Monday, October 19, 2009

I Like Rolls, Too.

Good morning, friends. I am trying really hard not to fall off the blogging wagon again. I am going to write right now, even though I am in full mouth breather mode, still in my pajamas, and with very little motivation to get anything productive done. I refuse to be that slacker blogger of yesteryear.

At least not today.

We had a great weekend. My sweet niece Casey came to visit us for the weekend, along with her husband Michael and two awesome kids. My kids had a great time with their cousins, and spent most of the weekend just like this:

My poor little great-niece was carted around on that hip for the better part of 60 hours. And my little great-nephew said so many things that cracked me up. The first thing he said to me on our very first outing was this:

"Travis, let me ask you a question. I like rolls."

And thus commenced a fun weekend with family. And let it be said that although I LOVE my calling in life and I am crazy about my life on the road meeting wonderful people and worshipping with them, it felt mighty fine being home on a Saturday. I turned football on the TV beginning Saturday morning at 10am for College Game Day, and did not turn it off until we went to bed. I never even left the house once. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

A fun time was had, complete with a puppet show:

I feel the need to clarify that the only reason there are no pictures in that frame hanging in Levi's room is because we have not had time to get any chosen, developed, and put in there. It has only been hanging there for a year and a half. So cut me some slack, already.

I am also afraid to say this for fear of being snatched up by the snares of pride. But I cooked one heck of a meal on Saturday (oops...I guess I was snatched up). Quick-fried beef with broccoli, cooked carrots and fried rice. And a kick-booty salad by my wife. Check out this delicious spread:

When I typed that food sentence, I accidentally typed "quick-friend beef with broccoli." Let me tell you, that beef was so good, it was a friend.

Food happiness:

(Is it my imagination, or is that firstborn son of mine growing a mile a minute? All the growing up. Warms my heart and makes me sad at the same time.)

We had a great time with our family this weekend. So glad they came. T-Dawg, if you come again, I promise we will have rolls.


Daniel Semsen said...

You have a niece that's old enough to have babies of her own. You are a great uncle. Boomroasted.

Kim Safina said...

The Journey Continues ~

Blessed times, Celebrated in blessed photos!!

Love the great shots!

With " Harvest & Heaven Bound" blessings, Kim Safina

JayCee said...

I like rolls, too....I also think Jesus does, since He called Himself: "The Bread of Life!"

Travis said...

Kim and JayCee - thanks!

Daniel - for your information, my brother is 18 years older than me, and my sisters are 14 and 12 years older than me. So I was an uncle when I was 10. That's a reflection on their age, not mine. Thankyouverymuch. ;-)

AMENMom said...

That baby girl is delicious. She oughta be in pictures.

And age differences aside, if you're trying to dispel the whole Wester Sizzlin at 4:30, my hip hurts image, you should probably just stick to "niece" and "nephew." Only my opinion :)

k and c's mom said...

This is totally off topic, but I wanted to let you know how much your Live CD has blessed my life. I lost my husband in July to cancer, and I play that CD continually in my car everywhere I go. I actually look forward to driving somewhere because there is so much healing in the words and music. I've given my adult children copies, too, and they are just as blessed as I am by it. Thanks to you and your fellow musicians.

Fran said...

Oh that post just made me smile because it included family, food, and football! Aaaahhhhh!!!!

Just precious!

Lora said...

I like rolls, too. The darlin' great niece with the shoe- in- hand is delicious. A singer and a chef? You are blessed!

ocean mommy said...

Sounds like an incredible weekend! Nothing like a full house of family. And food of course...there must be food. :) You should post your recipe as your next blog post. Hint hint....

connorcolesmom said...

Bread is a friend too - yummy!
and I am totally loving the pic of the food!!
Your kids are adorable - I love that pic of Lily Kate holding that sweet baby -
And sweet boys in football uniforms are SO FUN!!

BTW: just had to tell you that last Sat when the 4 of you sang the southern gospel songs I was perplexed at who was singing the baratone part of the song
I was SHOCKED when I realized it was you
We all talked about it later and everyone was so surprised and we all agreed - something just ain't right when a guy can sing in all ranges and do it FANTASTICALLY WELL!!
WE loved it!!

Adam said...

dang man its only 520am and that food on the table looks so stinkin good..

hmmm im hungry.

Valarie said...

Can I just say that my man lifted both arms in the air (think touchdown) when I told him that (when you can) you love to sit in the house on Saturday's watching College Game Day too?! You have yet another big fan - yet for a VERY different reason! lol

PS - I like rolls too!!! Who doesn't?! (Atkin's dieters won't admit it, but they do too!)

Anonymous said...

Give him a break! My mother is the youngest of her sibs and she has a niece who is 2 years younger than she is. They traded clothes growing up.
My mother has great-nieces the same age as some of her children.

Ms. B said...

I agree with ocean mommy. Post the recipe! Looks delicious!

Hope you are well, friend. Your family is so beautiful. I know you are thankful!

a la carte said...

Looks like a very nice weekend indeed. It's so great to be able to stay at home on a Saturday isn't it?

The B's said...

Glad to know someone else hangs frames and takes forever to get pictures in them!

And...I think you should share your know...that is the kind thing to do! :)