous said...

For the socks,to keep them matched use a safety pin and you can wash and dry them together. This works even better if you have a small/ medium hosiery laundry bag to put your socks in during the cycle.

Did you ever go to King's Pharmacy in Boone and get the doughnuts freshly made? I was a waitress there the summer after college and Kenneth made great doughnuts.My friend's parents ran a doughnuts shop across from where Wendy's is located on 321 where you enter Boone.

If you want a really good B/W movie watch Witness For The Prosecution. It is a Hitchcock film. It is one of my all-time favorites.

Anonymous said...

Travis, this list is hilarious! I knew we had some kind of kindred spirit with your family! My husband absolutely loved that "Stealing Home" tape. He would play it for me all the time in the car. He made me watch the movie with him mainly just to hear the music! Ha!
And by the way, we saw David Robinson coming out of Rockin' Roller Coaster at Disneyworld about four years ago. It was Thanksgiving Day and really crowded, so my guys didn't get an autograph but it was exciting nonetheless.
Kristen in Knoxville, TN

nancy m. said...

I so laughed out loud reading this - and also had tears trailing down my cheeks. you rock. Just an awesome dude all the way around. I sure am thankful for you.

evision said...

Anonymous said...

So, Englewood is gaining another Nertz player, huh? That game is crazy insane and I love it! I have to admit that anytime I see you at Englewood, I'm going to be wondering what number your socks are. LOL. Thanks for oversharing. I feel like I know you so much better now :)

Rebecca Smith

Kelly S. said...

1.????? GO immediatley and buy Andy Griffith DvDs!

Total band nerd here. 10 years worth of marching band...even a year with Universtiy of Tennessee :)

11. Wow...Providence

My family went hiking on Roan Mountain over spring break and drove to Boone to eat at Dan'l Boone Inn. NC high country is really beautiful!!

Unknown said...

Hi Travis. Just wanted to tell you that I too am OCD and have quite a few odd things about myself. I am now medicated and realize that a lot of the things I used to do were OCD behaviors. I used to count the stairs up every time, I used to count tiles or patterns of anything if I was sitting for any length of time, when I started teaching aerobics I used to count by eights everything, all the time, even in my sleep. I guess my issue was mostly counting.

I also wanted to tell you that I absolutely LOVE your worship! Your arrangements are great, our church usually does one of your programs for Christmas and Easter. I was sooooo excited to be in worship with you in Tucson that I had goose bumps for about 30 minutes. And to top it off I was photographed during worship and now have a souvenir of the weekend, thanks to you. God bless you and I pray that your move goes well. God has greater things for you I believe!

P.S. hope you read this, but I know you get alot of messages. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Travis. Just wanted to tell you that I too am OCD and have quite a few odd things about myself. I am now medicated and realize that a lot of the things I used to do were OCD behaviors. I used to count the stairs up every time, I used to count tiles or patterns of anything if I was sitting for any length of time, when I started teaching aerobics I used to count by eights everything, all the time, even in my sleep. I guess my issue was mostly counting.

I also wanted to tell you that I absolutely LOVE your worship! Your arrangements are great, our church usually does one of your programs for Christmas and Easter. I was sooooo excited to be in worship with you in Tucson that I had goose bumps for about 30 minutes. And to top it off I was photographed during worship and now have a souvenir of the weekend, thanks to you. God bless you and I pray that your move goes well. God has greater things for you I believe!

P.S. hope you read this, but I know you get alot of messages. :)

Leslie said...

OK, so I read this with The Wonder Years' narrator voice-over in my mind and with "Katie's Theme" playing in the background. Not only did I LOL at several points, but with the music and the narrator going, I almost cried. And you know how great the tension of laughter and tears can be...this is the most magical 25 Things list ever. Aaahhhh, it's going to be a good day.

Anonymous said...

ok... i was thoroughly enjoying your list until the SOCK THING!!
that's OCD at it's finest - tell your wife I sooooo sympathize with her...

Kelli said...

#2 is amazing!
#19 is insane... so insane that I love it.

*I am sad that you didn't get to experience marching band. You totally would have been a cool band nerd (it's kind of an inside joke that my non-band friends used to say)!

His Jules said...

You are too much!!! I love that you shared all of that but especially #17. I feel exactly that same way about 75% of the time. I am absolutely in awe that God even uses me but then again HE IS God so HE can use EVEN me. He is definitely using you!! Awesome!

Anne said...

Dude - I do not get beaten at Nertz. Ever. There are grown men out there who thought they were the best who now refuse to play me because they are ashamed. If I lived anywhere near TN I would be driving toward your church right now to challenge you to a match in the parking lot. And then you'll be forced to create a new #6 for you list. I'm just sayin.

Really, I'm a nice person. I promise. :) I just don't lose at Nertz.

Amanda said...

This list just cracked me up. So many times I found myself shaking my head...because I do the same thing or could very easily see myself doing it. I think numbering your socks is crazy...crazy BRILLIANT. :)

Leigh Ann said...

Can I just say that all of my boys' socks are now numbered? Genius! Why didn't this occur to me before? And just so you can breathe...different color sharpie for each person so we still know whose are whose!

yoli said...

Travis! Loved your list! I hate folding my husbands socks together that have different wear on them...It drives me crazy! I need to # them too! And I totally understand the tee-shirt neck thing! I wish my kids and hubby had more that! Wow, that is sooo sweet about Angela. I want my husband to say that of me...

Sarah said...

a) I just recently was introduced to Nertz. No doubt you could take me, but I do love it.

b) So... can you pick your favorite number of socks?

c) I cannot believe your OCD allowed you to list 29 things on a list of 25 things.

d) I love that you showed us you are human!

Anonymous said...

#12 - I trust you're familar with Little Manhatten? Excellent movie.

John Mansfield

Jean M said...

It's a great list. And wow on 9/11!!

Kristy said...

Okay - you are weird. But then, I already knew that since you are such good friend with Jon Tyner (JK - love that guy!). Anyhoo...I thought No. 19 was REALLY weird, so I was laughing out loud and told my husband about it. He laughed, sat there for a second and then said..."You know, that's a really good idea." Hmmmm...

Melissa Ens said...

If we lived on the same side of the country I would TOTALLY take you on in a game of Nertz. And I would totally win. No question. : )

I loved your list... You are hilarious!

Moose Mama said...

It will be impossible to look at you the same way (t-shirts, socks...well so much stuff!) when I'm at the next LPM.

But still....I LOVE YOU!

Melana :)

Kim said...

If you are ever in Houston, I will take you up on the Nertz challenge! I liked your list very funny!

Linda said...

I always seem to be a bit behind everyone else, but I just want to say I like you enormously Travis.
That's all.
Oh - and my husband and I were flying on 9/11. It was quite an experience.

Unknown said...

Oh, Travis! Please, please go to youtube and watch Barney Fife saying the Preamble to the Constitution. Your life will never be the same!

sdshaw said...

So sad I am late reading this...but as for #15 I can attest to your irrepressible need to express your laughter when witnessing people falling..ahem, since I was a victim of that laughter many times during the "witless" days :-/ you could even add tripping to this as well. LOL

Can totally relate to the beach memories and Fall in the glorious NC mtns. Sigh..miss that SO MUCH here where I am in TX we only have three seasons as one of my friends has said: "Green, Brown, and Down" And Beach time is very minimal these days, grab time there when I can.

Thanks for sharing :-)

Charity Nee said...

Love love love number 15!! Yes, Youtube can really wreck you. LOL
That is very interesting about the game you went to for your 8th anniversary... wow.

Elizabeth A. said...

I'm callin you out on Nertz...bring it on! That one made me LOL!

Patty Gonzales said...

Dear Travis, I thank the Lord Jesus for your life, you are an inspiration for mine, You are one of my favorite Worship Leaders, I too love to worship the Lord all the time and that is what I will do for the rest of my life and ever more, I mean to infinity and beyond!!!, thank you for being so open and honest and funny!!!!! :) We desperately need more christians like you! God bless you and your beautiful family always,
Love, Patty
PS. I'm going to get a sharpie!

Olivia Snodgrass said...

You have to make more lists like that....Loved it! But the socks?!?