Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fun Family Weekend

Another wonderful and beautiful niece of mine was married this past weekend. It was an awesome weekend hanging out with family and celebrating these two great kids getting married. Here are some pics...

My nephew Scott (the bride's brother) and Lily Kate (flower girl of your dreams):

Lily Kate and some new friends she met over the weekend, overwrought with the joy that IS the chocolate fountain:

My two sisters, Vickie and Kathy (mother of the bride):

My brother David and sister-in-law Kathy (yes, we have two Kathy's):

My dad and sister (mother of the bride):

All of my beautiful nieces and my sweet daughter:

My nephew Sam and niece Betsy:

The beautiful bride, Ashley, and her new husband Daniel:

Handsome firstborn:

Handsome lastborn:

And, finally, the beautiful flower girl (be still my heart):

MY beautiful bride was there, of course, and was show-stoppingly beautiful. But she vetoed all of the pictures of her. I may be slow, but I am not I will not post them. Just take my word for it...she is always a beauty.


Holly said...

What a Beautiful girl!
Are you in Estes Park this weekend? Praying for your time to be blessed!

Shelly said...

"I may be slow, but I'm not stupid." LOL!!!! Cracking up Travis. But seriously thought. We know Angela is absolutely beautiful. But I will be a girl with her on this one and empathize with the mournful fact that no picture was able to capture the cuteness! Shame on that camera :(

Your little boys make me smile so big. And as for Lily Kate, good heavens. You know you're going to have your hands full right? Bless that child...

Anonymous said...

Hey Travis,
You are the best!!! Did I tell you yet how beautiful your song was in the wedding? AMAZING!!!! I love are a terrific brother and uncle!! I love you too guys have been great prayer warriors for our family. Thank you for everything. love, kathy

Cindy said...
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AbbyLane said...

oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
i don't know whether to be jealous cause i couldn't come, cry cause those pictures are so beautiful, or smile because i know how amazing your family is. (i think all 3)

what a sweet day :)

jennyhope said...

She is so beautiful!! So did you sing at the wedding?

dreamingBIGdreams said...

I love weddings and everyone looks beautiful!

Lisa Pierre said...

Family gatherings, ya gotta love 'em. That's a pretty huge bunch of siblings and seedlings......

Tracey said...

What a beautiful family---every single one of ya! And wow, didn't realize your family was so big! How many brothers and sisters do you have?

I love the one of the bride and groom where her mouth is wide open with glee---that captures the moment so well and pretty much just sums up what a happy marriage should look like!

By the way, I don't think your wife could take a bad photo--she is stunning--how do you think your kids got so good looking?!


Have a wonderful weekend!

Amy T said...

Wonderful pics! Your kids are adorable! I couldn't remember your blog's address (I'm at work, shame on me) so I went to your site and am being blessed with some great tunes! My favorite (In Christ Alone) is on now. Gotta go listen! (I have to share this - I recently had to take a trip by myself to Dallas (about 3 hours away). I had my own mini- LP conference. I listened to one of my Beth CD's (from Montana) and then followed it up with your cd. Driving down the road lifting my hands "In the Sanctuary".(OK, only one hand because I had to drive with the other. :) ) It was awesome!)

Kelly S. said...

Absolutley Precious!

Profbaugh said...

Wow! What a beautiful family you have, but of course you already knew that right? I just love the one of Lily Kate as the flower girl--too precious!


Anonymous said...

What did you sing at the wedding?

Dionna said...

Aaaah. What a romantic husband you are! Every wife dreams and loves to hear such devoted words out of her husband's mouth! I DO take your word that your wife is always a beauty... still... one of these days when she okays a pic - we'd love to revel in her with you. :)

connorcolesmom said...

I love weddings!! They always remind my husband and I of the covenant we have with God and the reasons we fell in love.
Your family (all of them) are just stunningly beautiful and so full of love!
I love the pictures but the last one of Lily Kate - OH MY!!
Get ready daddy you are going to have to scare the boys off - can anyone say shotgun - LOL!

Lindsee Lou said...

You just have a beautiful family! :)

Looks like so much fun. I love weddings!

And yes, Lily Kate is absolutely precious...I'm sure she was the best flower girl!


Anonymous said...

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Amanda said...

I'm totally bummed about Astro Pops. I think I got my last one at Dylan's Candy Bar. Have you been in one of those? Also, every single person in your family is gorgeous! Y'all have not been hit with an ugly stick.