Friday, September 25, 2009

Random and Unrelated Things

I just grabbed my computer as quickly as I could, and headed to the back porch. I had a wave of "I think I could blog right now" come over me. So I thought I'd better strike while the blogging iron is lukewarm. I don't have anything in particular to write about today. But I have some random randomness to get out of my brain.

- To say that I'm happy that fall is practically here is an understatement. Just looking at the word SEPTEMBER on the calendar on the fridge makes me want to jump or something.

- Week 3 of the NFL season this week. I have not had to sing the last two Sundays, and I am off this Sunday too. Yee ha for being able to couch potato it with my family on Sunday afternoons. I am in a fantasy football league for the first time this year. I'm trying not to obsess over it too much. Me? Obsess? NEVER.

- Speaking of obsessing, I was completely ready to obsess over the new show, GLEE. But doggone it if it didn't jump the shark in inappropriateness the very first episode this season. Seriously. I cannot imagine it being more vulgar or godless than it is. I'm so sad. The music is SO GOOD. I could have given myself to this show with complete loyalty if they would have kept it even PG-13 clean. But the vulgarity has made it impossible to embrace. They missed a great chance to make a fun show that so many people would resonate with. Dang it.

- Happiness: the new iPhone app. After losing our espnradio station here in Nashville, my carpool hour in the morning was sad without Mike and Mike in the Morning. Thanks to the new app, they're back.

- I love Shaun's new website / blog design. It makes me want a user-friendly and esthetically pleasing one just like it. I think it would totally make sense to spend lots of money on a blog design for my 2 blog entries a month. Don't you?? :-)

- Age-old question...not looking for an actual answer, just throwing it out there: why is there homework in elementary school? Is 7 hours of my child's time a day not enough? It is definitely one of the biggest down-sides of not home-schooling. Sigh.

They will be home in two hours, and the homework wrestling match will begin.

WAIT A MINUTE! IT'S FRIDAY! Woo hoo!, I mean THEY won't have homework!

- Happiness: no homework on Fridays.

- I'm already thinking about my Christmas tour with Shaun, Cindy and Compassion. Can't wait. I am resisting the urge to listen to Christmas music right now. I always make myself wait until Thanksgiving week. But I'm feeling weak this year. Somebody tell me to NOT DO IT. I need someone to tell me to NOT DO IT.

If your church would like to host the tour, I think there are a couple of spots still available. Give us a shout at if you are interested.

- Have you tried the espresso roast coffee at Starbucks?

- Happiness: the espresso roast coffee at Starbucks.

- I LOVE my job. Love it so much. But I am very excited and grateful to be home this weekend with nothing to do but be with my family. We have a homecoming parade, a football game, a birthday party taxi cab to run, a volcano to build, and a lunch date with friends after church. I might even pull a weed or two.

Happiness: home.


ThirtysomethingMom said...

I love this blog!!! I was looking at your calendar and saw that you guys had been in Huntsville earlier. I hate that I missed that! I am in the area.

I am a teacher. I feel the same way about homework!!!

So glad that it is Friday!!!

v. said...

love love love the joy in simple things and randomly going on as the thoughts come to mind.

I believe I have said the 'exact' same thing about homework. 7 hours should be plenty of time to get work done. poor things can't even be finished with "work" at the end of their work day :(

Love your blog & LOVE your music! great meeting you at FBC in Florence, KY! God is GREAT!

Heidi said...

DO NOT LISTEN TO THE CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!! There...I said it. The year goes by too fast as it is without pushing it along. Enjoy September...Embrace October...Welcome November. Then, maybe around Thanksgiving you can give in. :)

Nelson's Mama said...

I soooo dislike homework!

I feel like getting an education is my children's "job", but when I still worked outside the home my employer didn't send me home with 2-3 hours of additional stuff EVERY day.

steve flores said...

Suddenly, because of your September reference, I now have Earth, Wind and Fire's song stuck in my head. I guess it's not a bad song to have rumbling around in there! "Do you remembah..."

Kerri said...

I am in total agreement about GLEE - what a bummer.

I am also a Christmas music junkie and I am telling you to be strong and withstand the temptation! Except for a small window in Oct when the new Chris Tomlin Christmas CD drops, I know I will have myself a quick little listen then and only then. We heard a song that's on the album written and performed by an artist named Audrey at a Tenth Avenue North concert - she sings like an angel - very Sarah Maclaughlin - it's beautiful. It's called Winter Snow, I think. I am unclear whether she will be singing it on the album or if Chris will Either way, it's a great song.

Anyway - you don't know me :) I have just enjoyed yours and the praise bands music and enthusiasm at the minister's wives conference and again at the recent satellite thing. I can't think of what it's called now - it is Friday. We live where the flooding is and the kids have been in the house ALL week!

So thanks for a fun Friday blog!

Love my 2 BoYs! said...

My kindergartner has homework!! and it is the biggest chore to get it done at night!!! Im with you glad its friday and glad you are having some down time at home, ENJOY!

Valerie said...

Woo Hoo for Christmas music!! I have already started listening to some. I checked out 33 Miles and Mark Harris' new ones this week ;) Gotta get ready for all the cold weather, this being my first winter in Iowa. Christmas music will help me survive!

AbbyLane said...

GLEE: agreed.

HOME: agreed. have the girls til monday, but at least we're in a house, and not a bus.

ps props to angela-i cleaned *someone's* microwave the other day using her mad skills that she passed on. so super.

Jon and Angie Tyner said...

You forgot "Happiness: I talked to Jon Tyner 2 times today."

Tracey said...

Noooooooo! Don't change your blog! It is already user-friendly and esthetically pleasing. My eyes are so tired after looking at busy blogs.

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

So, I know you were not looking for an answer and I certainly don't have one. But I do have another question.

If all parents have the same homework question (and every parent I know does), then why doesn't it change? I think a no homework revolution needs to begin.

And I'd totally lead the charge...but I'm now homeschooling my kids. :) And, yes, that's one of the best things about it.

That and school in our jammies. Which is why it's Friday night at 5:41 p.m. and I'm still sitting here in my pjs.


Enjoy your volcano making!


Kelly S. said...

LOVE Fall!! Here in the mountains we are starting to see the first hints of color :) Therefore its TOO EARLY for Christmas music. Fall always makes me want to hear bluegrass?? go figure
(got to see Mandisa at the Cove last night....awesome!!!!!!!!)

HATE homework...HATE IT

Sarah M. said...

Don't give in to listening to the Christmas Music!! Hold out! At least until mid-November! (Except for the ocassional "Come Let Us Adore Him"...that's my year-round Christmas song.

Anonymous said...

Just curious-I thought you did homeschool. Was I wrong?


DO it! Listen to Christmas music and while you're at it, turn it up! Too good to only hear 4 weeks a year!

Have a great family weekend, those are the best ones.

Try a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, mmmmmm Fall in a cup. :)


Kris said...

I am mourning the downfall of GLEE. I tried to give it a chance - 3 episodes of a chance. After this week, it's final. The vulgarity gets worse with each episode. The music is SO great. It's so very sad. ;(

Shelly said...

I am what we call an 'enabler' for your Christmas music longing, so I won't go any further with that one...

Enjoy your home time

Kristi Butler said...

Hey Travis!!
I'm with you...loving Fall...just wishing I was in the NC mountains!

Boo for homework...Melea's a trooper, though. Fourth grade is killer!

Aww, go ahead and jump in with the Christmas tunes!!! Melea has been playing them on the piano and violin for several weeks now! She'll be ready to join your musicians before you know it!

I finally got your DVD!!!!!! Awesome!!! Loving every minute of it!

Hugs to the family!

Fran said...

Lets just say that me and middle school and then 3rd grade homework are NOT happy. Ugh. I'm reteaching 3rd grade at the end of every day. Joy.

Anyhoo...enjoy the weekend and I'll see you in a few weeks in Memphis..that's just a short trip no biggee. ;)


Alex and Jill said...

I'm already listening to Christmas music. Come on Travis...listen to it...everybody's doing it.

Tarah said...

I felt the same about Glee. Totally. I tried to justify keeping it on my DVR record schedule for a second week, but only made it a few days before I removed it. No reason to get further invested in that garbage.

I have been meaning to post a comment here for a month and tell you how much you and the team ministered to me at LPL Green Bay. I was there on site, and just loved the worship! I did not expect to be so drawn in and moved....I expected more of a big production, you know concert-like. You guys worked the bigness of the venue (those drums on In Christ Alone are heart stopping), but somehow made it so genuine, invited us to participate in a compelling way. Freedom and joy were two words that described the event to me. Even songs completely out of my comfort zone (shackles) were meaningful and fun. I learned so much. Thanks for ministering.

Oh, and there's more. I won Jesus Saves on Bigmama's blog about a month before, so I was especially primed to enjoy LPL. Love it. Your combo of In Christ Alone and The Solid Rock is hands down my favorite arrangement of that song. I also really love Victory in Jesus and Sing, Oh Sing. Whatever....I love all of it. And I picked up Beloved Disciple at LPL, and also want to say that Angela's "He leadeth Me" is my favorite on that album. So beautiul, what a lovely, calming voice she has.

And what a long-winded comment this is. Sorry, I only comment once in a blue moon and have been wanting to just thank you for your ministry for a while now. Press on!

Dionna said...

I'm finally have a friend work on a blog design for me. I'm sure you could get one not too expensively....????

Glad you haven't posted in awhile because I haven't stopped by in awhile. That means I didn't miss out on much. :)

Janie said...

New to the blog and it's great. Been a long time listerning to you music and attended many Living Proof events and you guys are AWESOME!!!!

Well I must confess I've already been listening to Christmas music and practicing for our Christmas musical. I have this slave driving music director Buddy Mullins that is forcing Christmas music on us WAY to early. :)

Enjoy you time a's precious time!!!


aggiejenn@ReflectingHim said...

Do you think you could bring that Christmas tour to Singapore? It'll be about 85 degrees here, but we would LOVE to have you guys!!

Enjoy fall for us! It doesn't get cooler here and the leaves don't change colors. And we don't have the cool fall drinks at Starbucks, either. :-|

Kiki said...

Totally agree about Glee-very disappointing, I had to turn it off before the first episode was over!

Regarding Christmas music-I often put my ipod on shuffle, then when a Christmas song comes on, I don't feel guilty for listening too early because I didn't really choose it:)

michellemabell said...

LOL at you being excited about being able to listen to Mike and Mike in the morning.
I am a fan of Greeny and Golic myself!

Deirdre said...

oh my goodness! So good to hear from you and I am hopping up and down over the bare possibility to getting to come to a Christmas show. Never mind hosting. I don't think my church is big enough.

But oh to get to join you live for Ring the Bells! I can sing your entire part. It drives my husband insane. *grin*

Deirdre said...

oh sorry, I was supposed to tell you not to listen to Christmas music yet, but how can I when I sing my way through at least three Christmas albums a month. You, Amy Grant's my favorite worship music.

so in all honesty, I can't tell you to abstain. Cause I LIVE Christmas all year long.

HisTreasuredPossession said...

amen on Glee. I was so sad. It really does have some good music tho.

Hoping you are enjoying a beautiful (chilly?) fall day!

(Hoping to see you at LPL Memphis!)


Ann Marie said...

I am so with you about GLEE. My twelve year old and I were so excited to watch - and then WHAM it started right away with inappropriate EVERYTHING. Off the show went for good! I don't think we got past the first 10 minutes! It makes me so sad that this show had to go the way of the world. The music is excellent. Its just such a shame.

Nicole L said...

Ok Trav... DON'T DO IT! Save the Christmas music. You can do it, wait eagerly for the holidays. :)

tiggerdaisy said...


Your wife must love you very, very, very much. You are a good man, quirky, but good. Family oozes out of your pores--that is definitely a good thing.

Thanks for what you said about GLEE. I wish more people would stand on Godly principles regarding tv shows. Most adults would say "I can watch it because I'm an adult and I know how to not let the gross stuff negatively impact my life" or some such other garbage.

You have lifted my spirits today. Usually your music does that, but today dear one, you did.

Go give your wife and kids a hug.

Prayers and blessings to you and yours,

Paige from Alabama said...

I am behind w/ my favorite blogs so sorry this comment is late: HOMEWORK is the BIG NASTY. Here's my next thing: I teach elementary school!!! My philosophy is to work hard and be nice while you are there. Kinda like the big people should do it. And what is wrong with reading a book you love and calling it homework? That's what we do. Did you know that there is actually educational research that says homework is detrimental to kids? Amen and amen.

Mitzi said...

Totally wanted to love Glee and totally disgusted by it!!

Totally listening to Christmas music already and it was 80 in Hotlanta today!! I'm lame, I admit it.... but I'm not wishing away fall, as some have commented, just enhancing it.....