Monday, February 16, 2009

Ministers' Wives Conference

In March 2006, I was a part of a Living proof Live conference with Beth that was different than any other I had been a part of before. It was a conference for ministers' wives only. No guys. No bible study teachers (who weren't wives of ministers). Beth had a very specific word of ministry for a very specific group of people. Boy did she ever. It was a powerful weekend. I remember debriefing with many of the ones attending and hearing their emotional and powerful testimonies of how God encouraged them, taught them, and comforted them during those few hours. The move of God was palpable. Staggering. And I remember wanting to immediately get another conference just like it on the schedule for the next year. Well, it didn't happen the next year. Nor did it happen the year after that. But, GUESS WHAT? It's happening this year. And it's happening soon.

The Living Proof Live Ministers' Wives Conference is taking place on March 13-14 in Nashville, TN.

If you are a minister's wife, please come. It is going to be a powerful weekend for you. I promise.

If you are a minister, please send your wife. Just do it.

If you are not a minister's wife, three things:
1. Don't come. :-) Really, I know it's tempting for you to try to come to this conference if you live anywhere close to Nashville. But don't do it. Every seat is meant for this very special group of women.
2. I have a GREAT IDEA! If you are in a bible study, small group or Sunday School class at your church, what if you try to collect money for one, some or all of your ministers' wives to go? The tickets are $60, plus potential hotel and travel costs. I know that is a lot of money (especially these days!). And this might be a stretch for you and your group right now. I totally understand that. But if there is a chance your group could at least initiate some conversation with your pastors about making a way for their wives to go, that would be awesome. Maybe if you are unable to help out financially, you could offer to help with childcare or something. I am kind of rambling with this idea, and I haven't really thought it through with specifics. But I am hoping that as many as possible will be able to come and receive some much-needed ministry.
3. Pray for your pastors and their spouses on a daily basis. It is a wonderful but also very pressure-packed generation to be serving in God's kingdom. They need our constant prayers.

This will be an important weekend in the life of anyone who attends. I just know it. Please, let's do whatever we can to serve every one of these servants.


Tiffani said...

What a powerful, special time for these women called to a very sacrificial place in their will be my pleasure to pray for them...

let me say "my joy" to pray for sounded for a second like I worked at Chik Fil A!;)

Rachel said...

um, it said my comment didn't go through so a recap just in case?

thanks for sharing that conference is just for ministry wives - they give so much and I know what a battlefield it can be. I would be glad to pray for them. Truly I've grown by watching their example!

creative gal said...

That is amazing! I will be praying for the women who are involved. God is going to do amazing things for this!

Anonymous said...

I was able to attend the first one in Chattanooga and already have my ticket to this one. I cannot express what a conference like this means to those of us who have the title minister's wife. :)

Anonymous said...

Went to the last one, loved it!! I already have my ticket for this one. I encourage ANY minister's wife--you don't have to be a Senior Pastor's wife to go. It is so worth the time, money and sacrifice to go. You will be come back so encouraged!
I hope sml grps take your idea and do try to send their minister's wives, what an investment!!

Holly said...

I'll be praying for each I did in 2006. I remember the news coming out at that time and was so burdened for the hearts of these dear ones, who get torn up and spit out on a regular basis. We MUST pray and undergird our sisters AND brothers in ministry.

Praying for your family, too!

The Wootens said...

You are so thoughtful!

Yes, those in ministry do need our prayers.

TammieFay said...

Sweet Miesta,

As a pastor's wife, thank you for your words of admonition to those who are'nt pastor's wives...I pray
they will take heed and do whatever they can to make the trip possible for their pastor's wife...she will be so very grateful. I was at the 2006 event in Chattanoga....what a soothing balm that weekend was for this weary in well doing soul! I felt such significance, received much needed encouragement, and although I didn't know it at the time,
was equipped by the teaching of God's Word, to endure and walk through 3 of the hardest years of ministry in my life. I am blessed to say that I will be at the conference in Nashville, attending with my best friend of nearly 30 years who went with me in '06. We and our pastor husbands have been dearest of friends since college. The past few years have been very difficult years of ministry for both our families...we have to be at this conference...we NEED this conference...we are desperate for a word...we are desperate for God! As pastor's, our husbands are given many opportunites by various organizations to refresh and refuel, but I know of no other such opportunity for Minister's wives. This conference is so needed. How I pray the day will come when it can be a yearly event!
Thank you, thank you, Travis for giving yourself to this event. I pray that God will pour blessings a hundred fold on yours and the team's sweet heads!
Can't wait to see you there!


P.S. I have the live recording from the Chattanoga event and love to play it when I need a reminder of praised raised and truth taught! It is also my small claim to fame...I tell people I have sung on an album with Travis Cottrell!

Gran Jan said...

Travis - I was there in 2006 and you are right on track - it was an amazing weekend. I know from the deep cries to God I heard all over that colisieum there was deliverance that weekend for many.

Thank you for supporting us ministry wives - I am really looking forward to this event too next month. I listen to the live CD recorded there all the time!

I know when I signed up that I had to give my husband's ministry position and church and couldn't just "buy a ticket" as in times past, so hopefully all the women there will be minister's wives - it does make a difference and I thank you for that too.

Thank you for this heartfelt post. May God bless you and your family.


Lara Harris said...

I was at the conference and I agree that it was unlike any other. I could not wait for another one, but now it is finally here. I am so looking forward to it. I have been a minster's wife for 19 years. I am so thankful for this opportunity. See you then.

ocean mommy said...

I am so amening the "don't come" if you aren't a minister's wife! As a Preacher's Kid I can say without blinking...your pastor and other staff member's wives need time with others who are share that calling.

Sometimes we church members don't realize that they need time away from us! Time where they don't have to be "on".

I'm praying for an incredible time for these special ladies..thanks for ministering to them.

Adam said...

So I am a dude, and not a pastors wife. Sooooo does that mean I can come to this shin-dig?!?!?

Cindy- My Life HIS Story said...

Thank you for your enthusiasm to minister to those of us married to a man and his ministry. It means so much just to read of your concern for us, even if I can't attend. Alas, I am one of those who simply cannot afford the travel, but I am going to be praying for those in attendance (I've set the reminders on all my calendars/phone, etc!!!) God is going to do a work!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your encouragement to pray for pastors and their wives. I am one and I will be coming to the conference. I'm so thankful to have this time away, just to be out of the fishbowl for a week-end. I feel the enemy heating up against those in the ministry and I am grateful for the encouragement for prayer. I can't wait to hear what the Lord has to say!

JulieMom101 said...

I am not a minister's wife... right now. My husband resigned as a pastor in January and is even re-thinking his call after 3 extremely stressful church situations in 7 years. Unless you have been there, you have NO IDEA how stressful this job is. PLEASE be in prayer for your pastors and their families DAILY.

Anonymous said...

I am a minister's wife and would love to come. My husband and I are praying about it. Call y'all pray too? I would have to drive to Nashville by myself.

Bev Brandon @ The Fray said...

As a minister's wife, this greatly encouraged me to hear you doing rock Travis! We need all the help in our weaknesses we can get from His Power! And it's so in Beth and you.

Natalie said...

I'm so excited to be able to go to the conference. I live in California so it's a long trip and expensive but I believe it will be worth it! I leave tomorrow (Tue) for Oregon to meet with another pastor's wife and we are flying together!! We've been saving since August and our churches are helping us too. We both are so excited to see what the Lord has in store for us. We desperately need a time of refreshing. God bless this ministry!!!

Anonymous said...

Peeps! Thanks for praying. God has answered. My awesome wonderful hubby won me a ticket from Lifeway and is working it all out so that I can go.

Pure awesomeness!!!!!

Laura Cornutt

Anonymous said...

It was an awesome conference for sure! God is great.

WendyBrz said...

The conference was such a blessing. Thank you for your huge, huge part in it - your intense worship opened the floodgates of emotion for so many of us!

And on a much lighter note.... please, please, pretty please, sir - is there ANYWHERE we can purchase a copy,or purchase a download of that amazing pastors' wives song? :) I have two friends who weren't able to attend the conference who really need to enjoy that thang.