Thursday, October 8, 2009

It Comes With A Side Of Ham.

A few weeks ago we all jumped in the car, drove 7 hours to my niece's wedding in Boone, and drove back home ON THE SAME DAY. Which is always fun for both parents and children. 14 hours in the car. With quietness in dress clothes in the middle to break up the trip.

Anyway, strangely, we enjoyed every moment of it. Our family was ready for some good uninterrupted quality time. And we got it. There were some moments where the kids were busying themselves with this and that, and we didn't pay much attention. When we got home, I began to upload some videos of the trip from my flip video. To my surprise (and great joy), the kids had been video-ing each other in the back of the car...talking, laughing, and singing along to the radio.

This one makes me laugh. Before you watch it, I need to tell you to feel free to stop watching after about a minute and a half. I think only a parent who loves a child dearly should have to sit through the whole thing.

A couple of my favorite things about it:
1. Notice Levi's signature move, visible only in the first second or two of the video.
2. Notice the growl from Levi at about 1:24 when Lily Kate steals his signature move.
3. Notice that Lily Kate assures us at the end of the video that her on-camera performance was not performed without her seat belt on. Safety first.
4. If you are still tuned in, listen for little brother's "is it almost over?" exasperation at 2:08. I personally think he is a pretty doggone good brother to keep that camera on his big sis for that long. If you could only see the tons of footage where she is making him video her singing and dancing. LONG SUFFERING, I tell you. Long suffering.

Lily Kate Singing in the Car from Travis Cottrell on Vimeo.


Tiffani said...

holy Taylor Swift, Batman!!

I am CRACKING the mess up!! What a pro little Levi is!! You better watch out, Daddy, she is a DOLL and a half!!

What I wanna know is after ALL that singing what caught her attention and made her turn her around a few times to look out the back!!?? Musta been good but she sho'nuff didn't miss a beat!!

Daniel Semsen said...

I LOVE your family. So precious.

jennyhope said...

She did so good! I wonder where she got that talent!!!
I am cracking up when he says is this almost over?
That girl is so shy!
See you in Memphis!!

AMENMom said...

You need to get that child into some social activities, bring her out of her shell :)

Cathy Davis said...

She is growing up!!! I loved it. She looks so much like Angela - lucky girl! So pretty. I loved the video of them.

Kelly S. said...

that is the sweetest thing EVER!! She is a doll :)

Just found out Jesus Saves Live is coming to Knoxville....Wha-HOO!

Melinda said...

That Taylor Swift ain't got nuttin' on Lily Kate. And she should definitely share her Grammy with Levi, since he gave her her start, and all.

Cara said...

Wow - she's pretty amazing, Travis. :0)

Darla said...

SO cute! And the growl ... I loved it!

Sarah said...

Travis, it's Sarah Ruff--JW's wife! I blog too, and I just love your kids! What an adorable family, and Lily Kate is definitely going to be a performer someday. We miss you!

Three Fold Cord said...

Oh my goodness!!
She has changed so much since I first started following the blog. How do you not cry when watching these videos. They get so big so fast!
Such a sweet entertainer with such innocence. Loving you guys and looking forward to seeing you in less then 24 hours!

Terrie and Carley said...

Travis....I hope you have a shotguna know how to use one. You are going to need one to keep all those young teenage boys away from Lily Kate when she gets a few years older. She does have an older brother and I bet he will do his job. She is adorable and talented. You are truly blessed with some very cute kids.

Sherri M - NH said...

Watched the whole thing and I loved it! Lily Kate is pretty incredible and I loved the growl from Levi!

Anonymous said...

Okay Travis, how is it so quiet in that car! Didn't you say that your entire fam was in the car? My family trips were much louder with three kids and we NEVER agreed on music so mom and dad usually won- meaning we ended up with The Gather Vocal Band or Sandy Patty (not that I minded!)! Too precious!

Moose Mama said...

Too sweet!

Loved Levi's growl at his signature move being purloined by the singing diva.


Sarah Tolson said...

Oh my heavens.. she is such a middle child, isn't she!! I completely relate.. wish my baby sister would have done that for me!! ;)

And, of course that girl can carry a tune!! :)

Emily Brown said...

Enjoyed your video- her future definitely has performing in it! I totally enjoyed your music this weekend in Memphis- you guys rock!!! On the Patriarch's CD, did you write the track "If I Could See What You see"? (I think that's it) I love that song and was wondering if one of the praise team members from this weekend sang that track. Thanks!! Heard you were coming to Jackson for a concert at Englewood. Would love to see you guys again!

Bluebird said...

Dear,Lily Kate,
My mom showed me your video, and I thought it was great! Your a great singer!!

Greensboro, NC

connorcolesmom said...

That totally made me laugh when LK took the camera and adjusted it to make sure she was still on camera

And I did hear Levi's question which set me in full out giggles!!

She is adorable and I believe she has been gifted with a great voice like her momma and daddy :)

Pat said...

Oh my goodness Travis. I sat in front on my computer with both hands over my mouth. She is adorable, talented and I think you just might have a little star on you hands!!
Go figure!!

Deirdre said...

oh wow! get the shotgun out now!

What a sweet, cute, and lovely girl. When is she gonna come out on tour with you?

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