Sunday, August 3, 2008

Where Did My Post Go?

Something happened to the end of my story about the shark in the ocean. It has disappeared. Does anybody know how that might have happened? Or, how I might retrieve an earlier version of the post?


jennyhope said...

you should be able to go to your posts and click edit and it should have the save edited version before you lost it. I think it is something like manage posts.

su said...

Wow, am I impressed with jennyhope!

I read that post after the shark part disappeared and was so disappointed. I caught the gist of it from others' responses but look forward to reading it.

Simulcast was wonderful. It felt like ours cut off too soon at the end of both days. Did you only do one song at the very end? That's when ours ended. It seemed too abrupt but I was so "full" that it didn't matter. Thank you for a great weekend.

Travis said...

Jennyhope - I can't find anything on my edit posts page that helps me go back. Maybe I should try it on a PC rather than a Mac?

Thanks for your help!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was at the Beth Moore workshop via satellite yesterday, and can't stop humming a song you all did, but can't find it anywhere, could you tell me how I could buy it, which CD it'd be on. It was the "Holy Holy Holy, is the Lord God Almighty" song...I didn't know where to download/buy it, but you all were amazing this past weekend, by the way. Thanks, Robin

Susan said...

Travis! You and the Praise Team were absolutely incredible this weekend. I was so wrapped up in the worship and praise...could you post us a list of all the songs you did?

Revelation Song...powerful!

Finding the Shark Post:

To to Dashboard: Manage Posts: Should pull up all of the posts you have drafted. Hopefully, the shark post is in the list and you will be able to repost it.

Blessings to you, Travis.


violin3679 said...

I just want to jump up and down and hug y'all like crazy! The praise team was AWESOME yesterday! Ooh! And you did the KABOOM thing in In Christ Alone :) Our sanctuary was so fired up. Thank y'all so much.

Oh, P.S.

This Is the Day was completely fabulous. Yes it was.

Love, Whitney

AMENMom said...

Another thought if you can't find your original post at all: if anyone is set up to get an RSS feed any time you update your blog, and set up to get the whole message emailed to them, then it's possible they would have the text still in their email.

Travis said...

Thanks, amenmom and everyone for your help.

Did anyone receive that post as an email, and still have it?

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Ok, I have no earthly idea how you would go about fixing that, but I AM completely thrilled to know that I am not losing my mind.

When I read that post, it ended rather abrubtly with nary a mention of sharks, yet everyone else seemed to come to the conclusion that you had seen one.

SO I went back and re-read. Nothin. I ended up simply dumbfounded (but that's not exactly out of the ordinary for me) and moved on with my Big Bad Bloggy Self.

Good to know that this time it wasn't just me with my head in the clouds... :D

Anonymous said...

i think the shark ate it...

Cinda said...

I was one of the 7000 at SECC this past weekend. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. I was wowed by the song This is the Day. Is it available on CD yet?

tanee142 said...

Hi Travis...I also really enjoyed the worship this weekend. I came home humming the last song we sang "Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty" and want to d/l it or buy the CD. I can't find it, though...could you tell us the title and where we can get it? The satellite quit before the song was finished and left us feeling cutoff abrubtly...I think we all left singing that song! Thanks for your help...Keep up the great work in His name!

Anonymous said...

I think the shark ate your post. Sorry I missed the simulcast. My church was a host - we had a marathon swim meet ALL WEEKEND LONG!


Karen in CA

Cathy Davis said...

I'm new to blogspot too, so I'm no help at all with retrieving anything.

I, too, saw the simulcast this weekend, and I'm really hoping you'll post the song list. Like Robin, I have been humming that song all weekend (holy holy holy is the God almightyyyyyyyy). You and the praise team were phenomenal and so so talented!

Did it just blow y'all away to think that over 70,000 folks were singing the exact same songs you were?? That blew me away and choked me up each time I thought about it!

I hope you find your post!

jami said...

The Holy, Holy, Holy song anon/Robin asked about is called "Revelation Song" and I found a version of it on itunes. (I could not get it out of my head either.)

What a powerful weekend! You all were amazing!

Cathy Davis said...

Thank you Jami! I love the song - LOVE IT!

Fran said...

You know what I did?? I had the most beautiful words from the weekend in Louisville singing y'alls praises and then I messed up the dern security word and then left the page as soon as I saw what I had done! Argh! Start over...

Let me say...Louisville was AMAZING Travis!! The mercy seat song was simply beautiful and made me cry. I was on the front row on Saturday and it was the most exciting thing...I was able to not stare and truly worship! :)

Blessings over you and your crew and our Mama Siesta! Oh yeah...that Lily Kate was so precious off to the side. What a sweet, sweet time for the two of you.

Can't wait to see the video recap. Met that cool guy Rich and he took our group picture. I bet its a little better than mine. :)

Can't wait for SA!! Its gonna be one amazing God experience. Keeping you covered in prayer.

Hug that team of yours for me. They were the best!

Just Berean Real said...

Hey Travis!
Great LPL event this weekend! I was at one of the TWO sites that had no audio on Friday night - bummer! However, the Saturday sessions went off without a hitch - yeah! What are the chances/where can I find the list of worship songs sung on Saturday. (I couldn't hear on Friday, but they LOOKED great!)

Blessings and keep on in Jesus!

Anonymous said...

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