Monday, September 14, 2009

My Niece's Wedding

Two weekends ago, my niece Betsy got married. Incidentally, her wedding was the same weekend as the Living Proof simulcast in Green Bay. So after getting home late that Saturday night, Ang and the three kids and I hopped in the car Sunday morning and drove 7 hours to Boone, NC, went to the wedding, and drove home that same night. Insane. But worth it. We always love to be with family, even if it's just for a short time. Sweet Betsy married a great guy named Matt Krause. Well, I guess he's pretty great. Not deserving of my beautiful and wonderful niece, but still. :-)

She had her wedding outside at my brother and sister-in-law's home...the home she grew up in and lived at until this great day. It was a beautiful day. I gave the camera to Jack for most of our time there. It was a gamble, I know. But Ang and I had to sing and I didn't want to spend the day messing with the camera. He did a good job, although there were lots of pictures of things like these...

I was hoping upon hope that of all the beautiful things and people of the day, we would have a great picture of the port-a-john. Whew. I'm so relieved.

No, really. He did a great job. This is my dad and his friend Sadie:

The big moment:

Here are the kids with the beautiful bride:

The happy couple:

My brother and my sister-in-law...they threw a great party:

Andrea and Celine (with a southern twist):

This is Levi and his cousin Trathen. Levi has re-named his biceps. They used to be Strong and Buddy. Now they are Mario and Luigi. Ladies and gentlemen, Mario and Luigi:

Some family pics:

It was a fun day. Congratulations Matt and Betsy!


Tiffani said...

My son Connor used my cell camera at the grocery store unbeknownst to me...when I memory was full I realized I had eleventy hundred pictures of Bush's Baked Beans, Cheez-Its and, I'm so appreciatin' the port-a-potty shot.

Beautiful Family you have there,sir..I'm sure your niece appreciates all it took for y'all to get there!!

Tiffani said...

*sorry, Grammar Girl here returning to edit her own comment: that should read "when THE memory was full..."

Peace Out,

Daniel Semsen said...

Mario and Luigi--PERFECT!!

You guys are precious.

And I love Jack's pictures.

lavonda said...

love the pics!
I would drive 14 hours round trip to be with family for a little while... I'm the same way.

side note: my husband's name is John.... he likes to call it a Port-a-Fred :)

Adam said...

Man... your so lucky to have a picture of a port-o-john. I am so jealous of that.

Looks like you guys had a blast. The family pics look great.

hisfivefooter said...

Great pictures, even of the Port a John. What a boy thing to take a picture of. Hysterical! You guys all look beautiful, seriously, especially after driving all night.
Blessings to his biceps also.
Lisa in Kirkland, WA

Nicole L said...

What a sweet time, and great photos ;) Your oldest and Lily Kate look just like daddy.

I hope you had a chance to recoup from the weekend at GB. The music was amazing. Thank you!

JayCee said...

Great family pics! - even Greater family!!

sweethomealagirl said...

Love Jack's pics. The kid & family pics are great - Christmas card!

WOW said...

You have a beautifyl family! Love the pictures your son took! My grandson is constantly sending me pictures from his Mom's cell phone to my cell phone, usually of himself making funny faces or wearing his goofy fake teeth, or he will send me a video of the tv show he is watching. I believe he is getting a camera for Christmas... watch out world!
PS... any pictures from the Kevin/Ashley wedding?


Those pictures, even the huh?? ones are priceless! I'd fly to the moon and back for my family in a day; I totally get that. However, my kiddies spend over 10 hours in the car every other weekend and hats off to you, it's a feat sometimes, amen?

Your family is beautiful, you're so blessed!

Vicki said...

what a beautiful setting and at a place that holds so many memories and connections. In an ever changing world and constant traveling-its wonderful to have some of the places in your life stay consistently unchanged. I love that too cause unfortunately we move around alot.