Thursday, October 14, 2010

This Weekend

I'm all packed.

I'm going to two of my very favorite places in the world this weekend, and they couldn't be more opposite. I'm heading first to the Blue Ridge Mountains - Ridgecrest to be exact - to lead worship for a Festival of Marriage. Ridgecrest is one of my favorite places in the world. It actually is where I first heard God begin to call me to ministry, when I was 15. This is a great event for married couples...I look forward to it every year.

While I'm there, I'm zipping up to Boone (remember - God's favorite place, where He gets His mail and all) for a book signing at The Cornerstone Bookstore.

The Cornerstone is one of the coolest Christian bookstores I've ever seen. And it just so happens to be in my hometown, where I grew up going to buy things like this:

And this:

And this:

I will be signing books 1:30-3:30 Saturday afternoon.

Then on Sunday afternoon, I'm heading to another one of my favorite places - New York City. Monday night is the big night of the concert at Carnegie Hall.

I'm pretty pumped about this concert.

I guess that makes three of my favorite places in the world in one weekend. Either way, I'm thankful to be alive and serving in the kingdom of God in this generation.

And I'm thankful that you are too. And I pray that no matter where you are this weekend, that you...that we...will all give way to the Spirit of God to teach us, encourage us, and use us to be passionate and authentic storytellers of God's amazing grace. Everywhere we go.


Daniel Semsen said...

See you there, buddy. Can't wait.

Cynda P said...

I love Ridgecrest, too. Wish I was going to be there. Congrats on the Carnegie Hall gig! Would love to be there, too.

Chris said...

Praying for you, Travis.

Wags said...

Have a great trip. I know a bunch of excited TSC peeps that'll be there to back you up. :)

Cindy- My Life HIS Story said...

You are going to do an awesome job bringing Jesus to some lucky recipients! Just lifted you in special prayer!


Praying for you as well Travis and have a great trip.
Blessings to you my brother