Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree. Poor Little Dude.

Hey, friends. It's 5:30am. 5:30am and I are not very good friends, but we have decided to get along at times when we need to. And apparently today is a day we are going to have to work together. Jack woke up in the middle of the night not feeling so great. So I got up and tended to him. Then I went into the garage to put another coat of paint on a table that Angela had painted (that girl is CRAFTY with her goodwill purchases and spray paint). I had a devotion, wrote a couple of thank you notes, and now I think I see the sun trying to peak over the horizon.

I'm starting to see that working during the early morning hours is like buying land way away from the city. You get so much more for your money. I've already done more this morning than I would have expected to have gotten done the whole rest of the morning. Maybe 5:30am and I are destined to be friends.


Lily Kate and Levi started school last week. So if you heard the great thunder of praise to the Most High God ringing loudly from Franklin, TN last Thursday morning at 8:31am, that would have been me. And Jack starts today. Be listening, for the sound of great thanksgiving shall rise up like the sound of mighty waters crashing, waters foaming, and mountains quaking with their surging.

I might be slightly exaggerating. But truly, my kids were in such desperate need of a change of scenery, school came just in time for all of us.

First day of school:

I wish I could post a picture I took last night of Jack, but I can't bring myself to. He was sitting on the couch yesterday reading, mindlessly sucking a plastic cup to his face the whole time. Do you know what happens when you suck a plastic cup to your face for a solid 30 minutes? Needless to say, he is heading to day 1 of 7th grade with a huge purple bruise ring on his mouth. Ouch.


It reminds me of the time when I was around his age...I had one of those flimsy, cheap basketball goals that stuck to the wall with a little suction cup thing. I stuck it to my forehead for hours. And I had a huge red circle on my forehead for days. DAYS.

Don't ask my why I felt it necessary to walk around with a basketball goal sucked onto my forehead. I mean really, can't you figure that out? Seriously. What could be more fun than using your face as a backboard? Can't you see how that would totally be logical to a 7th grade boy?


This poor child of mine has my genes running around in his head. Thank the Lord it's just a bruise ring.

I am home this week, working some in the studio on a new Easter musical, and getting ready for the weekend. We head out for three concerts this weekend on the Jesus Saves Live Tour:

Friday night, August 21 - O'Fallon, IL
Saturday night, August 22 - Van Buren, AR
Sunday night, August 23 - North Little Rock, AR

We are fired up and these churches this weekend are, too. I hope you can come join us if you are close.

I promise not to have a basketball goal suctioned to my head.


Little Millie said...

I remember those first day of school pictures. I had one every year. Now my oldest is a software engineer/jazz musician and my daughter's first day of school picture was last week when she packed her car for her junior year of college. I love hearing your stories, it reminds me so much of those wonderful days of childhood. I know you hear this a lot, but they go so quickly. Our children are the greatest blessing of our lives and I am excited about what the future holds for these for these very special young people.

Cameron Magee said...

Arkansas?!? Arkansas!?! - *cue Scooby Doo* BWWHAA! :D

looking forward to it

Vee said...

I'm so excited that you are coming to Arkansas! I'm planning to attend the session on the 23rd. Can't wait!!!

AMENMom said...

I'll be there in Van Buren! BTW, Cameron said he's going to get to sing a duet with you towards the end--true?

Joanne (The Simple Wife) said...

Oh. my. Poor kid, indeed. But there'll probably be some other boys with similar boy markings to make him feel right at home. Though I'm not sure since I live entirely in girl world.

And have to say how happy it makes me that you were writing thank you notes! Something my mother forced, er taught, me to do. Something I now force, er teach, my own kids to do.

I used to be BFFs with 5:30 a.m., but lately not so much.


P.S. A trash to treasure post from Angela would be fun...

Cynda P said...

I took my last "first day of school" photo of my boy as he drove away for his senior year of college. Fortunately, he had no visible "boy markings" that I was aware of!

barbara head said...

Sixty years ago I started school and I looked like I just woke up (hair askew), had a red ring on bottom lip (from sucking chapped lip) & I picked my own clothes which looked like I just stepped out of being a person living on the street. How my mother ever allowed that is beyond me. I still had a great day and remember it well after 60 years.

Kim said...

As an adult mother of two, I stuck one of those things that flip off of the floor onto my forehead. I was surprised days later by the mark that looked like a "hickey" on my forehead....until I remembered my foolishness. Oh well....some learn young and some of us don't learn until we're older.

all4boys said...

Just out of curiosity~what would we need to do to ask you to do a concert at our church? Ya know~hypothetically speaking and all.

And the ring~hahahahahahahahaha! My son Drew did that last year~I told him to stop doing that, but did he listen?! Nope.

Poor boy. Yours, I mean. How embarrassing. I remember 7th grade and it was NOT all pleasant.

donna said...

poor thing, 7th grade is hard enough as it is!
when are you going to come back to the Pacific NW to do a concert?

ocean mommy said...

That is probably the funniest thing I've heard all day! Bless his heart. My first thought was...a little concealer may cover that right up. But then again....it would probably be worse to a boy to start 7th grade with your mom's make-up on. :)

Praying for the weekend..safe travel, health...


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! I remember sticking the suction cups to the sides of my face and playing Frankenstien. . Oh, those were the days. Just wanted to drop a line saying thanks for blessing me with your music this weekend. You tell those girls, to keep wailing! It was awesome!
-Danielle Green,Valley City ND

connorcolesmom said...

I remember the cup ring around the mouth - my brother and I would do that and see who could hold it the longest - hehe
So glad that school started here as well - we were having issues with "he is looking at me!!" and
"he is copying me!"
Time for school for SURE!!
And I love thrift store purchases - they rock!!
your Angela is a great woman :)

Leah said...

Ok, what is it with suction and we humans. It is like we are drawn to do funky things with it that were never intended by God. How weird is that? Poor kid. I cannot even imagine how humiliating a big purple ring is at his age. Dermablend, that is what he needs. It is make up that covers a multitude of sins!!


gillian said...

Laughing out loud in my office...the basketball goal suction cupped to your head!!! Oh my, what I have to look forward to with my 5 year old son!

I was at the Garden City Chapel concert a few weeks ago, had my picture taken with you (and my baby girl), sponsered a little boy 6, Ganga from India...my 5 year old is totally psyched about him!!! He's asking me everyday when we can have the yard sale to sell his toys, even his train table, so he can send the money to Ganga!!! Awesome things happening in his little heart! Thank you!!!

Jennifer said...

I have 2 7th grade boys now -we will see what thing they will have sucked to their forheads/faces and will let you know...
Hey are you ever coming to OKC for a concert?????????

KK said...

Yeah....likely story! I'm calling human services! :)

Terrie and Carley said...


I can more than relate to the cup ring around the mouth. At least you were smart enough to know what it was unlike me. My son did this with me not knowing what he had done. All I saw was this unusual ring around his mouth. I thought he had some rare disease that he caught while playing on the playground. I spent a lot of time talking with my neighbors who were nurses. They advised me to take my son to the emergency room. I am going to say God was looking after me and saved me from what could have been a real embarrassing moment for me. As you know the ring goes away after a few days.

My husband share this story at work one day and one of his co-workers explained to my husband what had happened. The co-worker to this days swears that he never did anything like that, but he just "knew" about it.

Having boys is such an adventure! So are girls too, but a different kind.


Fran said...

I have a 7th grade boy and i'm amazed daily and what is going on his head and the things he does. ;)

Anonymous said...

I thank the Lord for your humor, Travis. It's always a "calgon-take-me-away-moment" from work and troubles and bad moods. Thank you so much for sharing your funny life!

Denny said...

Hey Travis,

One of my sons has tried the suction "cup" to the face also in the past. That is funny! I always enjoy reading your blog and I am glad you are coming to Illinois on Friday evening. Looking forward to hearing you sing and getting to serve at the Compassion International table.

Lara Harris said...

Just an FYI, John Thomas Oaks and his father, Tommy wrote a musical years ago called Star Queen all about Esther. It has been performed many times at colleges and churches and other venues. JT is an extrememly talented writer and musician and his daddy can flat bring the WORD. you might want to check them out. they are based in Elizabethton, TN and NYC.

profbaugh said...


OH NO!!!! I can't believe you're actually in O'Fallon, IL right now and I didn't know it. So close. . . only 1/2 hour away. I am just about sick to my stomach that I missed you.

Very, very sad :(

Dionna said...

My daughter is starting 7th grade next week as well. Where does the time go? She is such a young lady these days and yet my heart still sees a cute little 3-5 yr old girl ....

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic night in Van Buren! My husband and I attended. I've been keeping up with your blog and have seen you lead worship during Beth Moore's Living Proof Live twice (simulcasts sponsored by our church). Since I was familiar with you, I felt like you were a friend leading worship, not a stranger. I'm on the praise team at our church, and today was my rotation - I was sooo ready after being at His throne last night. Thank you for your servant's heart and ready 'yes, Lord'. It's obvious and appreciated.

Anonymous said...

we loved you and your crew! Thanks for leading us in worship tonight! It was truly a wonderful experience.
Missy Schmitt

Anonymous said...

Love your music...leads me into worship every time. Thank you for your ministry.
I would like to know if "Jesus Saves" is available on an accompaniment track? Thanks.

Blessings to you and yours....

Anonymous said...


I had a wonderful time at Beth Moore's conference this past weekend (Aug. 28-29) and the music was great! You played many songs I had not heard of, and one in particular I wish I could know the name of it. Do you by chance remember what the third to last song we sang on Friday night? I believe it was right before the one In Christ Alone. I loved whatever song it is I am thinking of (although I can't recall the lyrics for the life of me!) and would be so thankful if you happened to remember which one it was. Thanks so much! I'll check back for hopefully an answere! Blessings,
Katie in MI