Monday, August 17, 2009

Living Proof Live Fargo

Living Proof Live - Fargo ND from Rich Kalonick on Vimeo.


Lora said...

All the sweet hugs in this video just blessed me.

JayCee said...

Travis - I LOVE that arrangement of Victory in Jesus - great job!!

Moose Mama said...

Always blessed by Rich's pics. And there was a man in the pics praising!!! How great!

Anonymous said...

Travis- you and the team did such a wonderful job in Fargo! The presence of the Lord was there like I have never felt before!! The heavens did rumble and shout! Thank you for your service!

Carolyn Bodkin said...

Looking forward to seeing scenes from Green Bay. Hope you'll post those as well. These were BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

This is extremely late, but I wanted to thank you for singing "A Mighty Fortress". Not only was it the highlight in my (Lutheran) mother's weekend, my 19 year old daughter STILL talks about it.

The weekend was awesome and I so enjoy the worship.

Cathay, ND