Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Me: Lily, how was your class at church?
Lily: Great.
Me: What did you drink to get that big red moustache?
Lily (pauses to look in the car mirror): Oh my. I didn't know it was that sincere. It's tragical.


Nancy Jensen said...

Hard to be sincere with a big red mustache. : )
She is just so adorable. Clear to see you love her oodles and bunches.
Thanks for the morning chuckle.

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOVE the jersey Lily! How brave you are to wear it where you live.
The 'boys are killing me...

Risa said...

What a cutie! Just saw your newsletter announcing your Carnegie performance. My first though was "Wow! From Caswell to Carnegie--that's a God thing!" :)

Wags said...

I miss this girl. :) What a doll. And yes- love the jersey. (No secret the Wagoners are big Cowboy fans... regardless of how horrible they're doing.) :P

Hoping there's gonna be a chance to see this upcoming Carnegie performance somewhere... How awesome!

btw- just saw Beth at Catalyst. Awesome as usual. Tell her what a blessing she is for me!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I hadn't checked this blog for a couple of weeks,,,,or, more like at least three. What a blessing to catch up on all you are doing.....much to busy for me!! I have enough keeping my head above water homeschooling my three grandchildren for my daughter. I hardly have time for anything else. I am learning all the things I always wanted to forget..... :)
Blessings to your family Travis...your children are absolutely gorgeous.....
Bible Bunny in NO MI