Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ringing Bells in Mississippi

Hey friends. I hope you are having a good weekend. I am in Byram, MS, getting ready for tonight's GLORIA Christmas concert at Country Woods Baptist Church. We have had two good concerts so far this weekend. Had a great time in Morristown, TN last night. It snowed! It was beautiful.

My voice is tired this morning. I'm doing my best to take good care of it and of myself during this month of lots of tough singing. I would appreciate your prayers for my voice today.

Shaun and Cindy have been killing it this week. They are both GREAT singers. Some of my favorite moments of the week have been sitting in the back and listening to them do their thing. Last night, the crowd clapped and clapped for an encore of some sort. We didn't really know what to do...we had already sung every Christmas song we knew. And i wasn't about to jump out there and sing Moses, with jingle bells. So Cindy went out and sang How Could I Ask For More. Do you know this song? If you don't, go find it. AWESOME> Angela and I courted (that word makes me sound as old as I am) to that song 16 years ago. Sigh.

Speaking of which, I am missing these faces a lot...

Happy Sunday to you...


K Storm said...

Ooo..I didn't know you were going to be in central MS...we would have made plans to join ya!

Lora said...

Help Travis care for his voice as he's doing some tough singing
Let Travis' voice be strong as to You praise His is bringing
Thank You Lord for the awesome concert in Morristown
Your glory and majesty was evident all around

Profbaugh said...

Wow! Wish I could see you guys! Sound like Gloria! is going great. Take care of yourself, Travis. I'll be praying for you.


Kelly S. said...

will pray for your voice this week-

When I took my girls to see your concert in Ashville last May, Moses was their favorite.....I'm sure the crowd would love it anytime of the year :)

ps-loved the hoedown vimeo-

Wooten's World said...

Love the video--I have spent (more like wasted) a RIDICULOUS amount of time this week "elfing" myself and just about every other person who has a photo on my hard drive. Some of them are just hysterical. My favorite was when I did three different photos of my son's head, each with a very different and animated facial expression.

Daughter of the King said...

Praying your voice is rested, but sounds like God is blessing at the concerts. Had to tell you I was listening to my assortment of Christmas music in itunes y'day.
Whenever one of your songs from Ring the Bells came on, I just had to stop what I was doing and worship! So anointed! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

16 YEARS AGO?????

Nah, I won't even make a comment. Consider it an early Christmas present.

mizbitz said...

Trav - To take care of the voice... Drink lots and lots of water while you are singing... the equivalent of three to four bottles of water is good... NO excessive talking...Don't try to oversing... Get lots of rest... and of course, as you know use the diaphram not your throat to sing.

Praying all goes well!!!

CJ said...

That Christmas picture of you and Angela is cute. Angela looks young and spry; but you look like a BABY. Was that 16 years ago?

Tiffani said...

I just can't imagine the experience of all of you guys singing together...but you aren't going to be near Atlanta!!

No doubt you miss your family...will continue to pray for you during this season!!

puzzlepiecesista said...

Travis you "elfed" yourself!!! To cute....too funny!!!

Remember me Angela or "puzzlepiecesista" met you with Lisa - "hisfivefooter" and talked with you at the Siesta Fiesta in San Antonio, TX

Man am I CRAZY about your music CRAZY about your wife too because her name is Angela also. I also have a son named Travis and he's sixteen years old. so that names pretty special in our family too!!

FYI - Travis next time just let Angela pack for you and save yourself some stress!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love to you all at Christmastime!!!

Your Christmas Album is AWESOME!!! NO ONE CAN TOUCH IT!! PSST!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angela in Redmond, WA

P.S. We got a foot of snow today

Robert Brock said...

I just saw Gloria! in Jacksonville, FL at First Baptist Church ( One word... AWESOME! This is the second year I have seen Travis in a Christmas concert at the church and let me tell you, I can honestly say that both were the most amazing concerts I have ever attended. He fills the place with this joyous glow. I know God was there and I hope Travis comes back again next year! Highlight of the year (and this church does some GREAT special events, so that is saying something)! God be with you, Travis, I only wish you would allow the church to publish DVDs of the concert. hey would sell like hot cakes!