Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Pics Day

I was going through the pictures in my phone yesterday as we were traveling home from Kansas City. And it hit me what strange things I have pictures of in my phone. Weird. Just weird. So I thought it would be fun to have a day once a week on the blog called "Random Pics Day."

So here goes. Random Pics Day #1. How overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation you must be. Simmer down now. Really.

I wonder if Flash knows he's Player 2.

Someone at a church gave us this jam. It was so good and we made such a big deal about it, they gave it to us. It was supposed to go home with someone else on the team. It ended up at my house. And I took a picture of it to taunt them with the fact that I got it. That's my jam, yo.

A hydrangea the size of my head at the Green Bay airport. Riveting.

This is the camera they stuck down my throat to look at my vocal cords at the voice doctor. Fun times.


ThirtysomethingMom said...

Gross on the camera that went down your did you survive!!!

You've been doing a great job blogging lately. You know the post about your son and the song "Thank you." I have thought of that often since reading it. My daughter and I had a moment like that! Isn't it just amazing!

God Bless!!!
Mary From Alabama

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

So here are my comments in order:

#1: Huh?

#2: Yum. LOVE jam! Especially with a spoon.

#3: Wish I had hydrangeas like that in my yard. Instead I have scary cactuses. Cacti? (And, what?, on a trip and no sweater vest?!)

#4: Yuck! I think I would've run screaming from the room.


Shelly said...

I think I would've made an unpleasant gurgle gag noise if I'd had to deal with that camera thing.

Hydrangeas are one of my top 5 favorites :)

I have a picture of acorn squash (in the grocery store) on my iPhone. Does that get the random prize?

Leah said...

Well, I think I will NOT contribute to the random pics thingy. Why,you ask? Because the most recent picture on my phone is of the squirrel I took out with my husband's .22 because the danged thing chewed the windows in my garage.

That ranks right up there with your throat camera picture, I believe.


Anonymous said...

travis, we it was so great meeting your team & hanging out in KC. Jay said that he's heard from so many people that were there, and what a touching worship experience they had. Thank you for allowing yourself to be used, by the Father, to lead us to His throne. Looking forward to LP in Springfield. Thanks again, Niki Hughes

Hughes & Company said...

About the camera thingy that goes down your throat, been there and done that. Or, should I say, been there and gagged that? Either way, funny post. I always love reading your blog!

fuzzytop said...

Total YUCK on the throat camera.... That looks horrific, like some kind of torture device.

Love the hydrangea, and the jam looks delicious. I love raspberry anything!

Here's the weirdest picture I have on my camera: it's a picture of a severed hand. Actually, it's a gummy candy hand (lifesize) that Hubby bought our son for Halloween. Gross! I took a photo of it to post on my blog, but I haven't got that done yet....

Thanks for sharing these!


Tiffani said...

#1--I never put anything past my kids when it comes to "including" the dog..including dressing up like a Padawan.


#3--Wowzers. that's INSANE!

Anonymous said...

OK - reality check - there might be a few of us who really want to take pics but can't quite get the job done. Partly because on my personal cell the process is pretty easy (supposed to be but I still can't get clear non fuzzy wuzzy pics) and then I have to PAY $$ to retrieve them (no USB port, etc). Didn't check out that feature before purchased phone.

There is hope though because my work cell is much more friendly but then I lost my mini micro chip card - whcih I discovered 7a on a Sat when my grand baby came early! So I am back to -- "I think I will just enjoy everyone else's pics!!" Happy Friday! Love your blog and stories.

ocean mommy said...


The throat cam just did me in.


Happy weekend!

Nicole said...

Hi Travis! Where can I buy the CD you were selling at the Living Proof Live in Green Bay? Are they in stores on online (your website)? I've got to have it!

Thanks a bunch!

Brian said...

Hey Travis, did they give you the kid sized camera or the grown up one? They scoped me last year (just acid reflux, yay I guess), and I learned that if you feel like you need to swallow and that thing is up your nose and down your throat, it's not a pleasant feeling.

Glad we got it straightened out too, because I need everything I've got for the tenor part on Jesus Saves (that "breaking, quaking") part in particular. Nothing like going over that part multiple times till the altos get it right. :(

Toknowhim said...

The last picture is scary looking...Poor you

Looking forward to the Springfield LPL event. You will have a Siesta cheering all of you (whole LPL team) on.


jennyhope said...

maybe i am slow but there is a voice dr?
My twin sucked all of the artistic/musical ability out of the womb. I can jog in place for talent...that's about it.

pastor daddio said...

so travis, what were symptoms that lead to the throat cam? and the outcome?