Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Was Like A Proud Daddy

The team and I were in Orlando Monday and Tuesday leading worship at the National Assemblies of God convention. We had a great time. Lots of fun with the people there at the convention. We led at a couple of the leadership gatherings, and then led at the first of the general sessions.

The LED screens which were part of the production in the general session were awesome. And during sound check we thought Adam Lambert might be jumping out at any minute.

Anyway, one of the pluses of being in Orlando is that is where our girl, Lici lives. Lici has been a part of our worship team for a little over three years now. Lici is an amazing singer - unbelievably versatile, and so good every time she steps out on the platform. Not to mention that she is one of the funniest people on the planet. We LOVE having her with us. Last year, we were so happy that she was offered a job at Disney World, singing with the Voices of Liberty at the America Exhibit in Epcot. She works there during the week, then joins us on the weekend wherever we are ministering. Since we were in Orlando, she made a way for us to come into the park on Tuesday to see her do her thing with Voices. We were so giddy about breezing into Epcot even for a couple of hours...I'm telling you, every single one of us got verklempt as we stepped off the Monorail.

We made our way to the very back of Epcot as fast as we could (after swinging by the Soarin' ride to see if we could snatch a fastpass - which we couldn't), and pointed and laughed and reminisced at every sight and smell.

We finally made it to the America exhibit and waited for their set to start. We knew they would be awesome. They did not disappoint.

Proud family...

Us again, along with Lici's friend Jeremy (who also sings with Avalon...he is a great singer)...

It was some great a cappella singing. Lici tore up their version of "Summertime." We were giddy with pride. Nirva even cried.

We love you Lici! Thanks for the fun day!


Anonymous said...


Latte With Me said...

Did y'all buy your shorts at the same place? I'm just sayin'...


Tiffani said...

I get verklempt at two things here:
1. Epcot
2. Someone getting to work/sing at DISNEY!!! All time dream of mine..

Looks like y'all had a great time!

JayCee said...

Love this blog! A good rendition of "Summertime" is one of my favorites! I sang it once in a Variety it!

We might be at Disney later this year. Hoping we get to stop by and hear them. Thanks for sharing!!

Fran said...

That is AWESOME!!! I love that you are all one fabulous family who truly love one another!!!

Darla said...

OK, I'm serious here...I thought the Assembly of God church didn't do musical instruments? Or were you a capella? :) Maybe I'm mixing up religions. I just used to work with someone who I thought was Assembly of God and well, she was sneaking around listening to the radio. :)

Soarin' is my FAVE!

lavonda said...

dern, we were just there last week! But on a Sunday.
and no one was singing :(

hate we missed her!!

Anonymous said...

We loved you guys in Atlanta Deeper Still. You lured the presence of God to all of us. I hurried down to the altar where I met God again. God forgave me and sent Beth over to console me. What wonderful blessings all of you bring to those to seek the Lord. Love you and God Bless.

This is my first blog comment. I
hope it come out right !

Valarie said...

I just wanna brag on Lici for a sec - if you don't mind. You've already covered how amazing she is as a vocalist, but I was at the Greensboro event and was down on the main floor - literally sitting on the floor eating lunch and she stopped by and chatted with my friends and I for a sec. She was humble, gracious and a true inspiration! She was truly shining for Jesus and it was joy to get to talk with her.

Thanks for letting me take up your space to brag on her Travis! You rock too!! LOL ;-)
Charlotte, NC

Debi said...

OK....I would have just died and fallen out if I would have made my way over to Liberty Tavern and ran into you! My sister Jen and I, were at Disney with her 4 peeps who have never ever been to Disney, they were visiting from Memphis, and we talk about you like you are literally our long lost brother. I can't recall where we were out...but I DO remember saying...WE ought to take the peeps on over to Liberty and see the Presidents...give those babies some additional education on a Disney trip (yeah that's what they wanted..) and she rolled her eyes at me and said. "Naw girl". I am calling her right now to tell her that I knew the Lord had given me some discernment while at Disney! Travis you just don't even know...

Be are loved!

Margie said...

I was overjoyed to know that you had seen the Voices on your trip to Epcot. My daughter, Kate,(the girl in the blue dress) just told me about it. We love Lici and I have seen her perform with you and your talented fellow musicians. We're looking forward to The Orlando Deeper Still conference.
Thanks too for your new album. It's wonderful! And, as always, a joyful noise unto the Lord. So many wonderful songs, both old and new. My new favortie CD.
God bless and keep you